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  1. Well I just replied above but again this isn't entirely true. Different sellers forcefully get separated into different bins and the site tracks which one you are buying. That being said, yes tons of fraud and yes I would rather everyone buy from LGS than anywhere else! But what the poster said about making sure it is from Amazon and sold by Amazon in both is safer then the other options is usually true. If buying from another seller, they might be an LGS that just uses Amazon as the middle man, do some research into the seller.

  2. Tbh I also noticed that they have A LOT of varying body types. Which I really love and actually surprised me that out of all the games Pokemon has tons of non Adonis characters :D

  3. Yeah it's honestly a huge step forward for me too, I love seeing diversity and I like that everyone can feel included even if it's just random npcs

  4. I mostly agree with you but I think the game being underdeveloped is definitely Gamefreak’s fault. They own 1/3 of The Pokemon Company and unless someone can show me receipts I refuse to believe their resources are too limited to have multiple full-scale development teams working at once to meet the deadlines. I think it’s clear that the leadership is resistant to change (my limited understanding is this is common in Japanese corporate culture in general) given how long it took for them to update their gameplay despite years of fans asking for it. I think they still view themselves as the small company they used to be instead of changing to meet the new demands placed on them by the intense release schedule.

  5. Just to clarify it for you: they own a third of the franchise, TPC is another entity that owns another third as well as Nintendo itself.

  6. TPC is the franchise. It’s shared ownership between Gamefreak, Nintendo, and Creatures Inc.

  7. It only works in English though, so maybe it's just coincidence? I doubt it's the same for other languages (it's not in Italian at least)

  8. Probably not a coincidence. The English localization team does creative stuff with names all the time.

  9. Sì, tieni conto che il servizio pubblico include sia le trashate per casalinghe sul rai 2 sia un sacco di programmazione culturale (ad esempio dedicata a minoranze linguistiche, disabili ecc) che a libero mercato probabilmente non esisterebbe.

  10. La rai ha troppi canali inutili tipo rai premium (che chiamandosi premium ti aspetteresti roba di qualità, invece fanno le repliche delle fiction mal riuscite di rai 1) o rai 5 (che spesso trasmettono l'opera lirica che guarda lo 0,00001% della popolazione). Basterebbe lasciare solo rai 1, rai2, rai3, rai news, rai sport e rai yoyo per i bambini ed eliminare il resto. Il canone sarebbe più basso e ci si potrebbe concentrare su produzioni di qualità maggiore, visto che non avrebbero bisogno di aborti come il collegio per fare ascolti e mandare avanti la baracca.

  11. Rimarrebbe comunque il fatto che forzare tutti quelli che hanno un contratto di energia elettrica a pagare una televisione che magari neanche guardano non è giusto e nemmeno democratico. La televisione non è un servizio pubblico alla pari della sanità, dei trasporti, della scuola o altro. È proprio in fondo alla lista, nemmeno degna di starci.

  12. It doesnt really matter for you personally, or me personally it’s more of a widespread thing. Also Genshin spoilers are like really hard to follow >.<

  13. I'd be ready to bet that most people generally don't care or they think it's good that we have spoilers on games. Obviously we need to differentiate, because I'm fairly sure no one would want story related spoilers, but for actual gameplay and various degrees of content I guess most people want to know in advance.

  14. I like spoilers I also think that for magic in specific since they reveal everything beforehand anyway it’s not really something good. For Pokémon spoilers are cool I think, and Genshin spoilers are kinda necessary, it’s just that for Genshin spoilers often look like spreadsheets and half the stuff gets deleted quickly so it’s hard to find things.

  15. Thanks! I guess you could call them the middle-ground of my card design lol

  16. You mean in terms of playability? Well it's easy to imagine a broken card, not so much a balanced one unless you play the game a lot. These ones look pretty balanced even as of today. Maybe just the soul reaver is a little bit too much with the exile ability, but it'd still be ok-ish

  17. That's exactly what I did some 4 years ago when I took a flight to Fuerteventura and I had to come up with an idea. It worked well, no one noticed

  18. Not op, but tbf the other archons c6's are kinda bad. Nahida is the only one where c6 is actually "worth" going for. ( Hard to say worth when outright buying enough pulls would cost a lot of real money)

  19. My point exactly. In my opinion none of them are worth it, even if you save for months like OP. But that's a matter of personal preference I guess, I'd rather play different characters than going all in on one.

  20. L'ho visto con mia moglie esclusivamente per il Meme, sinceramente è una cagata incredibile, si salva solo la fine perché in quel momento il film finisce.

  21. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app sync'd the data for me. I hope I don't have to do that every time I switch devices.

  22. I'd like to share a revelation I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with their surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to another area, and you multiply, and you multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we are the cure.

  23. Rigorosamente da guardare in inglese che rende il giusto merito alla magistrale interpretazione di Hugo Weaving.

  24. Ah ecco, mi pareva di ricordare di aver sentito qualcosa del genere, thanks

  25. That’s already what “heads I win, tails you lose” means tho.

  26. and how is that different from “Heads you lose, tails you lose?”

