1. I can’t have kids in country where only 50% of them might have human rights

  2. Good thing the Supreme Court is saving the second amendment rights!

  3. Yeah all those LARPers carrying their ARs in Starbucks will save us!

  4. I do mine Paleo style where I only hunt using tools that cavemen had access to, so my friends and I pursue the coffee until it gets tired and then beat it to death with a stick.

  5. Thank you for everything! This has all been way more than I even anticipated hoping for and I can't believe the generosity of all of you. Thank you for being an awesome person! ❤️

  6. I've been in shitty spots before and people helped me, I'm just doing my best to pay it forward. All I'd ask is that if you're ever in a position to help someone, please do.

  7. It's at the top of my list to do as soon as I can budget plan with my new salary! It sucks way more than I even thought to be in this position.

  8. You'll get through. Everyone goes through rough times, but you'll be surprised how resilient you can be. Good luck!

  9. I think I need to go adopt a dog tomorrow. We've been without one for over a month now and Governor Fuckface is making my husband go back to the office next month (and he's one of those state employees that has no need to be in an office) so it's going to be lonely around here.

  10. Read that all those adoptions over past two years have resulted in a lot of surrenders. Check out RACC.

  11. We're definitely going to get one from one of the shelter groups in town. They're all full it seems.

  12. I’d love to adopt a dog but have an allergy to pet dander. Do I just need to keep an eye out for any low shedding doggos or can I ask?

  13. One thing that helped me (and this is not an easy not short term solution but I was motivated) was allergy shots. I'm allergic to dogs and cats but I did around 4ish years of shots and it helped immensely. (My seasonal allergies aren't as bad either.)

  14. That's the intended consequence. This is ONLY an issue for us poor people.

  15. The prison and military industrial complexes need meat for their grinders. This will allow it to continue.

  16. I love how many of our cats do this and how so many people have different cute names for it.

  17. I was born into it, molded by the years of Kotite and Rhodes. I didn't see the light of Andy Reid until I was already a woman, and by then winning was nothing to me but blinding.

  18. Maybe not the most cost effective, but I did a 35 euro plan from TIM that was like 5 or 7 gigs if data, unlimited text, and I forget the call availability because I had no one to call. It worked fine for me, I wanted it mostly for maps/navigation and internet access. I didn't have to worry about going over on anything and for 35 euro that peace of mind was worth it to me.

  19. Cape May County represent. We should start a support group.

  20. Lord knows we could use it for the struggle that was getting out of South Jersey.

  21. The “underground” tour where you see where animals, gladiators, etc were is supposed to be very interesting

  22. We did the underground and arena floor tour. I don't feel like I missed out by going inside it at night, but we did walk by it during the day as well to take some additional pictures. It was definitely the main thing I wanted to see on our trip, and I didn't feel like I was shortchanged in the slightest by going at night. If anything I probably liked it more because it wasn't as hot.

  23. I just got back from a trip where we did a night tour. I really enjoyed it - and it was MUCH less crowded than a daytime tour. I am sure the time of the year you visit can have an impact on the crowds though.

  24. At least you didn't have to do the covid test before flying back, right? I think that rule changed this week.

  25. How was your experience? We’re still thinking of some honeymoon ideas.

  26. It's great but don't go on the high season. We did a week in Rome and I didn't feel bored or want for anything to do.

  27. Nice take. With that mindset we'll never get any bike infrastructure built.

  28. The road is for bicyclists too. Not sharing the fucking road is selfish.

  29. Moved here 5 years ago with zero regrets. It was hard to make friends at first but I've found a good social club and I'm active with that. I have a couple cool neighbors and also some friends from grad school (go Hokies) but I will say a larger social circle is one thing I would like to work on.

  30. I know this is your own money, but it sounds fucked up to me. If the dog suffers, you can put it down and get a new dog.

  31. Know what's fucked up? Saying unhelpful shit in a post where someone's asking for help, then saying "go ahead and downvote if you feel the need." If you have nothing useful to contribute, how about you try this new thing called "shutting your goddamn mouth"? You have brought absolutely nothing of value to this conversation and have in fact made it worse with you "speaking your mind".

  32. It’s funny because I’m just being proactive at this point to make sure my dog continues to be healthy at his age. My dogs are literally my life especially since we don’t have kids. I just hope they don’t own a dog if they think this way.

  33. I just lost my dog last week so I might be a tad over sensitive, but for fuck's sake. No one should judge anyone else doing what they need to do to take care of their family members, regardless of how many legs those family members have. I hope your doggo is doing OK and wish them the speediest of recoveries possible.

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