1. That's a good thought, not sure how I would go about a global grid as my current system builds from the initial foundation. I'll definitely look into it though!

  2. I made a guitar string procedural texture... maybe you can modify it to the affect you're looking for?!?!

  3. Typically the bottom E, A, and D strings are coiled, but it depends on the gauge and brand as well… sometimes the G string too

  4. D'uh OP maybe make it like a real book 📖 stick the edge of the page to a bridge shape then put some physics on the pages like rigidbody or cloth and let them fall down

  5. So you made a recipe, you imagined yourself eating it for 2 whole years and then when you might be able to put in the oven you lost confidence thinking it wouldn't taste good? Imo it's the fact that you didn't taste the finished product, you might end forgetting about this project, but I know deep down some part of you will regret it otherwise you wouldn't be telling us.

  6. It's not that you didn't notice, it's more that you couldn't remember. You'd be surprised how much information your brain can store.

  7. Debug.Log( "Awesome Thanks mate! Ended up getting my code to work because of you :D. Thank you for your time!" );

  8. Oh man, here I've been using mesh colliders for my vehicles haha. I bet I can make capsules work well enough, but is there much of a difference between capsules and boxes?

  9. God almighty im in my 50’s & when they did the blood eagle scene I covered my eyes. That shit was brutal & terrifying

  10. You reflect the velocity when it's y pos is less than 0. You should instead reverse it when it collides. Put that in OnCollisionEnter.

  11. Drawing Tablet - 10x6.25 Inch XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Drawing Pad, Graphic Tablet 8192 Levels Pressure Battery-Free Pen with Tilt Function and 8 Shortcut Keys, Compatible with PC, chromebook, Android, iOS

  12. I'm aware of that, sadly I made the choice to love the ocean. and in the ocean, pretty much every line is curvy and smooth.

  13. Idk in what software you're drawing but there's most likely a pen tool ✒️ its used to make curves! Hope this helps.

  14. It’s not mutilation. People who aren’t circumcised like to say it is, but I don’t know anyone uncircumcised, I don’t know anyone who remembers being circumcised or anyone who has complaints with being circumcised. But, I do see complaints online with people who aren’t circumcised where the skin is tight or painful, infections etc.

  15. This is actually intended right? You made a "new" one knowing damn right we'd prefer the old.

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