1. Maybe there’s a way to pull this off, but I stopped trying. The oversized menswear thing is a really classic look, but it makes me look too big and bulky and doesn’t flatter me. I think it looks cuter on Natural and Classic types, I get way more compliments when I lean into my inner SD high femme drama queen.

  2. Hannah’s videos helped me through so much of the pandemic. To my understanding, by the time she uploaded her miscarriage video, they were already separated. I want only the best and most happiness for Hannah, she deserves it and has had a rough ride since pandemic

  3. Just another sign that I need to learn how to sew my own clothes

  4. Something I’m really glad I did was car organization. Pushed up against the trunk door I had three clear sterilite drawer containers, like the ones I had under my dorm bed in college. 1 was camping supplies, 1 was food, and 1 was toiletries. We opened the trunk and everything was organized and easy…I never lost anything and it was a relief coming back at the end of the night and being able to find everything super easy. Even quickly needing to find safety pins/clips/other camping stuff was just easy. 10/10 would recommend and every time I opened the trunk someone walking by would compliment my system which made me feel like a pro even though it was my first Roo!

  5. Can we pls get more clothes with draping around the hips/belly it would literally get rid of 90% of my insecurities

  6. I think this is a good example of how wearing colors outside or even JUST off your season looks. You look gorgeous regardless, but the lipstick and other colors added are laying on you (metaphorically and literally) and “wearing you” instead of “you wearing them” in my opinion. I agree with others that you’re a beautiful example of Dark Autumn, which is neighbors with Deep Winter, but the DW colors are loud.

  7. When I hear waist definition, I think of something clearly defined, as in what you already have. When I hear emphasis, I think of something you're doing to enhance even more what is clearly defined. If you wore a corset over a button down shirt, you would be enhancing your clearly defined waist.Hope this makes sense.

  8. I really like how you worded this! When clothes try to create the perception of a waist, it usually looks pretty wonky on me. But when clothes kind of naturally accentuate my waist (ruching works great), it all comes together.

  9. I would do this in the black with a big hat and a pashmina and some jewlery

  10. Just wanted to share because I noticed some similarities between her situation and Lindsay’s, from the tweets off the cuff leading to aggressive backlash, and the mental health issues that followed. I am very glad to see that Constance got help and has been taking care of herself.

  11. I’m SD. Idk if this is an SD thing or not - I’m curious- do you all almost always get gaping when you wear a button up shirt? Also no matter my weight or muscle tone I always have some flesh by my armpit that makes me feel self conscious in strapless…even when my chest size was smaller. Lastly yes I have that curve outside of my rib cage.

  12. I have had the flesh near my armpit thing since middle school when my body changed. It used to bother me but now I barely notice it…but 100% have it no matter what weight!

  13. My favorite Megan scene was the napkin scene in that diner when spilling the milkshake was no big deal. Truly juxtaposed her with Betty.

  14. I don’t think outfit 3 would look good on me but I love those jeans REGARDLESS

  15. i am aware of them, but i just wanted clarification from people😊plus, some of the garments i thought would suit SD like the 2nd slide skirt or the wrap cardigan in the 4th slide. i haven’t had much time to put together my own looks before, so i’m just starting off. i don’t have many clothes that would suit SD atm, so yes again, that’s why i’m asking people lol

  16. Don’t worry sis, it takes practice learning what to look for, how to pair things, where to shop…and I would say that for anyone, but especially yin types that must accommodate vertical. I can’t speak to whether you’re SD or not, but if you give vertical accommodation a go and it makes your look ~sing~, then you’ll know!

  17. Hydrangea petal colours are decided by how acidic the soil is that they’re grown in. So the acidity levels in this soil must fluctuate 💜

  18. True!! My mom used to save rusty nails and/or coffee grounds and put them in the soil to change the colors!

  19. I don’t know if I would say the worst, but shocked me and angered me the way he handled Sal’s dismissal

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