What’s the worst thing about being a man?

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  1. Literally just normal food, not off-brand shit or little to no food in the pantry, I’ve never seen my pantry full before, now it’s so full that it’s hard to choose. I get this may not be a proper answer but it’s my answer

  2. First thing I thought of when I saw the sub, and my wife had the exact same answer. It's not glamorous, but it's true.

  3. Whenever my wife wakes up angry at me for something I did in a dream, I play along and start making excuses for why I did what I did. For example, "you're the one that wanted me to have sex with your friend! I didn't even want to, but you made me do it!"

  4. Its actually not rigged, millions of average people retire and live off the gains they made from the stock market every year. You’re just retarded.

  5. That's the point you fucking moron. Millions of people "retiring" = experiencing the illusion of fairness. Since they're able to retire into their meager condo, the system is "fair" while the ultra-wealthy play outside the rules to allow for generations of wealth. But hey, enjoy your condo and Hungry-Man meals that your retirement affords you.

  6. The worst thing for me is how people look at me when I’m around kids.

  7. When I was in flight school for the Army, I lived next door to a single mom of two. One was a boy about 6 years old. He knew I had a dog and would come over almost every day (usually while I was studying) and ask if we could come out to play. Sometimes I would, and sometimes I was too busy. But I always felt the way you do, like other neighbors and such were being judgmental. One day he showed up wearing an old army jacket and hat that his mom found at the thrift store and gave me the biggest salute when I opened the door. It was at that moment that I decided to forget about what those people were thinking and just try to be the best role model I could. And yes, we definitely went outside and played that day.

  8. Almost everytime a woman tells me her boyfriend is in the Army, when I ask what they do the answer is "oh, he's special forces". Oh, he's special alright...

  9. Or, he was just getting tired from his workout which is why he was lowering his head. And then his workout was done and he left.

  10. Minutes not days, fool. Big difference. Now go make a meme so you feel better about yourself I'm working

  11. Multiple comments over multiple days...hmmm...okay you're right, fool. Better get back to work and not participate in this nonsense anymore. You're better than this, for sure.

  12. So maybe you're not better than that.... Right on man, keep up the Lord's work. Side note: I now see why you spend your time bashing other people's posts instead of creating your own.

  13. "Why are we acting like Kid Rock is a celebrity now" -everybody

  14. Happened around summer 2005. Was driving from Barstow, CA to Vegas with a friend and I see a guy standing next to a car on the side of the freeway. He had no shirt on and was trying to wave somebody down. I started to slow down, and my buddy was like, "don't do it." But it was summer in the desert. Couldn't let this guy roast out there. We pull up and ask if he's okay, and he says he's good, just needs a ride. I said okay and he hops in the back. Within is few minutes, we realize this guy is not okay. Here's some highlights of the drive: -Asks to use my phone, then calls his grandma to tell her he'll miss her because he thinks we're angels taking him to heaven. -Calls his mom to say the same thing, he puts us on the phone with her, and we find out he's from Colorado. She asks if we'll help him. -We ask about his car, and his response was to ask us if his car was okay. Then he proceeds to tell us it's his pregnant girlfriend's car. He used it to drive a pound of meth down to CA with his buddy. He got too high, freaked out, left his buddy stranded at the drop off and was driving through the desert writing down license plate numbers of people he thought were following him. I end up driving him to the bus station, buying him a ticket home to his pregnant girlfriend, gave him a shirt and $20. I told him to spend the money on food and go take care of his girl and future kid. An hour later, his mom called me back and asked where he went. I told her i dropped him off at the bus station, and she answered that she sent a friend there to pick him up and take him to the airport because she'd bought him a ticket home. He was nowhere to be found. Always wondered how he ended up...

  15. When I (M 40) was 7 or 8, one of the older neighborhood boys (maybe 10) said he was going to play in the woods and asked if I wanted to go. We were walking along and all of a sudden there were these twin girls his age. What he didn't tell me was he planned to meet them there. The all started getting undressed and he started having sex with one of them, then with the other. One of the girls asked if I wanted to do anything, and though I really had no clue what was going on, I knew it wasn't good, so I said "No" and just watched until they were done. I never hung out with any of them again, and always wondered how the three of them turned out.

  16. Kids started having sex very young where I grew up as well.

  17. I don't even think it was real sex though, that's the thing. I'm pretty sure they saw or heard about sex, and that he just ended up rubbing his little 10-year old junk on them.

