1. Did the guy have feelings for her in the past or something?? If the answer is "no" and they are only friends, then why aren't you just happy she has a friend who was able to keep her safe while they were drinking??

  2. she had a crush for him in the past. Not a romantic crush i think but she was very interested in him and his personality.

  3. Hmm I'm not sure what a "non-romantic crush" is...are you saying she was only interested in him platonically? Like she was interested in him just as a possible friend? Another question: do you know if your gf told this guy that she has a bf?

  4. How boring can your life be? Like it would be MUCH different if you said no internet, but you can still call and text. what else do you even need a phone for?

  5. I agree, i was just telling that for someone, their phone is an addiction and it’s difficult to stop using it

  6. the only explanation i have for you is that you have started to drink more (because usually that’s an advice that a good endocrinologist should give you.)

  7. My appetite has actually suppressed due to my medication and I drink an average amount of water but lately I’ve been chugging water like crazy and still thirsty.

  8. I think that it depends on the reaction that you have. if i had these thoughts i would be extremely anxious and i would panic. And this will sounds like OCD or something like that. If they get aroused by these thoughts I don’t think it’s a good sign :/

  9. this post made me cry. i’m so sorry for you that’s all i can say. i hope things will get better in the future.

  10. nothing would happen, everything is gonna be alright! remember that everyone is here to become a better version of themselves and nobody is going to judge you.

  11. I agree with you but you can’t force vaccination on anyone with a vaccine that is a bit effective like,, if it would prevent the infection and if i was sure that I wouldn’t die of covid with it i would have run to getting vaccinated

  12. This is horrible? In italy without “green pass” you can’t go even to the bank or getting cured in some hospitals :).

  13. Actually.. 392/2900 is like 13% of the deaths (?) And I don’t know the % of unvaccinated people in UK but if it’s 13% there is literally no difference.

  14. Both. I am young and i don’t want to have a shot that protect me from a virus that has 0.01% of killing me for like.. three months?? Four if i’m lucky? And I have to take it 3 times in a year? Fuck no

  15. Ur English is good. Is the vax green pass mandatory for shopping only for in person or is it mandatory to be vaxxed to shop online? I believe they will make it mandatory to where we wont be even able to make sny purchases online eventually worldwide. It truly is bullshit.

  16. Only in person. But it’s literally for everything. Unvaccinated people can only go to grocery stores.

  17. I think vaccine passports are reasonable as are vaccine mandates for workers. With the awful surge in cases that Italy is going through right now imagine how much worse the hospitalizations and deaths would be if it weren’t for the vaccines. They save lives. They have vaccine passports in NYC for bars and restaurants and other indoor venues. Teachers in my state are mandated to get vaccinated. I am one, I wish the kids were, too.

  18. I think there’s a difference between “protecting people” and make literally no-sense decision.

  19. I think people around the world don’t even imagine what is happening here and maybe i didn’t explain it enough, sorry

  20. Stupid. Anyone who is staunchly anti vaccine will not get it anyway, and this will fuel the antivaxx rhetoric.

  21. Don't try and ask us Americans about it, we think if you're not a Bernie fuck you're literally a fascist. The left only likes choice when it benefits them, and the right doesn't like freedom of choice

  22. In this period I’m seeing so many “leftists” saying things like “unvaccinated people should die and they don’t deserve nothing” like bro,,

  23. And i decided to post this even here because maybe yes, y’all hate vaccine mandates but maybe you’re unaware of the ton of sh**s that is happening in italy

  24. No, i want to post this on multiple subreddits, this is just one of them.

  25. Mh yes but “seatbelt” did not have a duration of 4 months (if you’re lucky) and they are not a vaccine with side effects. You can’t say it’s the same, a lot of people died from the vaccine while nobody died from seatbelts. You can’t make a vaccine compulsory if it’s only for avoid intensive therapy. I hope you don’t believe in “the vaccine prevents infection too” anymore. It’s a fucking lie. (Sorry if my english is bad i’m italian)

  26. You're both young which means you are still changing. Even if she's perfect right now it doesn't mean she will be perfect in a year. Try not to overthink it - if a relationship with this person doesn't feel right then trust that feeling and try to move on. I don't mean get with someone else, just focus on your own life for a while.

  27. We’ve tried to broke up but it felt worse so i really don’t know anymore

  28. Could be some level of co-dependency and the general, overarching fear of “loneliness” that makes you feel worse when y’all aren’t together.

  29. Mmh sorry but i don’t think that resonates with me. I feel like I want to save that relationship but i don’t know if there’s something to save anymore especially from my side.

  30. How old are you? Sounds like pretty standard growth. Hormones causing fluctuations in moods, these tend to settle down as you get older and mature.

  31. i’m 18. So it’s normal to feel emotions that way? Is how mentally stable people feel them? Haha

  32. You shouldn’t just “distract yourself” you should feel it and then letting it go, Recognizing is anxiety but don’t get caught up in overthinking.

  33. Thanks! but i feel like its easier said than done

  34. this is obvious, but don’t be discouraged, you can handle this. A lot of people recover from anxiety and you absolutely can too :)

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