  27. Holy shit I didn't think /s was necessary but oh well, I was playing along with the meme

  28. Literally the same thing happened to me with mist splitter (well with more pulls). I’ve sworn off ever pulling on the weapon banner again

  29. Same with mist splitter. Except I got tempted again last banner for cyno's weapon and it went exactly the same way again. I swear this shit is rigged, there's no fucking way it's a 50/50. Luckily I have Venti so I can use his weapon, but man I just wish I could get the weapon I want withing the first or second pity ONCE ffs

  30. It comes to being forced to play 4 cost carries / 5 cost carries which is my least favourite play style. I love 2 cost carries which we have none of besides kai sa since lux is too weak to carry. Yone also but he needs Swiftshot emblem or scoped weapons to do anything.1 costs only karma remotely works and she needs axiom arc. In the 3 cost pool we have Lee (who again needs certain augments), rengar and uh...Zippy? Nomsy is the only reliable one and she needs mage because canoneer and evoker suck.

  31. Now you finally see it. It's a "you" thing, you like to reroll and that's ok but you can't expect it to be the right way to play/climb. It only usually happens at the beginning of a set because no one knows that to play at lvl 9 and most of the times first few patches are really unbalanced towards 3 star low cost "hidden" carries.

  32. NGL you aren't wrong but that being said there is a valid point being made. Which is that reroll comps are kinda just not existent in the patch. One thing that is notable about TFT is that there should be a lot of styles, not simply only 1 option to win, doesn't mean 1 cost 3 stars should always beat 2 cost 5's. It should depend on items, positioning, total boards etc. But the reality is IF you are a player that doesn't, or cannot play fast 8 flex 20/20 games realistically set 7 is boring as fuck for you. Outside of super early Nid/Sett/Ez/Karma, and peak Olaf/Diana shenanigans, there haven't been any feel good, legitimate reroll comps in the set.

  33. That's a valid point to which I'll just answer that there ARE some reroll comps and it's ok that there are. Honestly, I liked lucian/gp reroll in set 6.5 and I liked kogroll in 6.0 even more. Blender noc from 5.5 was the most fun too, so I'm not saying there shouldn't be any at all. I'm just saying that most of the times 4/5 costs should be winning lobbies by design, since units' power levels should be rising progressively from 1 to 5 costs. Atm we have varus, rengar, nomsy, sometimes karma and seraphine and it's not possible to 20/20 any of those because if you do, you'll probably lose more than you can win. And this is healthy imho, one should be able to adapt to what the game gives you

  34. Great work there to the whole team behind the stream, I was really surprised and delighted that you managed to have so many viewers for the last GS cup, definitely a good sign for the game! Keep up the hard work and bless you all!

  35. Vabbè, ci ho provato, ma sei intestardito completamente nella tua visione proibizionista delle cose.

  36. Mi viene da dire la seconda, anche perché continua a sostenere che la cannabis "faccia male" (???) in un mondo in cui è perfettamente normale che un ragazzo di 16 anni inizi a fumare sigarette o bersi un cocktail a base di vodka o rum. Hmm

  37. Regardless of whether it's the right tunnel, Tenerife is a sick place in general, one side is green and lush with frequent percipitation, while on the other side, which faces africa it's real arid and the climate is dry.

  38. Right? I'll never get tired of visiting there when I can afford, Canary Islands in general are just gorgeous. I'll be in Fuerteventura 12 days from now, can't wait!

  39. New areas are way too fuckin huge and are chock full of meaningless content.

  40. Yeah but... that's like your opinion man. There are things I like more about genshin, while there are others I like more about ToF. One can be critical without being a fanboy

  41. the 5 jade version is super strong in my opinion, and I've been playing it way before zyra/seraphine/panth were found to be a super strong combo. Your 3 jades are SoY, Gnar, soraka. Before you find soraka, you play jax, and before you find jax you play karma for backline ( great ap holder for jayce )

  42. "You are never contested" and "your main units are jayce/panth/SOY" in the same phrase...

  43. yeah I'm not sure what this comp is other than a way to get jade related quests done? - that board has panth/sera/zyra which is super contested and if you did hit all 3 that game, you could easily play into either 6 whisper zyra carry or the morellos-seraphine-panth-graves comp depending on items both of which are an easy top 4 and way more likely to win out than 5 jade.

  44. Exactly, after all comps get into the "meta zone" only if they're rather reliable... innovating is ok, but most of the times if a thing doesn't work there's not much to do about it except waiting for buffs/nerfs

  45. This is like 60 percent of the reason I can’t. Make it through a psychedsubstance video

  46. I mean... I stopped following, but at least the guy didn't try to hide his bullshit, he was aware and made us aware about his flaws. You gotta give him that much

  47. Jesus fucking Christ how narrow minded can one be? There are A LOT of characters who do similar things, MHY gives you enough room to use whatever the fuck you want but NO, you want to stick together some units that don't fit. Why? You're still missing the main point: Layla won't replace Diona, that's it. The only way would be if her dmg was insane but we can all tell that's not gonna happen so why are you still here?

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