  18. Not necessarily. A rational person knows that Jimmy Kimmel is not a reasonable source for health-related information. Tucker Carlson is a nighttime tv personality with no credentials or bona fides other than what he constructs for his show. It IS a stretch to find anything he says credible. The TRICK is that the people watching his show WANT the outrage, want the racist rhetoric, want the victimhood. They are there for it. The stretch isn't a stretch for them. Some people tune in to shows for laughs and relaxation, others (apparently) tune in for the hate.

  19. True, but some people (I'd imagine many) tune in because they actually believe what they're watching is news. And then some people buy into it to the point that it becomes their reality to the detriment of others and society as a whole. And then the guy is off the hook for whatever nonsense he spews because, after all, he's just asking the questions (aka, putting the idea into your head to grow into your reality).

  20. A headline of "satire" or "opinion" would help, but I think censorship is a dangerous and slippery slope.

  21. No doubt, but you know what else is dangerous? Spreading lies en mass that continue to divide our nation. Oh, and that lead to real, legitimate danger for minorities.

  22. Can only hope at a minimum Tucker is ostracized in public.

  23. Couldn't find just the video, but halfway through whatever this show is you can see him get confronted in public.

  24. I mean...Bill Nye wore them and it was totally fine. But Bill Nye also was awesome.

  25. The man makes the bow tie...the bow tie doesn't make the man

  26. If you buy before May you get the 7.12% for the first six months and then the 9.x% for the next six months, then whatever the rate in November is for the next six months, etc. So why would you want to wait? You’d be throwing away a guaranteed extra 7.12%.

  27. But if user locks in 7% for the next 6 months, user is missing out an extra 2% over that period. Wouldn't it be better to wait a few weeks for the extra 2%?

  28. You don't seem to understand how I-Bond interest rates are calculated and earned.

  29. This is ridiculous! At least the Prince from Nigeria had the decency to offer half his fortune...

  30. Probably still not in prison for any of those things because as of right now they’re complete fantasies.

  31. Maybe the evidence is with the federal investigators that are currently investigating him for federal crimes having to do with illegal activities with a minor.

  32. Yeah, and it's not pedophilia if it involves a conservative in the south?

  33. All I see from you are general statements that contain "deserve and "better". This is not constructive discussion. You aren't really saying anything, just sharing your emotions and general opinion. How is that for comparison when there is nothing of detail or scrutiny in your comparison?

  34. And the fact that you take my post as an assumption that I believe everyone should think like me tells me that you are unable to comprehend common language, as I clearly stated this to be my opinion, as unpopular as it may be. Now, by all means, go write some more nonsense about what I intended to do with my original post.

  35. The quality of a movie doesn't directly correlate to the interest it gathers from the public.

  36. I thought of leaving a comment about how it's not that bad...about how I've personally spent many birthdays alone; some by choice, and some not so much. But instead I will just add my reminder to the lot of them, that every day, especially such a momentous day in your life, is a day worth celebrating. If you wish to celebrate by eating a good meal and getting drunk, so be it. But you could choose to celebrate this exceptionally fragile life by waking up early and going for a walk to watch the sunrise. Then you could go out and offer service to another, to remind yourself that you gain more when you give. Then you could reach out to the three closest people in your life and tell them that it would mean so much to you if they'd spend an hour of their day having dinner with you.

  37. Yes. I don't know why or for what service, but when I came out of my blacked out drunk state and she said, "I need more money because your dick is cold" I responded with, "how much money have I given you, and can I get that back?"

  38. You know that awkward and insecure feeling you have about every second of every day of your life? Every other teenager has the same thing. The sooner you get over it, the sooner you start enjoying and crushing life.

  39. Years ago I (24m) was flying to Vegas for a weekend and had a layover somewhere. Went straight to the bar, and was sitting next to an older woman, probably in her 40s but took care of herself. We struck up a conversation and found out quickly we were on the same flight. We bought each other drinks and had a good chat. We board the plane and I go to my seat thinking that's that. I look up toward the front of the plane and see that this woman is talking to some guy and then points in my direction. The guy starts walking towards the back and when he gets to me he says, "you can go up and sit next to your mom." Plane takes off, we continue chatting, cabin lights dim, and before long I notice she's got her hand on my leg. Pretty soon my hand's down her pants, her hand's down mine, Yada Yada, everybody has a good flight.

  40. Honestly, I'm pretty sure they were swingers and I just didn't take the bait

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