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  1. I failed first time too, I learned in a manual and I rolled backwards on a hill start. Instant fail. I passed second time. My examiner the second time was an older lady so I just imagined I was out for a quiet Sunday drive with my grandma, taking it easy, no rushing. So my advice is to take your time, don’t feel rushed to do anything.

  2. Helped. The proctor totally was a factor for me when I took it the first time. Him and the instructor literally talked about how much they hate doing road test, during my road test. It stressed me out so much. I hope I have a more chill person This time

  3. Just relax and watch some driving videos on YouTube. Before your test try studying the area and try driving around. It’ll make you aware of what to expect. Don’t worry about failing. Others fail too but what makes you a loser is quitting. Don’t get discouraged. The more you practice the better you’ll get. Trying chewing some gum when taking your test it’ll calm you down and help out. Forget about the past and focus on the present. Good luck.

  4. Helped. Thank you for the encouragement! I know realistically I’ll probably pass but I can’t shake that voice in my head telling me otherwise yk? What you said definitely helped, and I’ll definitely practice before this weekend

  5. Maybe find some people on sites like discord? If you can find a community on there you can chat in voice chats or things like the general chat to practice. I’m autistic so I have struggled with similar issues and discord honestly helped a lot

  6. i’ve heard a lot about the culture of abuse around women there, it’s incredibly horrible. Your mother very likely has her own trauma, whether she was raped or abused, or just started believing that a woman’s place is one of servitude. I don’t know if she’s trying to protect you, or trying to fit you into the box that the country has chosen women to fit in. Either way, there is absolutely no excuse. Generational trauma is real, but it doesn’t excuse her treatment of you at ALL. So please, no matter what, remember that you deserve more than this and will get out of it one day. You’re a human being, equal to a man, capable of anything. I know it’s scary to defy your moms wishes, i have a really extensive history of going against my parents. But sometimes, parents don’t know best. I think if she truly loves you, she will eventually be forgiving. It may take time, and it may take effort on both sides. But you don’t owe her anything, the woman who abuses you should not be the one to decide what’s best for you. Do you have a job, and if not, would you allowed to get one? If not, maybe we could figure out a Go Fund Me for you, anything to raise money. I’ll look into safe havens for you after I send this, i really want to help you get out of this situation. I’m sure you’re scared and feeling trapped but it won’t be that way forever, let’s try and find some solutions! <3 Sending love from america

  7. Please let us know if a go fund me is created, I would want to donate

  8. On her other Instagram, I believe it’s called AliceOsemanArt

  9. i dont have a quote to add, but i love this, keep going and PLEASE post the final page!!! even if its not full with quotes or completely finished

  10. I definitely will! I’ve gotten to the letters in the middle with quotes right now. I have more ideas and I’ll look through the comics later to find more. Thank you!

  11. This is beautiful ❤️, i don't have anything to say, most of things are already there, but yeah this is amazing idea

  12. This show always makes me a little sad because I wish I had those cute relationship experiences like my straight classmates when I was In school .

  13. Idk if this helps or not, but I dated in school, and usually those kind of moments don’t happen(for example, my ex called me senile one time, idk why that wasn’t more of a red flag in hindsight)

  14. I am learning it with a friend so we can communicate at school without anyone knowing and also so we can watch the show

  15. That type of friendship is the best. I'm Swedish so i don't have to learn but I wish you guys good luck haha

  16. Omar also slipped up and sorta confirmed a second season in an interview

  17. YES thank you! I don’t see him playing the role AT ALL! He just does not give off those vibes. Edit: by those I just mean like the vibes Alex gives off. The actor and the character’s vibes don’t align to be

  18. Haha okay so in Sweden you could use ”penisbärare” (penis wearer/carrier) or ”livmoderbärare” (uterus wearer/carrier) or simply ”fittbärare” (vagina wearer/carrier) to include non-binary or trans people that have these reproductive organs but don’t identify with their assigned gender. Which is useful when talking about for example periods which you don’t have to be a woman to get but you have to have a uterus.

  19. Thank you for explaining I was so so so so SO confused

  20. First of all, I don’t think he would have watched it, out of respect for his brother. Also without the pressure of him being the crown prince he might have been able to be honest about his relationship. Either way I think Erik would’ve talked to him about it and they would have ended up deciding to be truthful because Erik would have wanted him happy.

  21. Oh God no, Erik watching it never even crossed my mind hahaha that'd be so weird and inappropriate in so many ways lol

  22. I agree I wasn’t trying to imply that you did think that sorry. Felt the need to mention cause August watched it so you never know lol.

  23. I would love to see some cut backs (like where Wilhelm look back) where he and Erik is interacting. Like memories

  24. Yeah that’s sorta what I was referring to with the flashbacks

  25. I think that it would be cool it if like Willie got Erik's Journal/Diary where like Erik talks about how he knows Willie is hiding something from him (Simon and the fact that he's a member of the Alphabet Mafia) but doesn't want to push it. And then there's something that says like 'Willie if you're reading this. Just know I love you. And our mom's a bitch.'

  26. I’m very surprised that Swedish isn’t higher

  27. Yeah in one of their interviews they each had white boards and at the end they attempted to write best friends but had it backwards, and the joke stuck

  28. One that I see a lot is “Friends Best”

  29. I haven’t, but I can’t find a summary that isn’t a full plot description, can you sorta summarize?

  30. Williem fell in love the second he saw him at the table.

  31. Idk if he fell in love that early, because they hadn’t even kissed at that point, and I don’t think Willie fully understood his feelings yet. I kind think that willie fell in love after the soccer field, when they just hold each other and shit (brb gonna go die of cuteness…… ok I’m back) because after that I feel like they were different after that.

  32. Since the answer is pretty much one sided, who fell in love first, cause I think we can assume that Simon is also in love at the end of the season, but who fell in love first?

  33. I think that a relationship between them could be very detrimental to Sara and her mental health. I rly like her as a character and I rly relate to her so I hope they don’t take her down that path

  34. Omg yes yes yes yes yes. That would be SO CUTE I WOULD LITERALLY SCREAM.

  35. TBH Wilhelm doesn’t seem like the type of person that actually enjoys making public statements or giving interviews - I think his way of coming out would just be being with Simon and not making any effort to hide their relationship.

  36. I didn’t think of that tbh. But you are totally right. I was more thinking he would do it as a way to piss of his mom though lol, while also coming out. You are completely right though.

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