1. Since moving here full time in 2020, I would definitely advise following Delaware community accounts on social media, particularly Instagram. I live in Trolley Square, so any time I try a bar that I like, or a brewery, I follow their page and see when they’re hosting events. Lots of small businesses cross promote in the Wilmington area! Let’s say I go hear live music, and the band is pretty good. I’ll follow them and see where else in the area they’re performing, so I find out about new live music spaces. Then if I follow those spaces, I’ll have more places to go to see live music. Look up @itstimewilmde if you’d like—you can find things going on in the community there. I also like @first.statedestinations because she shows tons of things to do here and links where she goes, so you can continue to cross promote and find more things to do. This year I got out the most in Wilmington and had a great time. Arden Faire is a summertime fair in Delaware’s own little art colony. There are really great restaurants and things to do at the Riverfront. Trolley into Forty Acres is great for walks, just to look at the eclectic houses and tucked away restaurants and businesses, and there’s Rockford Park right there, a dog park with a nice walking loop. Delaware feels different from where I’m from originally, and sometimes you can feel the smallness, but I think there’s such a charm to Wilmington and its community. It has a really cool vibe, and there’s lots of stuff to try! Good luck with your trip and potential move!

  2. And then some wonder why so many women struggle with body dysmorphia and perception. Cis women feel this-as a tall woman, I tried to shrink myself with weight restriction for years, was embarrassed by my size and height and shoulders and large hands. Because to some, those thing mean you’re not “feminine enough”.

  3. I’m leaning towards no, but she does have a certain lushness. FN?

  4. Sofia vergara does that off the shoulder thing! I do it too. I also feel like if you can’t pull off the flowy shapeless clothes, if you know when shopping you NEED the curve accommodation, say less SD. Just my thoughts.

  5. This is my brand of diva….I love how SD figures look in simple sultry lines🥰

  6. I don’t think you’re a horrible person, and self flagellation won’t help anyone involved in this situation including yourself. You sound young, and upset, and confused. The big thing here is that you’re jumping from doing what your friends say, to your boyfriend, to Reddit to update this thread—you’re going off spur of the moment reactions to each situation.

  7. Reminds me of Fran Drescher vibes in the 90s…glamorous and fun, dramatic and not-so-serious. I’m not certain if she’s actually SD, but I see so much of my own styling in the scalloped black swimsuit look.

  8. Pictures don’t do him justice IMO…he’s got such swagger and confidence while reading as sweet. I agree that I think he’s SC!

  9. I would love to see this for Soft Dramatics. This was really cool!

  10. I feel like Chanel Mademoiselle is like a quintessential Classic fragrance. I got it as a gift like 5 years ago and I’m not even through half the bottle—you don’t need much!

  11. One of my favorite artists of all time. Impeccable vibes

  12. As a SD who wants to go for a more masculine vibe, I think one way to go is to go for “dapper”. Really accentuate your shoulders and take style cues from 1940s Hollywood men. Or, if you wanted a retro vibe, take styling hints from our beloved icon Jeff Goldblum…notice how amazing he looks in all black? Keep the romantic and dramatic elements but interpret them in a more masculine way :)

  13. There’s no such thing as a “too tall” woman in my book, but Elizabeth Debicki is a tall ethereal goddess. She’s playing Diana in the upcoming season of Crown. I think she’s 6’3?

  14. I agree with so much of the above comments but I also love an off the shoulder fold over sweater with dangly earrings. H&M sells them!

  15. Hot take, as a tall confident woman I don’t want to be with a man who isn’t about it. If you don’t mollify these feelings of emasculation soon, graciously let her know you’re not interested. I wouldn’t want a man I’m seeing to have to be convinced that he’s not being emasculated by me being tall or paying the bill, especially if I know I’m the higher earner and I asked HIM to a fancy dinner date.

  16. I feel like I’m always stuck in a physically uncomfortable position, like my neck is twisted or I can’t breathe

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