1. I thought I might have Kibbe curve as well because my bust extends past my torso on the sides but it turns out I just have baseline curve! In order to figure out if you have baseline curve or Kibbe curve, there are a few approaches you can take. First, it might be helpful to figure out your yin/yang balance and compare it to the physical profiles listed in the Book Excerpts section of the

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  3. The shoulders are ridiculous especially with the emphasis your hairline places on them remove and hem the sleeves and you’ll have a fine piece of casual evening attire.

  4. Would you be able to edit your comment so the first part is less harsh? It’s been reported for insulting or belittling behavior.

  5. This style of dress looks great on someone like

  6. Tamsin was my favorite Lost Girl character! I didn’t recognize her at first as Alice but as soon as I realized who it was, I felt that Batwoman was going to be worth watching for her alone. I loved Lost Girl!

  7. I definitely think some terms are more neutral than others. I try to use the term “thin” instead of “underweight” because I think it’s more accurate descriptor but I also think we can talk about beauty standards in Hollywood without shaming or judging an individual.

  8. I think FG for her. Even though she’s petite, I see elongation in her limbs and her body reminds me a lot of

  9. That looks incredible! How lucky she can wear looks like that!

  10. She’s an underrated fashion icon IMHO! I can’t think of a time when I’ve ever seen her look bad!

  11. I actually think the femme fatale archetype is still relevant to TR women. Salma Hayek definitely leans into this archetype in most of her acting roles, and I’d even say that Selena’s role on

  12. Ooh this reminds me a lot of the street style of

  13. I really wanna know what they talk about. Like are they like us where they talk about the old days, dish on updates about people we used to know, life updates - or is it all about kim

  14. There was an episode of KUWTK where she went with them to her high school reunion! They honestly sounded like a regular group of friends. Here’s a

  15. I really don't understand what he would get from marrying her... I mean with their history she FOR SURE would have done a prenup and protected herself.

  16. I sort of wonder if they had an arrangement… she says in the episode that they were together for six years and did everything together and were best friends. So I could see her accepting certain things or letting things slide, EXCEPT when it embarrasses her publicly. The scandal of him cheating might have been worse than the fact that he cheated, and even he doesn’t seem to have wanted to have children with other people (although he obviously did nothing to prevent it).

  17. I believe producers have revealed that the “nice guys” responded to social media ads which offered a chance to find love and the “f-boys” responded to ads which offered a chance to win money. So it seems like that’s how they were initially recruited and sorted into categories. The nice guy to f-boy spectrum is something that is explored in this season and in the second season as well - the idea that there are two extremes but a lot of people might fall somewhere in the middle.

  18. Yes, I definitely feel this way. I think part of it is picking up on “vibes” from people and then scripting out whole stories in our heads about what the vibes mean. We might sense frustration or irritability and go into overdrive making it about us. But that doesn’t mean it is.

  19. I’m a D and if i wear this, i would look Flamboyant natural. Imo she looks too wide and i dont thibk adding width to something that already has width should be the rule.

  20. Would you be able to edit the first part of your comment? It’s been reported because it seems to imply that FN is a negative thing. Thank you.

  21. From what I understand from reading the book and his recent clarification regarding width is that the shoulders will be the widest part of someone’s body.

  22. In Metamorphosis, DK recommends the T shape silhouette and/or comments on broad or wide bone structure, including shoulders, for several Image IDs - in fact, all except for D, SG and TR. None of these specify that shoulders will be the widest part of the body (except the DC silhouette) or indicate that any other flesh or bone will be as wide as or wider than the shoulders for non-N IDs. When DK talks about curves, he always gives proportions of bustline, waist and hips, never shoulders. Here are the IDs that mention the possibility of wide shoulders.

  23. I feel like when people talk about “Kibbe width” they are completely forgetting that a defining part of the N family is broad blunt bones. So Anne Margaret is “wide” through the shoulders but her bones are not broad and blunt. Scarlett Johansson isn’t really wide but her bone structure is much more broad and blunt, despite her being thin and fit.

  24. Yes! People focus soo much on accommodations but IMHO these are very difficult to visualize on a body outside the context of clothes. “Broad and blunt” (and other yin and yang traits) are easier to identify and significantly less vague.

  25. I still love Holly but she’s driving me crazy on the podcast by interrupting and cutting off Bridget! I think she’s aware of it to an extent because she says things like “you tell this one,” but once Bridget starts saying it, it’s like she can’t wait to rush in and add more details. If I could give her one bit of advice it’s to pause for three seconds every time she considers interjecting. I kinda get it if there was dead air she was trying to fill, but I get the impression that if Holly wasn’t always talking, Bridget would talk more.

  26. I can totally see FG for Penelope in slides 4 and 5! It’s difficult for me to see it on Jennifer, she is too curvy… I would expect a straighter frame on an FG. IMO Jennifer looks like a TR or SG at most but mostly TR. also who plays tennis dressed like that, and more importantly, with those shoes?

  27. Seeing Penelope in the first dress I immediately thought of her

  28. Wow, thank you for sharing!!! She looks great in these photos.

  29. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I’m glad to see her out and about and I think she looks happier than we’ve seen her in a while.

  30. To me Spike's attempted rape made perfect sense. It didn't make me dislike him. He was always that person imo.

  31. I think you’re really onto something. For a lot of people, Kibbe seems simple when you first hear about it as a body typing system, then it seems complicated when you can’t figure out your Image ID, but once you start to correctly identify traits of certain IDs in the wild, I do think it starts to seem… maybe not simple, but accessible? You didn’t mention this, but even knowing yin is literal rounded shapes, edges, small features, etc. and yang is literal straight or diagonal lines, geometric, larger features, etc… I find that accommodations are harder to spot when I’m not familiar with someone or haven’t seen them in a variety of HTTs, but identifying yin and yang traits is soo much easier now that I’ve got that basic concept down.

  32. You are correct. I would add “wah” or “blah” to your list of possible synonyms, like an exclamation or a filler word someone might emote, but which doesn’t have any particular meaning. JKR has an impressive ability to make up words so even though I’ve heard this word once or twice in the context of someone saying “bruh” with an accent, it’s not any kind of widespread slang word to my knowledge! It seems to have been imagined specifically as a catchphrase for one of the Ink Black Heart characters which other characters in the book then playfully adopt as an in-joke.

  33. Holly talks about Mary around 10:32 of

  34. Unfortunately, there is not very much body diversity among verified celebs, but maybe Octavia Spencer (SG) would be a good resource for you?

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