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  1. I just love that politicians have to get in front of a bunch of mouth breathers, one with a gun actively in his mouth, and be like “our future is STRONG!” To try and get the job

  2. 3- myself (33), and 2 of my company C-suite execs who I convinced after years of discussion (37 and 43 I believe). I was fully erect with jealousy when they finally were like “yeah I should buy some” and both bought double my position (that I spent half a decade stacking) in one afternoon haha

  3. I have told about the bitcoin to one of my office worker and now he is holding a heavy bag of the bitcoin and looking for the break even point.

  4. Haha for sure- I emphasized a lot you need to be ok with seeing an 80% dip and being able to just say “that wut Bitcoin do”

  5. Please God if you exist don't let any QAnons see this thread.

  6. I’m not Qanon in any way but I’ll be honest it’s very convenient that the news has successfully programmed everyone to immediately dismiss anyone who doubts things like Epstein’s death or discusses MK Ultra (which very much existed) as being a Qanon looney…

  7. MK ultra was real and Epstein's death was suspicious though so I don't think anyone considers people a looney for that. Looney is claiming everything is false flags, antifa, and blah blah blah.

  8. Oh I agree with that but you’d be surprised- I matter of factor made a joke about Epstein’s death around some neighbors and they all jumped down my throat saying they didn’t know I was a Qanon crazy and I was so surprised there were people that just totally believe his convenient death and reject any doubt

  9. Lol I know I run an analytics department- I saw you already acknowledged the correct answers haha

  10. The best web3 small cap is Parsiq $PRQ they're going to be big.

  11. i think he said the price increase was an inflation thing, so if inflation goes down, the prices should go down. Either way I’m hoping to get a cybertruck in like 5 years or when the tesla taxi service comes out. Im in nyc and uber most places since it’s the same price as parking. But if i can have the car act as a taxi when not in use then i don’t have to worry about parking as much.

  12. But… inflation is the YOY increase % in cost; even if we move from 8.5% inflation back down to 2% inflation, next year it will still be +2% on the prices for materials that are currently 8.5% over the 2021 prices. Obviously negative inflation exists and I’m simplifying CPI calculations and how real inflation works, but unless pricing causes a material drop in consumer demand of inelastic goods (it has not for Tesla and therefor for the input materials to their EVs) then don’t expect public companies to decrease their profitability YOY without reason

  13. So I self taught solidity during covid lockdowns and going down that rabbit hole taught me the fascinating mechanics. Jpeg NFTs are simply the first novel application of a ridiculously promising tech:

  14. Bitcoin is still too volatile to use as your primary currency if you're hand to mouth/have no savings imo.

  15. Wait wasn’t the time travelers warning that Africa would see prosperity with it but used a single wallet provider that got hacked and collapsed all their economies?

  16. the concern was with regards to the fictitious "bitcoin time traveler" post (transcript

  17. I don’t have a solution but I run an analytics department and every time my ceo brings in a digital marketing agency promising to automate everything in our lead funnels and customer journeys, I hang my head knowing how many hours will be spent on calls making them understand that our problem isn’t ideas of how to use perfect data sets to execute strategy, it’s that every level of our organization is overseen by someone who 1) knows nothing about data collection and structuring best practices, and 2) doesn’t want to change their processes to improve data collection because every time I use resulting data of processes I overhaul, it shines a light on their inefficiencies and so they go back to not collecting data so they don’t have to make changes/optimize.

  18. I feel you, I have seen that before as well. I think the reason for that is that most companies buy into a lie that once it's set up, they will be able to use it themselves and know what to do with that data. Dashboards are great and they are not going anywhere, but once you have eliminated the low-hanging fruits, you need data analysts/scientists to extract value from data. Self-serving tools are a complete lie.

