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  1. I’m 5’2 and I have been with short guys (5’6/7) and tall (6’4). There are perks with both. Short guy: I really noticed his eyes ❤️ they were so dreamy and I always thought about his pretty lashes and big dreamy eyes ( the attention to detail is great when the height difference isn’t big between us).

  2. Thank you so so much for not taking the family abuse as Islam and distancing yourself from Islam. As a young(16) Muslim girl, I have seen so many people leaving Islam just because what their family members did to them. This is, honestly, the first case I am seeing a person who has differentiated between abuse and Islam. I have suffered much of the same as you so I know that we have been brought believing that whatever they do is Islamically valid, but I am so glad to meet another person who separated the two. That is difficult and a commendable thing to do. Sending prayers and hope towards you!

  3. I cut my narcissistic dad out of my life 10 years ago. When I heard he’s funding a mosque in my home time I lold. He’s such a piece of shit. He cheated on my mom through the entire marriage, abused her and his kids, didn’t even teach me to pray yet yelled at me for not knowing things about Islam but he’s building a mosque now? Sorry no. There is a huge difference between Islam and abuse only a narcissistic can’t see the difference.

  4. Same, I cut my narcissistic dad out of my life almost an year ago. My goodness, I need to be online more often. I am getting to meet so similar people. I am so shocked right now. Yes, yes and yes, there is a huge difference between Islam and abuse. People who use Islam to justify abuse are honestly the worst kind because, not only do they do bad stuff, they also throw a wholesome, caring, true religion under the bus.

  5. It blows my mind why a mosque would take money from him. That mosque will be tainted now.

  6. Mine thought I married someone they wouldn’t approve of 😂. My NDad was spinning all kind of tales. First off I was single when I cut him and his followers off. My grandma (NDad side) told distant relatives I was on the streets. When that relative called to give my mother her condolences about me being on the street and I picked the phone she was so confused. Dumbbells I swear 🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. He would stick his nose to see what I was doing 😭what a sweet boy. A dog is the only way to heal.

  8. The advice from Reddit forums from other people who are/were abused enabled me to process trauma and It was more help more than all the people I know in my life combined. So the computer gave me a life that is worth living.

  9. It didn’t work for me. I’m on cipralex and adderall now. Much better

  10. If they agreed with her that it was systematic bullying we would all jump down their throats for enabling her mental illness instead of making her realize something was wrong. If she didn’t want to talk about it she could have just not came to the reunion. I would respect her if she said nothing instead of throwing them under the bus to take the heat off her in the most ridiculous way ever. We have eyes Kelly. Frankly she was insulting to the viewers by trying to push that narrative. Ok Jan

  11. Why can’t Kelly just hire a PR team that can speak for her. Every time she comments about Bethany or scary island she makes it so much worse for herself. I mean even Mel Gibson was invited back to the academy awards she seriously doesn’t do herself any favours. Hire a pr team to speak for you and never comment about either topic for the rest of your life 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  12. I’m cheering for you! I applaud your approach and honestly If I had a time machine I would apply your method to a few previous situations of my own. Smart girl. Get him out of your life in one, clean (from your end) cut. Noice 👍🏻

  13. If you don't understand how she's being vindictive then you aren't smart enough for me to waste time explaining it.

  14. I agree. I won’t understand your logic. Oh noes my loss :(

  15. If they’re that persistent I automatically assume mental illness and become rude because I don’t want to deal with another stalker. THIS IS TYPICAL STALKER BEHAVIOUR. I’m going to use a quote from crime junkie now, “stay safe and don’t be afraid to be rude.” Rudeness is imperative for safety. I am not kidding

  16. She took her ques from her friend Gwyneth. Honestly she’s crazy but they were crazier for not getting up and running to their rooms and locking their doors behind them after that Gwyneth Paltro comment. A shudder ran down my spine at that point.

  17. I know two family members who have scary delusions and one of which is an eye surgeon. Something is really wrong with him. Like he wouldn’t take his 6 year old son who had pneumonia to the dr because he was still in mrs school and he didn’t want to talk to a dr. His son almost died. He should have gone to jail but he’s a practicing surgeon so…

  18. I would say this may be a fair guess since she seems manic in several episodes. But I wouldn't rule out that she may have more than one diagnosis. I could also see her being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

  19. I have ADD/ ADHD and even before I was diagnosed and went on the right medication I had never once thought I was friends with Gwyneth Paltro. At that point everyone should have ran to their rooms and locked their doors. That triggered me.

  20. I don’t either but as a heterosexual female (born female) I just don’t think I ever will. But ever since the medical community said it does exist I now go along with it even though I don’t get it. They went to medical school for 8 years so if this is what their conclusion is then I agree with it. I don’t think anyone other than the drs should get involved since it’s a medical condition that gets diagnosed by a specialist. Imagine if we had the types of conversation on gender people have but about diabetes? It’s between a dr and a patient we all need to butt out now that the medical community confirmed it’s medical basis.


  22. Bethany has balls I’ll give her that. I wouldn’t be in the same room with her after the Gwenyth PALTRO comment. I still don’t know to this day why they all stayed seated after she said that. Like no regard for their safety at all 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 SHE THINKS MOVIE STORYLINES ARE REAL YOU NEED TO GO NOW!!

  23. “What about when you attacked my friend [email protected] “Gwyneth who?” “PALTRO!” Even crazier is they still sat there after she said that and kept engaging with her even though they knew she was arrested for violence before 😳 I would have ran to my room and barricaded it. Dear god that made my skin crawl.

  24. I remember when I lived at home we would all be watching tv together but as soon as we hear the garbage door opens we would all disperse from the living room and go to our separate rooms.

  25. The lack of accountability on her end at the reunion solidified my suspicion, personality disorder. Obviously something else was going on with her as well but she for sure has a personality disorder.

  26. Movie friends/enemies aren’t here in real life, kelly.

  27. Remind yourself why you need to grey rock when you are in a good mood and also when you’re happy. If you only go over the reasons why when you’re upset it just won’t stick. This way grey rocking will become automatic and not just a reaction when you’re hurt

  28. Her reaction to Bethany suggesting she calls him says it all. She was terrified of how he would react. It’s so sad what she will put up with just for access to wealth :(

  29. You are now helping fund a mosque for the small Islamic community living in a city without one even though I had to find out there are two types of Muslims in 2004 thanks to George Bush jrs Iraq invasion because you couldn’t bother to teach me anything. They all praise your “charitable religious work” for funding this process and how much you care about your faith yet, you couldn’t give two shits if your children learned that said faith properly. Oh but to be fair, you did repeatedly rage on them for not knowing what their faith requires of them as well they lived their entire lives in a mostly Catholic, western place. Bravo. What a Pilar to the Islamic faith. Puke emoji

  30. I told my mom how I have CPTSD and her talking about her opinions on what I should do when I have a family/ children (even after I told her numerous times I don’t want to) triggers flashbacks and takes me to episodes of abuse by my narc father and her refusal to protect me. I told her how I was sick for a week talking to a suicide hotline trying to stop myself from killing my self.

  31. I was a good mother. Wow. And they say playing video games makes you dissociate between what’s real and what’s not 😂

  32. I know but your heart is also a toxic wasteland and I don’t want radiation poisoning. Sorry no poison for me thanks 🤷🏻‍♀️

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