1. I love the fact that all of your comments end with :3

  2. Except if it involves pitou then it's <3

  3. Great question! Although now I'm worried my friends will see this and be upset if I don't plug their episode haha.

  4. Did you see her reception at ponderosa? Extremely hot take about Kass lmao

  5. The backstory for Sugar in Heros vs Villains is pretty bad bc JT hooked up with her before the game and promised they were gonna be in this together, then immediately dropped her and started going against her. That's why she suddenly had this thing going where she said oh I need smb to take care of me and tried to cuddle up to Colby.

  6. We've seen people do this before and I never agree with it. But Parvati did it in Micronesia and then Maryanne last season as well.

  7. To be fair parv didn't have an idol at 5 she left it on the island.

  8. It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw your post, here it is:

  9. I wanna see Dan from BB10 (and that other season he played that I haven't seen yet) play soooo bad. I think he'd be hilarious and do really well.

  10. I remember Jim for almost dying idk who the next 3 are

  11. Technically Jeff was not a premerge boot the first time. He made merge, just not jury. He was THE merge boot, part of the reason why that episode is so iconic. He could have saved himself twice, if he had not told Tina or someone on Ogakor earlier in the season that he’d gotten votes, and if he hadn’t voluntarily jumped off the platform during the merge immunity challenge.

  12. I’ve heard this many times but I never understood when Kimmi got the chance to tell Tina, since it was at her own vote out that she threw the vote at Jeff…

  13. It was qt the waterfall one or something?

  14. Im sure Jeff always tried somewhat to make sure everyone who rec'd a vote was called.

  15. They were on YouTube for me. Just look up pendragon merchant of death audiobook

  16. It's not coming back, if that hurts you coming back from watching 25-40

  17. Huh I thought we just let him go and he went to the giants shows what I know lol

  18. No, they thought Brian Anderson would be a good enough hitter to be our starting outfielder, so Rowand was expendable to get Thome. They were wrong. BA never became the hitter they thought he would be.

  19. Everyone always forgets about when Gon tells Meleoron Killua will do what he wants not saying Gon is always purposely manipulative or always, but it's just a thought.

  20. When i say guilty i mean that he was unable to say no, something a good friend should do when necessary. He followed gon blindly in a suicide mission in CA when he really didn't have any reason to do it just because he didn't want to be separated from him, but he didn't help him that way, he made him even more blind

  21. When you've only had one friend its really hard to say no if you're afraid of losing said friend.

  22. Assuming gon gets his nen back I wonder what test he would put them through

  23. You had me at tmnt Donatello ass king lmao

  24. No they're dead. The shot of them in the finale still lying together in the palace underground pretty much confirms that.

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