1. I got one of these brushes for free on an allure box deal last summer I think

  2. Anyone else have any starter boxes??

  3. I had one post bent a bit. I have tried to fix yet.

  4. I would look to see if you can find any YouTube videos. I have only used balanced body reformers and I had no issue with mine at all.

  5. Agree with balanced body. Last year Costco had some but not yet this year. Lots of classes available on YouTube to take advantage of too. This Frame reformer looks so different and is not proven. Also you will prob be stuck with subscription to their digital classes.

  6. I really like Wayne goss glosses. They are my fav.

  7. I’ll report back after I try them! I’ve been the same way. I love how compact it is.

  8. They are awesome! I got the Wayne goss surprise bag then had to buy another palette after!!

  9. The Wayne goss palette and eye pencil are excellent. I got his surprise bag instead of the lucky bag this year and am very happy with his products!

  10. No they stated clearly the brushes were not part of the bag.

  11. So now I am super confused. Is this the same thing as the test tube box?

  12. I think it's worth it! I buy every box and attend the live zoom events. They go in depth about each product and how to use it. It's fun :)

  13. Do you have any pics of past boxes

  14. Only thing I found are the Wayne goss liners they are really nice formula and want to try in more colors.

  15. My guess is FabFitFun manufacturers their unhide blankets and could be very different than stuff on Unhide website. Hopefully you can return if you don’t like tho

  16. Seems this is happening a lot right now. Glad I skippped!!

  17. I discovered Missha bb cream (Amazon) and will never use regular foundation again. My skin loves it and my skin is quite sensitive.

  18. Using rakuten will give another 10% off…if anyone is interested and doesn’t have an account I have referral link to sign up

  19. Does anyone know what the $25 box is?

  20. So cute! Wow.. I sort of wanted my cooler, but now that I’m being told I cannot have it it want it so badly 😂😂

  21. Same here. It’s Main reason I got the box and now no cooler for me

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