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  1. It's strange. He has a pretty big soapbox he could use to fight back yet instead he's pretty much still shilling for ebay even after getting kicked off the site.

  2. Does anyone thinks it's strange that whatnot appears right around the time Chris is supposedly suspended from eBay?

  3. I never checked this out, but I heard that mileage estimates are based on direct routes (as-the-crow-flies). Has anyone measured this?

  4. I was wondering if that's what they were doing. That's not cool. I'm not a crow nor do I have a helicopter

  5. In the earnings section they only count the distance between the restaurant and the customer’s address. So if it’s 1 mile but you had to drive 3 miles to the restaurant to pick up the order, it’s still gonna be 1 mile for the distance even tho it should be 4 total miles. Just gotta do your own calculations and yes be cautious of what you’re accepting

  6. I stated in the original post that I was not including me driving to the restaurant. But thanks

  7. Literally this haha. The best excuse is no excuse at all. When you arrive and they ask just groan and say rough morning and offer no elaboration at all.

  8. Right? I'm on my way to a DD or GH order while I'm calling support. I just don't get some people.

  9. I mean, I've just lost gas and time already and now they want me to spend time on the phone with them? When they can just fix it on their end?

  10. Most importantly, I'm not anxious all the time like before. I have hope for the future. I make more money (self employed). My health is better (less fatigue).

  11. Please do yourself a favor and do your relationship a favor and PLEASE DO NEVER EVER tell them...There is an old saying "awareness (of the sp) destroys the magic" so keep it for yourself never tell them...EDIT : grammar

  12. Exactly. Mystery is a wonderful thing for everyone. It's not a lie.

  13. I should try this. Maybe I’d get somewhere if I flipped the daily thoughts if “I can’t believe he did this to me” “I miss him so much” “I’m so mad at him” etc.. 🤔

  14. Like why would they lie? Not like anyone here can going to do anything about it but pout and claim they are going to quit Ebay.

  15. They said managed payments were going to save us money over PayPal. Lol

  16. I feel that too.. And sometimes when I look back I'm like my ego wants that not me.. This is where I feel it's important to distinguish between what your ego wants and what you want

  17. Here’s the thing though, you might not know what you want, but you certainly know how you want to feel. We get tripped up thinking that we have to know what we want. It's OK to just know how you want to feel. If you focus on that, clarity will come soon. Stand in how you want to feel and just allow the vision of reality to come to you to match that feeling.

  18. I think this is where things are going for me. I have interests that come and go but I also am grateful for where I am now and I think finally I'm going to follow through on something that really makes me feel good. Something that I wanted to do since I was a teenager. (I'm in my 50s now)

  19. Hey, and don't forget about the $2000 limit on savings! Financial advisors come on the news all the time saying "Oh, every American should have at LEAST $5000 in savings in case of emergency," motherfucker I can't exceed $2000 or they'll take away my FOOD.

  20. That kind of defeats the purpose of the savings anyway, if the home is damaged due to some unforeseen incident (fire, flooding, etc.) then the money will be gone. Keeping it in the bank is a safety measure, it is a smart one but is being held away from the poor who actually need it.

  21. Sons need their mothers, too. It's how they learn to connect to their inner world and not become toxic.

  22. Im glad to read this post. I am in the same boat woth you. My son would rather stay at this dad. His behavior changes when he was 12 yrs old and he is 13now. My ex husband always talk about me. We used to be so close before and all of a sudden he started pullling away. I also travel a lot for work. As a mother this hurts me tremendously. There are times i would sit in the driveway at my exhusbands house for an hour to pick him up but my son would never come out. The rejection on my own son hurts soo bad. I cant keep doing this. Thank you

  23. Truly this is probably very good for your son. Please let it happen. (I'm a divorced woman myself)

  24. Women used to have healthy babies into their 40s quite frequently. No birth control.

  25. Maybe I should start scouring the woods rather than the thrift shops

  26. Maybe take note of where/when those WM offers come out and avoid those areas/times.

  27. What is SP? I keep seeing it used. I know it's something similar to SO (significant other), but haven't figured out the acronym. Significant Partner?

  28. So it’s kind of strange. A former SP is back in my life and he’s making the effort. The one I cried about. I honestly let him go and was just done. But he and I saw each other twice, had a couple of talks that went to 2am to 3am in the morning, and he’s taking me out again. We will see what happens. I was aiming for another SP (call him SP #2) tbh but hesitated bc on SP manifestation (in general) bc I wasn’t sure what I wanted.

  29. I remember all she would think and say is “I have a husband I’m a proud of” and then do SATS of feeling/seeing a wedding ring on her finger. But she kept herself on the pedestal by wanting to be proud.

  30. Love this. Most days now I'm so grateful that I dont need anything else.

  31. Gas prices are at $5.89 at my area so I only take minimum $5 and it has to be no more than 3 miles for $5. Usually I’ll do 1=1

  32. In California every 20 minutes earns us $6 plus tip. Just so you understand.

  33. Under $2? Lol... My car doesn't move for less than $7.....

  34. In the 1962 missal (text for the traditional Latin Mass), Mark 11:24 is the Communion prayer on the last Sunday of Pentecost. One Sunday afternoon in November about twelve or thirteen years ago, the radical nature of what Jesus asserts in that sentence suddenly struck me. I became fascinated by the verse and incorporated it into my prayer life.

  35. Not at my local Goodwill. I find insane stuff there constantly with huge profit margins, but you absolutely need to be there when the new stuff rolls out. Otherwise, all you will find is left over trash because the valuables are all already instantly snagged up.

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