1. I have no idea, but never seen it, i legit ask cuz im confused, like tabs were supposed to be clean and shit. My previous tabs did not had it

  2. Fr! This is our first time even seeing lsd tabs so we didn’t know what to expect the dealer was sketchy af tho

  3. Are we still role playing that I am your child? Because if so.. you kind of already did that.

  4. I did this for 3 years, then got on bc, had horrible side effect, stopped bc and started tracking my temp and discharge daily it’s been almost 5 years of that and no oopsies lol

  5. That’s awesome!! Do you have regular periods? Mine are pretty irregular ever since I was a teenager so I imagine it would be more difficult to track:( Can you please share more about how you track and if there’s any devices or apps that you use?

  6. I second the rec for the Taking Charge ofYour Fertility book. I successfully used the method for about 8 months when husband and I were deciding whether we really wanted to take the plunge and try for a kid. Then was able to get pregnant right away because I had a good idea when I was ovulating.

  7. Yeah!! I don’t wanna risk it at all tbh but I heard that even with the paragard you can develop an immune reaction because it’s a foreign object in your body and scar tissue can grow around it making it hard to remove. Temping seems like a good option but like you said I’d need to be very meticulous in order for it to be effective

  8. No, you don't cycle tret, consistency will be key for it! You can up the strength of tret when your skin starts tolerating it well

  9. Oh I see. And so do I just keep upping the strength forever?

  10. No, don't bother cycling tret. Refer to the wiki for a crash course written for beginners.

  11. I believe OP is from a different country. Some areas of the world refer to different kinds of keratin treatments as Botox among other names.

  12. Caffeine and creatine on the supplement side. But you might get dependant on creatine too... so not too sure if you can handle that.

  13. TRT clinic. I just asked about benefits of it and the. Asked if they thought it would be beneficial for me

  14. No just stuffed and don’t wanna eat as much not to mention I look so prego

  15. Ah, sorrry, I don't remember. I would still see if your GI has an idea for referral.

  16. In your experience, what could it be? A referral takes months out here and I’ve been suffering for long enough. Not to mention, I don’t really trust doctors out here with that kinda stuff, I don’t wanna be prescribed a laxative for the rest of my life especially when I’m putting a lot of effort into elimination diets and supplementation. I’m willing to take the steps, just need the right direction. Your database was very helpful by the way, I will definitely consider traveling to one of the testing locations you provided. The one in Texas isn’t very far from me just need to find time. You’re an angel

  17. Check out Regenics. No BMI requirements. Theyre more based on you and your goal and a defined specific number. At least with me they were. Telemedicine too. Free consults and follow ups. You just pay for the meds. Shipped to your house to boot!

  18. Hey Regenics is 450 do they require video chat or anything like that? What about Telemed, are they cheaper?

  19. Yes please cuz I’m also tryna add some carbs but my fat intake is quite high

  20. Is your friend generally not homophobic in his regular life? Did he miss the clues suggesting Bill was gay in the game?

  21. You’re so kind! That’s a great point ngl! Yeah my friend is a huge fan of Bill and thinks Bill is the ultimate badass so maybe he actually identified with him and explains why he was upset to find out the truth about the character regardless of what that truth looked like. Because I know my friend is not homophobic so I couldn’t really tell why he was getting upset over Bill and Frank being gays in the show! I thought HBO fucked up or sth

  22. You’re friend is a homophobe. You should call him out on his homophobia and stop being friends with him. If he changes and actually shows change, then possibly reconsider connecting again.

  23. I will definitely call him out on his bul*shit cuz he made me believe Bill wasn’t gay in the game when clearly he was. As for the homophobia I’m pretty sure he’s gonna say that he’s not homophobic or that I’m overreacting

  24. You don't qualify for FMLA. You don't have the PTO available. There are no special laws that give you time off for school work.

  25. Just mind your own business I’m replying to someone’s comment that has absolutely nothing to do with you I don’t understand why you got triggered again😂

  26. Talk to your supervisor. Another post in another subreddit isn’t gonna fix things.

  27. I wasn’t going to make a new post somewhere else I’m too lazy to do that

  28. Keto/low carb can be a good option. It’s helped me reduce bloating a tonne in a really short amount of time. It can be hard though, I always succumb to eating crap food when my pain is bad and I want to reward myself for enduring it.

  29. Hey there, I'm low carb carnivore even before I came off BC because of digestive issues. I'm an athlete, my weight has been the same ever since I can remember. I track my food intake and my activity levels meticulously. I too am piling up on weight and it's so frustrating.

  30. Oh no I’m so sorry! I’m low carb carni/animal based too. I’m really sorry to hear you’re putting on weight. Keep in mind that if you’re having pain, that releases cortisol which can make you put on weight no matter what you do. If your very concerned might be worth getting a referral to an endocrinologist to get your hormones checked maybe?

  31. Yup that’s what I might end up doing! Thank you so much for the feedback 🌷

  32. Any updates OP? I'm going through the same $hit

  33. Here because I’m having the EXACT same issue right now. Was on the pill for 6+ years and got off in July due to low sex drive. I am an extremely healthy and active person and have always been skinny and weighed the same since I was 18. I rarely step on a scale but did a month or so ago and it said I weighed TEN POUNDS more than I ever have in my life! It’s crazy because I actually work out more now than I have in years. I really hope it balances out soon…. Following this thread hoping others have experienced this and have gotten past it

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