1. Re: College: If you can swing it without debt, it's some of the most fun years of your life and you'll likely bond with a few friends you'll keep long after you've graduated.

  2. Oh my dear. I want to give every one of those folks a big hug. Walking away like that couldn't have been easy at all.

  3. but if you decide to live in an abnormal relationship, you do realize you live your life in grave sin right? After christian teaching you cant be save in this state of grave sin. You live an oxymoron.

  4. Ofc. And the only right answer is: Im the greatest of all of them.

  5. As a second response: When it comes to sex, rarely are healthy young adults NOT in a state of temptation. Awake. Asleep. Cold. Hot. Wet. Dry. Hair salon. Math class. Hormones are relentless, my friend.

  6. I agree, but it was only a matter of time. Just gotta be grateful that we were lucky enough to witness the "before times".

  7. Remember USDGC dots? For those that don't know it was a hole map image where they would put dots in real time showing where the lead cards shots landed on the hole. Only way to follow it live at the time.

  8. I think the b-hole to English translation of this comment is: "Do you take commissions? I'd really like this on a/an _______ disc."

  9. It's also the fact that she used to be insecure and jealous and only grew out of it when she started going out without him and then she starts dismissing his feelings. All that means she found something more interesting than him

  10. Assuming this isn't staged, the presence of mind to pop that out at a moment's notice is amazing.

  11. He's not batshit. Find the original video, the guy was a retired NFL player.

  12. I wasn't assuming he was and I'm glad to hear he's not, though "retired NFL player" doesn't exactly add shine to your claim. Too many of them fellas end up not right after all those years.

  13. It's not about 'captain', it's about teammates. Formally, nothing happened, but actually, I just saw innovation stiffed. People become uncomfortable with changes (because it was working last 3 month without major overhauls) and they are fine to continue this way (even it's not very scalable). Instead of 'dare to change', we got 'do not dare to change'.

  14. I never understood the concept behind 'Do Not Duplicate'. As a hardware store employee, I just copied the key that was brought in regardless of what was on it. If 'Do Not Duplicate' is your primary defense against a person copying a key, then your security will fail every time.

  15. Legally, you have to replace it with an identical "Do Not Duplicate" blank, though, right?

  16. I trust with her advocacy she doesn't mind too much, but it's the Ellas of the world that my heart goes out to the most in these situations.

  17. I had the green one and I loved it! I still remember the sound effects. You would collect items and monsters from various barcodes and fight whenever you encountered a monster that belonged to another “tribe” (color). The game had a barcode you used to heal your monsters, but I lost it as a kid and I couldn’t continue playing. I didn’t have the resources at the time to figure out how to get another copy or find it online

  18. "does your child use Discord? it's often used for hacking" is like saying "does your child use a phone? they could be using it to send bomb threats"

  19. ...or as an overly-complicated, bound-to-end-badly trigger device!

  20. The shower thing kind of stuck out to me too.

  21. "Mom...I didn't want to have to tell you this, but Google found out how much time I spent playing the piano and violin when I was a child. They were so disappointed in my lack of focus on technology that they had no other choice but to fire me."

  22. Yeah, we don't need facial recognition tech to amaze someone from the 1500s. We have air conditioning.

  23. Everyone!? Okay, maybe not that guy...but almost everyone?!?

  24. I bought up all the sardines, cool whip, and dude wipes....we're ready!!

  25. Are you an actual, engaged redditor or just copying comments to increase internet points and sell your account later?

  26. In my experience, it’s never HR holding up the approvals.

  27. Alright I think I need a list of things that are okay to ingest because I’m sure it’s only like… what… 10 items deep?

  28. I didn’t take a pic of the entire inventory unfortunately. She was old Italian lady with a cellar full of Canadian whiskey and barrels of dago red. The wine looked suspect but the whiskey was unopened.

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