  19. 100%- I often think of The Simpsons monorail/music man episode with a lot of agencies’ sales approaches

  20. Inflation is the result of "money printing" and nothing else.

  21. I’ll only disagree in that there does seem to be purposeful complexity when you look at the delineation of responsibilities of the Treasury Department vs the Fed vs the Senate. It seems purposeful and allows them to always point at one of the others and say “we’d love to help, but THESE Fuckin guys…”

  22. Firing the rocket is easy. Aiming it is a whole other ball game.

  23. What really scares me is watching intricate synchronized drone light shows. While everyone is “oohhh’ing” and “aaahhh’ing” I’m just sitting there wondering when a country is going to assassinate someone with a swarm of exploding disposable quadcopters. Coincidentally I also no longer enjoy going to open air stadiums for baseball games…

  24. According to UN’s Medium Population Forecast Scenario, three of the top 5 economies in the world - China, Germany and Japan, are set to face a rapid decline in working age population.

  25. I always hate the phrase “fertility rates are falling” because I’ve heard people legitimately say they think that it means sperm counts are dropping rather than “economic disparity has gotten worse and people are delaying life decisions like children due to poor policy planning”

  26. I remember so vividly. I was in second grade, and it was the first night my parents let me sleep in the living room watching tv without my siblings. The next morning my whole family rushed into the living room to put the news on. It was so surreal to watch it. I have that moment of waking up burned into my mind twenty years later.

  27. I was in 6th grade “newspaper class” (holy shit I feel old) and so we were constantly refreshing cnn.com looking for writing topics and saw the news first. It was a private school and multiple kids had parents who commuted in and out of NYC and specifically worked in the buildings, so the principal sequestered us off so we couldn’t talk to other students about it. I think I had one school mate lose their dad if I remember correctly but I didn’t know them well

  28. I've been audited twice, and both times the IRS owed me money. I pity the next agent that gets the honor; my returns are much more complicated now than they were back then. Make a spreadsheet and bring receipts.

  29. See my problem is that the codes aren’t ironed out yet but they want us to pay taxes on it. For example, if you sell a secondary investment property and use the proceeds to buy a like kind asset within 90 days (I think) then it’s not a taxable event. When I asked my accountant if wrapping/unwrapping 1 BTC that I bought at an average of $6,000 when it was currently $60,000 would it be a taxable event, they said “there isn’t clarification on like-kind exchange in this context, so you should pay long term capital gains tax on $54,000 profit… like what if in 5 years they protect that kind of trade as exempt, I fight to get a $8,100 refund from IRS but in the meantime if I just kept the untaxed btc it would be worth $70k?

  30. Out of curiosity what did you pay for these miners and where is your break even? I get so much conflicting info on profitability

  31. If I acted across from this I would need retakes for every time I physically shit myself

  32. Yeah that’s what I’ve been gathering (that now seems like a decent time to invest) - thank you for your comment ☺️

  33. Just pay attention to fees- on Coinbase (classic app) it is $2.99 per trade whether it is $100 or $200 but then starts ticking up incrementally. Maximize your transactions but for sure DCA

  34. Yea it seems like there may be better options out there as far as fees…? Appreciate the heads up/info!

  35. You “own” it but their terms of service state that if they go bankrupt your holdings will be liquidated in proceedings. I always transfer mine off Coinbase to a cold storage wallet

  36. Some care only about them self I would drown in shame if I did this in restaurant

  37. I’m confused- if she had a card to go to the atm, why couldn’t she pay with card?

  38. There is a sod farm in Cincinnati (Turpin Hills I think is the name?) that not only accepts Bitcoin but gives a discount for using it and has a Bitcoin FAQ and wallet setup tutorial on their website.

  39. Life was a lot easier when I just assumed there weren't cameras everywhere

  40. Like look- if you want to see my dick, just ask…

  41. I saw a magic quadrant infographic today for BI viz tools and did a double take at Microstrategy on it- I totally forgot they do non-Bitcoin stuff haha

  42. You’re the second person to talk about how cars are bad, while ignoring the whole… solar panels need this too.

  43. It doesn’t help that only 10% of Americans own passports- if we required/subsidized people to visit Europe, then we’d have an educated populace on the subject, but when most Americans are just watching a cavalcade of 24-hour news stations slamming how other countries do things, not nearly enough people support it.

  44. And then you two fuxed because your name is lex Steele and your life is a well written porno.

  45. Username checks out? Haha I’m the same, if I have my phone in the back pocket I have to twist around to get the car to open.

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