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  1. I love Reddit; I genuinely love that this completely innocuous comment agreeing with the previous one was downvoted for no apparent or consistent reason. I don’t even want to know the individual reasons. It’s better this way, just adds a little mystery and spice to it all.

  2. I’d guess it’s because you posted about something you’ve never even heard of yourself

  3. Am I the only one that never thought her breasts were THAT big?? I mean yea she’s got a full figure for sure but the way Schmidt and the cast carried on you’d think she was Dolly Parton

  4. I simply do not believe any of these commenters or even OP found this funny. How could you watch that 3 min and walk away thinking that was funny? You cant even subjectively think that was funny lol.

  5. So you’re choosing to ignore clear evidence that people found this funny because it doesn’t go along with how you feel about it? Just choosing to live in a delusion so that you’re more comfortable? Makes perfect sense…

  6. Luckily there’s a CVS literally across the street from my local Walgreens

  7. Gunn's DCU looks really promising tho

  8. I’d say “really” is a strong word. He definitely gives them hope when before there was none, but he’s still got to execute.

  9. The OW community is extremely bad with this. I’ve had teams rage quit after my team won a single fight, even though they’d been winning up until then. It’s part of the game culture now and I hate it.

  10. Haha but he’s got exactly what you need…bless that man

  11. Lol there are going to be some disappointed minors in this comment section

  12. Lol them too…but also thanks for pointing that out

  13. Lmao I really wish they circled back around to address this madness

  14. It was actually madness! I wonder what it was for? 😂

  15. Knowing Winston, the possibilities are endless, but all of them are hilarious

  16. For anyone who needs to hear it, being a skinhead is a totally different thing than being a nazi. Just like there are nazi punks, there are nazi skinheads. The difference is that nazis have unfortunately co-opted skinhead culture. But skinheads are not inherently nazis, and a lot of them hate nazis just like most of the punk world.

  17. Ive always thought they were basically the same thing, thanks for the info

  18. Kaladin Stormblessed would like to know your location

  19. This scene is a perfect example of how good delivery and comic timing can make even a fairly banal conversation into a god-tier joke.

  20. And not just Max, the little girl delivered her lines pretty well too

  21. His “worldview” was baselessly saying someone didn’t have teen love for like… no reason.

  22. Lol right, that post was mean af for no damn reason! Just making people feel bad for upvotes, smh.

  23. Lmao the first 20 seconds of this clip has lived rent free in my head for about 20 years. Orlando Browns deadpan response to the caca caca tooky tooky is just gold

  24. Posts like this make me really glad I have friends I play this game with. The public queue seems to have gotten pretty toxic these days

  25. I pee sitting down 100% of the time when I'm home. Am guy.

  26. Lol that honestly seems more inconvenient. Wouldnt it be easier to just pull the front of your pants down, instead of having to pull them all the way down, then turn around, and then sit?

  27. Yes and MY point was that a shovel still works whether it’s an assigned spot or not. You could have just explained that where you’re from it snows too much to keep up with, but instead you call me a moron and put me down.

  28. Lol if they had to deal with americas militarized police gang they may not be so quick to strike either

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