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  1. Using hypothetical scare scenarios to get attention is even low for NPR.

  2. We've already seen two miscarriages now prosecuted as murder. The first, in Texas,

  3. I’m not going to change my flair because that’ll give people the assumption that every abortion is justified or a matter of choice. That’s not what I believe in. I believe this to be the case for the small number of exceptions that occur, but not every abortion that happens.

  4. Some other sites that have similar content - in case you hit the softwall on the NYT site:

  5. It actually started in 2011. Stats show when Texas first restricted abortion access, maternal mortality rates (e.g. Moms DYING) DOUBLED. From about 18 deaths per 100k to about 36 deaths per 100k. Something that didn't happen in any other state and given that immigration decreased over that time period, it pointed the finger of cause-of-death straight at the GOP policies. Stats show this added thousands of unnecessary deaths of women. (and that doesn't even include illness, like sepsis causing organ failure, bleed outs causing brain damage, etc)

  6. The fact that the study makes an informed guess does not make it invalid. It clearly states that doctors rarely report circumcision as the cause of death, so until doctors start providing honest answers about the cause of death, estimates are the best we have.

  7. “I don’t like the study results so I’m going to ignore them”

  8. Ah the "ItS oN tHe InTeRnEt AnD tHuS iZ TRUE!!!" claim similar to those claiming so many deaths from the Covid19 vaccine. Ok - I think we're done here. Have a nice day.

  9. Isn't Mitch's wife a Chinese shipping magnate? Perhaps this is just a ploy...

  10. Sounds just like the instances in Michigan that I have been reading about. Could you imagine knowing that people have your personal information as well as every person you voted for, or didn't vote for, in that election? I would be furious as well as afraid for my safety. All of that info could be shared or leaked at any time!

  11. Why this is not off topic: This focuses on Trump's "big-lie" followers who it seems attempted to subvert elections in Georgia by gaining unauthorized access to voting systems. This has been a major topic here in

  12. Then why not drive away and lock your door? Why do a u-turn and try to run them over? Drive to a police station.

  13. This is why running for school board was a key goal of the right-wing christian taliban.

  14. Been using a RO filter for decades. So no fluoride in the drinking water. Didn't use fluoridated toothpaste either. Stopped telling our dentists because they kept yelling at us about how we'd all get cavities. Flash forward about 15 years and the dentists are raving about how great our kids' teeth are and how we all have no cavities .... don't say anything.

  15. Wow. First of all, thanks a lot for the detailed info. It is very interesting. Now, if I wanted to use a RO filter like you, do you have any tips or advice? Like is there a cheaper version out there that’s just as good as the rest? Also, are they complicated to set up? I heard they are not as easy as normal filters where you can just put on the counter, pour your water in, and then drink it. Lastly, since RO water filters out more than just fluoride, including beneficial minerals, would that make it less beneficial?

  16. Many of the big box stores sell this company's stuff

  17. Actually it was the Regeneron which was pushed by forced-birth, anti-women's-healcare, batshit politicians like Abbott and DeathSantis which was developed by using aborted fetuses.

  18. I think you should break this up into smaller factual posts and then one megapost that links them together.

  19. Have you tried making your own? Baking soda and coconut oil work great.

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