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  1. There are a bunch of causes of hair shedding. It's possible that this dose change can cause temporary shedding and that future changes won't. I've had shedding after changing my dose and after switching from spiro+fina to bica. It can happen with no external cause.

  2. If it's safe to transition socially before medically, I think it's a good thing to do. I'm glad I did. Clothing is a big part of that and it's so much easier to change than any part of your body. It's not crossdressing, but that's a distinction I don't expect the average cis person to grasp intuitively. If this is him offering to buy you clothes, I recommend accepting.

  3. I'd damsel up for a lady in armor. But it might be more fun to wear armor of my own and go on adventures with her. Next time someone brings up the connection between D&D and LGBTQ+, I'll mention that it's already in there: it's part of the L.

  4. This night not be the reason for everyone but there's a known cognitive bias where people favor their first initial. I kept the L. I liked names beginning with V and T very much, but Lilia always felt like a match for me. At least, in writing it does. People are often confused when I introduce myself.

  5. I'll avoid writing an essay, even though I have a lot to say on this topic. I think it's really bad when a man drinks this Kool-Aid. There are so many influences telling him to be angry about his privilege and masculinity being threatened by every form of social justice. So many voices validating his intuition that he has earned his lot in life fairly and those who have less or whose rights are lesser somehow deserve it.

  6. Wow, that's a lot more than I can do. Goals, in more ways than one. I bet she could do a one-arm pullup. I'm not even close.

  7. Perfectly handled! It's fine that many or even most lesbians don't want to have sex with a woman who has a penis. It's only the awful transphobes who insist that such women aren't women and that no lesbian should want us. I respect anyone who tells me she doesn't want me, but no one who tells me I can't be wanted or that my desires are evil.

  8. Im top very much but there is a blue moon time when if I trust someone I absolutely love it.

  9. I like those words. I feel like I have a lot of toxic pride - repression, mostly - which I want someone to relieve me of. I definitely have walls but they are the walls of a prison, not a fortress. Without that repression, I think I'd be a switch just because I like that versatility. I hope it will be a lot of fun to tear down the walls. I need a girlfriend to help me blow things up, figuratively.

  10. I feel it, but it's something I'd really hesitate to call someone else even if I would like being called a slut myself in the right context. I've been around so much toxic masculinity that it seems like a very difficult word to reclaim from that stigmatizing use, regardless of how sex positive I am.

  11. I suppose there's a certain honesty in it. She's announcing that she's a unicorn hunter right there in the caption. But many won't know that means she probably has a boyfriend and wants a stranger to help her fulfill his fantasies. A woman she finds attractive and can have sex with, but she thinks of that relationship as inferior to her straight relationship - just play, with little or no chance of love. Unicorn hunters fulfill so many bad stereotypes about WLW, particularly because they validate and even work to realize the homophobic, dominant fantasies of men.

  12. Yes. I was so deep in the closet that I didn't realize my attraction to women was gay because I am transgender. Somehow I rationalized it: wanting to be with a woman but not to do any of the things a man would do; hating my body because it made it impossible for people to see me the way I thought of myself. Much of that is specific to transbians. But as scary as it is to confront my fears and repression, it is also rewarding.

  13. There's no such thing as gay enough, too gay, or anything like that. You experience attraction, some of which is gay. That's valid, and it leaves you with the same challenge the rest of us face: meeting someone you can love.

  14. That's not too much to ask! I don't date on Reddit but you describe what I'm into. I like a top to initiate and demonstrate where her boundaries are based on what she does to me. After that, I would be much more comfortable with switching.

  15. Exactly!! I try not to date on Reddit either. When we click with each that makes it hard. Especially when I just come in here to make friends to talk about my experiences with. Lmaoo why couldn’t I have found you or someone like you on bumble or something 🤣

  16. I agree. Pride is a movement in support of rights and representation - it doesn't go away just because the celebrations/protests end.

  17. I wish, but every time I hear women sing songs I like in this genre they're straight. Usually they're the only woman in the band and the songs seem to have been written by men. But I don't follow contemporary music. Maybe others will have good suggestions.

  18. What a save! This dad is awesome. Maybe knock first, though?

  19. Very nice! I like the Progress Pride flag. Both because of its message and simply aesthetically. It's complex enough to be interesting, but simple enough to understand at a glance. It gives prominence to the present controversies - those whose rights are most threatened by the biases of people in power.

  20. It's a webtoon, not a book, but I like to recommend

  21. Strong women! What more is there to say? She can crush my skull anytime.

  22. I feel called out. You're not alone. In fact, it feels like you're in my head, observing my own frustration and writing it down.

  23. Why don't we just make shoes more comfortable to wear?

  24. We do that too. I think wearing shoes so small that one must modify their feet is a great example of a toxic beauty standard. But I still support people's freedom to get that surgery, even if I think it's frivolous and potentially harmful, e.g., to girls who think they must do so to participate in that beauty standard. Gender affirming surgery is nothing like that, but is held to a higher standard of external scrutiny by people who have no business being part of that decision.

  25. I trained all my life for this moment!/j

  26. I don't know about turning it off, but I impressed a girl once after killing a cockroach and after that I had a newfound confidence regarding bugs.

  27. That feeling of impressing a girl by being brave is so nice! I really want to be the one impressed though. I learned to hide my vulnerabilities too well. If anyone confronted a TERF for me and proudly called me her girlfriend, that would do it.

  28. Note: Write more notes to people I love.

  29. No, your DHT is probably not preventing maximum feminization. The fact that your body has very low amounts of precursor hormones from which to make DHT suggests that this level isn't even normal for you - you have more DHT than T, in this test. DHT has powerful effects preventing feminization, particularly in hair growth patterns, but that's something you would have to observe to really say that you need to do something about DHT - e.g., take dutasteride, bicalutamide, or spironolactone.

  30. Okay thank you so much for this detailed response. This is kind of what I was imagining too: that a small increase to my E dose could increase my SHBG, and in turn, decrease my free T and DHT.

  31. Because DeAnna replied, it's better to go with what she said - she knows better than me. To clarify what I said about increasing the frequency of DHT bonding with SHBG: You have 44nmol/L / 0.55nmol/L = 80 times more SHBG than T and 44nmol/L / 0.44787nmol/L = 98 times more SHBG than E, molecule for molecule, based on the unit conversion in the same calculator DeAnna linked. Even if 100% of your T and DHT bond with SHBG (they don't) you'll have an excess of SHBG remaining to bond with E, which is why different sex hormones do not compete for SHBG bonds any more than fish compete for water. There's some ideal ratio of E:SHBG at which you'll have the most free estradiol, with estradiol still within a good reference range. As DeAnna said, there's headroom: you don't have too much SHBG or E.

  32. This is discrimination. You don't deserve to be treated this way. It's dehumanizing. I would cry too.

  33. "I'm sure I am gay! But probably not the way you're thinking if you have to ask: I'm a lesbian."

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