1. I think there are a few factors at play here. First, I see your point about there not being many verified GNC celebs, however since Rita’s system only came out within the last few years, there aren’t many verified celebs period, and I think this will evolve with time.

  2. It’s giving Kim k “totally not a photo shoot on the beach” vibes

  3. I knew this was a backgrid photoshoot before I even saw the copyright!

  4. I’ve seen variations on this question for hip dips as well, and honestly I think women of any ID could have a certain thigh shape and it’s better to look at your body as a whole rather than fixate on one feature… the fact is that most Kibbe recs skim over the body and aren’t tight or form fitting, but rather create a certain shape in the silhouette. Then, through accessories such as shoes, jewelry and bags, the idea is to build upon that fundamental shape to create a harmonious head-to-toe look. So if you follow the fabric and shape recommendations that Kibbe suggests for your Image ID, the viewer’s attention should be drawn to the look as a whole (or your essence/face) rather than one specific body part.

  5. Camila Mendes in Do Revenge! She reminds me of Blair Waldorf.

  6. Destiny Rules or In Your Dreams to start. The Sound City documentary by Dave Grohl is also really good.

  7. I have a few suggestions. First, everyone will have their own yin/yang balance, so even though the majority of your traits will put you in one Image ID which calls for certain accommodations, that doesn’t mean you are limited to just that, or that you can’t play with different aesthetics within those accommodations. Since you mention that you are D, I’ll share some examples of verified D celebs, whose only accommodation need is vertical.

  8. This might be more of an Up thing than a Left thing, but I love to feel glamorous and a little extra no matter the setting. I like people to look at me. I think Left comes in with my preference for sensual/sensory clothing, which is often more important to me than where I’m going! In general, I play a lot with “showing vs hiding” - I like showing my body and getting attention for it, but I also like being bundled and cozy under many layers.

  9. Thanks for posing the question. I think this was a great discussion topic. I love learning about you as well, and how Right logic works! Yes I did! I obtained two degrees in Fashion and International business!

  10. It is so cool that you studied fashion. Would love to hear more about this sometime!

  11. Okay, I’m all for lgbt representation in media, but does everything need to be turned into a gay storyline? I’m only asking cause this is the second post in a row I’ve seen about a character in bridgerton being gay or bi. Maybe I’m just protective of the books. I want them to play out with the couples that are written. Adding Granville and that whole plot line was fine, but why do we need to change the already established characters??

  12. i don’t know if i believe this, but i think it’s funny larries think this is about harry and we think it’s about taylor

  13. Ooh I didn’t even think about Harry (is he A+ list?) but that would be exciting too!

  14. Would you be able to list some specific examples of things you’d like to modernize?

  15. Omg finally I have met another person who feels this way

  16. She also confirmed their existence and gave more details in an episode of Dolly Parton’s America (amazing podcast for those who haven’t heard it)!

  17. I’ve always love the shape her nose, I know I’m weird.

  18. I love it too! I know people love Blake Lively’s nose job but imho Avril has one of the best nose jobs in Hollywood.

  19. In the interview OP posted, SMG talks about how Buffy’s story of hiding who she was and “coming out” as the slayer resonated with the LGBTQ community even before there was an explicitly gay storyline on the show.

  20. I think it’s refreshing that they are allowing Mabel to explore different relationships and experiment. The way he was written out (parting amicably as friends) leaves the door open for him to come back at some point.

  21. First I want to say that your frustration is valid. Kibbe is not for everyone and as a mod, it is a daily crusade to fight misinfo and try to support the community without being able to repost DK’s actual words.

  22. The thing about season four is that due to Charisma Carpenter’s pregnancy and subsequent firing/retaliation by Joss Whedon, the character

  23. Thanks for establishing rules. I have a small question: is there any tag or moment where it's appropriate to share "fails"? Yesterday I saw the Stripes challenge and thought of one item that goes with my style logic, but I also have another one that I love, but it goes against my keywords (or so it seems).

  24. I think you can still share “fails” under the same post flairs as you would a successful outfit, because it would still be helpful to users searching the flair you used. You can just put “fail” in the title or description! If you mean something like “why does this work when I feel like it shouldn’t,” I feel like you could also use the “Theory Discussion” flair if you didn’t want to use the usual tag.

  25. Her face basically looks the same to me. What do you think looks different? She’s older and her face is a little wider but I don’t really see anything super noticeable

  26. I hadn’t heard her Khloe impression before and I’m amazed. She really has all of them down.

  27. I went mostly to update my work style - I work in a corporate environment and felt frumpy and washed out in most of what I was wearing. Plus I had gained weight and just felt uncomfortable and insecure in my own skin. During my consultation, I got a few different outfits that I wear all the time, but my biggest takeaways were what I learned about my own shape and coloring. For example, DK taught me that I should accentuate my collarbone/shoulder area, wear midi length garments, and use heavier fabrics and straight line details to accentuate my elongation.

  28. Can someone explain to me how Margot is a SN and Jessica Chastain is a SC. I’m struggling to see how Margot is SN

  29. They are not verified! The general consensus on Margot Robbie is that she is FN and there is no consensus on Jessica Chastain (although I personally think she is a yang type as I don’t think yin styles suit her). What is listed on this thread are just OP’s opinion.

  30. I love your phrase “made in the same doll factory.”

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