1. Not a comment on what essences I see in the outfit…. But this outfit is soo cute!

  2. I usually played with my dolls as being established characters and whatever I had played previously was most often canon to the narrative and I would pick up where I left. If I did want to play with the same dolls but with a different plotline or different characters I would say it was a movie because most of my dolls where actors. The plot lines where wild but not too violent or scandalous, just a lot of cliche’s and campy plot lines as well as a lot of silly and fantastical stories, cause it’s the most fun that way.

  3. I think it depends on your unique proportions and personal style. But idk I’m not SD but from observation I personally think it depends on the person. Sofia Vegara looks great in low and mid rise but she also looks good in high rise. Personally I think high rise is more universally flattering then low rise, since low and even mid rise is kind of a weird spot for the waist of an outfit to sit (not saying that that’s a bad thing but it is unnatural and therefore not universally flattering). Having clothes sit on your natural waist will never not look good imo. But of course low rise does suit and look really good on a lot of people as well. There might be something to SDs especially suiting this look?

  4. Hmm I’m not sure if these skin tones will match? 🤔 The barbie looks much lighter then the skipper.

  5. Maybe it can work, depend on if a difference in skin tone in the face and body bothers you.

  6. Something I noticed that I think also work is doing a gradient. Basically let’s say you want to wear something colourful up top but maybe something more subdued on the bottom you can wear a top or a dress that has a gradient that goes from one colour to the next. An example could be to wear a pink scarf, purple top, deep purple skirt and black stockings and shoes. I think it works since there’s no stark horizontal contrasts.

  7. The orange lipstick looks very separate on you. I’m immediately drawn to your lips and your face sort of fades away, it’s very contrasted with your colouring. The pink lipstick looks very harmonious and I’m inclined to look at your eyes, blends in perfectly. (Of course this is just my opinion)

  8. I feel like most people do have essences that match their kibbe id though. And if it’s not their main essence it’s often secondary essences.

  9. For me it was that tight clothes doesn’t flatter my body and looser styles look much more harmonious and flattering. I also don’t ‘need’ curve accommodation, it looks nice and highlights my small waist and hourglass/inverted triangle body shape but I don’t look ‘frumpy’ without it. Also look at your bone structure, are your elbows, knees and shoulders pointy or blunt and does your skeleton overall have a slender look or a wider stronger look.

  10. My interpretation is that I think everyone (or at least vast majority) look good with waist accommodation so the question is more do you look worse without it and if no then you probably don’t have curve.

  11. My brain can not do typing right now but I’m exited to see what other people say compared to Kitchener!

  12. Something I really admire about my mama’s fashion taste is that even though these photos are from several different decades in fashion they’re all timeless and not at all dated. Even the eighteens one, she looks so elegant.

  13. What I mean by “not at all dated” is not that you can’t tell when the outfit was put together or created because I think you can with some of the outfits but what I mean is that if you wore this today people would’t think you looked weird and idk “cheugy” or something. It still looks elegant or cute or cool or whatever effect the outfit was intended to have. 😊

  14. It’s hard I think you look good in both light spring and light summer colours! I slightly prefer the cooler colours but the warm look good too. May I suggest true light? It’s the in between of LSp and LSu

  15. I think it plays a significant role. I feel like… Let’s say you have quite a dramatic face, if you don’t hold your head high, have that bold stance and confident facial expressions and instead hold yourself very delicately, shy, cute and unsure and maybe have a very high pitched meek voice, the super bold pure dramatic styles will not look harmonious on you because it will contrast so much with how you come across as a person based on body language. Because you have this dramatic face dramatic styles will still work but because everything else about you is the complete opposite it lowers the percentage of the essence in your overall blend. I also think if you have let’s say 20% of an essence in your appearance if you then have like 80% of that essence in how you come across based on body language and perceived personality it will heighten this essence in your blend significantly to let’s say maybe 45% or something. I feel like if you for example naturally act very gamine wearing gamine fashion even if it’s just an undercurrent in your apperance will make a lot of sense for you and suit you therefore. I think that we can change our essence to an extent just from our body language. I’m thinking about talented actors that can completely change their vibe without any prosthetics or makeup, only based on how they hold themselves.

  16. Evening headdresses were quite large in this period. It is not bonnet-shaped so I am inclined to term it a head-dress instead of a hat.

  17. I actually think it is bonnet shaped. I was looking at fashion plates from this time period and this shape of headwear seem to be a popular style but I only saw it paired with day clothes, except in this image if course.

  18. These are beautiful. Are they from that dress generator in The Widow's Boutique that was on Kickstarter, or what software did you use? It's like paper dolls for the Regency, only they can't be torn or damaged. Got to say the olive green is my favorite. I would never have thought to pair that with pink. It's lovely!

  19. Thanks! Interesting, never heard of it. I didn’t use any premade software, generator or pre made digital paper doll. I sketched this out on my iPad. 😊 In the app I use it’s easy to quickly edit colours. The girl is also a supposed to be me. 😄

  20. Aaaah thank you so much! With regards to the essences you have mentioned, they all ‘feel’ right to me!! I initially disregarded ethereal as my eyes aren’t that wide but when I think about it, I have been told I look a bit ‘fairy’ like by others!

  21. I also question my etherialness haha. But if that’s not in my blend idk what else I’d be. 😅 I haven’t found anyone that’s disagreed with me either so I guess I am primarily etherial. I don’t think you have to have wide set eyes to be E, I have close set eyes, I think wide set eyes is more of an ingenue thing. Or do you mean oblong/almond eyes?

  22. I actually think you look more and more angelic the more I look at your photos. 😄 You have this drifting away quality and I think the S curve hair and glowy etherial makeup makes you look so radiant. 😊

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