1. I got it and only tried it so far with lip gloss already on 😅😅 but usually a good lip liner would at least show up when applied on top but it didn’t!…. Now I’m curious.. so when I get home I’m gonna try it! now!!

  2. Pretty box. Have you tried the ND duo yet??

  3. Lol I’m sorry. My brother did that joke to me and my friends when we asked for a website to store photos back In the day

  4. That’s a crazy reason to order something lol but curious now 2!!!!

  5. Y’all just have no problem with a big dog allll over your white sheets and furniture. I can not imagine bringing a man home to hairy smelly furniture

  6. 100%. She somehow slowly negotiated over the course of 6 months from sleeping in the crate to in a bed on the floor to the end of the bed and is now between my husband and I with her legs pressed into his back and her head on my pillow most mornings when we wake up.

  7. Dang girl. You’re just all over the place on Reddit. Maybe it’s ur had attitude that keeps u online and not out with friends.

  8. If you search this sub for "Pandora's Box" you can see more flatlays from unboxings I've posted. 😊

  9. Don’t. Save ur money. Look at the freaking items for goodness sakes

  10. I've been keeping my eye on her Etsy store, but I don't think she ever puts the Pandora's Box stuff up for sale. I might have to enquire if I ever run out of Hocus Pocus!

  11. Go to a concert with friends with that money.

  12. Okay this makes me feel better. I felt like a child. Because on a FB Influenster/bzzagent/beauty boxes page.. this girl was selling this skincare cream (grrr it’s making me so frustrated I can’t think of the brands name. It’s a higher end brand. A LOT OF PEOPLE got it.) anyways I recognized it, and she was selling it for 10$ below retail and of course “unopened” I got so annoyed .. but instead of running to Influenster and giving her FB url.. I just wrote “you’re really reselling your gifts from Influenster you got for free?” She blocked me lol. I can agree if you keep getting them. And I do know times are hard.. but that doesn’t mean you should be greedy. And this is coming from someone who is so open minded and go with the flow.

  13. It use to be yes you’re right! I guess they just recently made some changes and they have the store open 24/7 now. So after the week of dropshop the items aren’t at the dropshop price anymore . I almost bought some Spongelles too couple days ago but then saw the 4.99$ price. I said. Nahhh

  14. Ohhhh is this what’s going on?! I figured DS was still open and the prices just sucked 😂


  16. The Kaja eyeshadow trips are $26 alone. There’s your box and $10 back plus the rest of the contents. Who could blame you!? I have one in my cart for the Sephora sale. I may just go this route.

  17. AND, when you subscribe right now, they give you $25 for the member's store!

  18. 25$ after you spend a certain amount:(

  19. Hey how do u know what’s going to be on sale at Sephora? Ur referring to the black Friday’s? Is there a list of products that will be on sale or something? Dying to know! :)

  20. When gyno is that bad they have to remove the entire nipple to pull it out, then reattach the nipple

  21. They are not worth it for the price, the formulations feel very bad on the skin and tend to roll up. Also the acids don’t mention the pH. Check out Geek & Gorgeous for very good and effective products for a small price point. You’ll have to order them online though.

  22. Do you happen to know a website where I can check out a skincare products code to see the expiration date ?

  23. I quit. Not just on this form but with men in general. It’s 2022 and men are really on a reddit dorm worried about an invisible “grainy texture” on their forehead. I miss MEN.

  24. NOTHING. I would get rid of whatever is responsive for the bar running down the middle. You don’t want to clutter your home. In 2022 less is so much better. Chic & modern🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  25. There aren’t “fakes” of a 8$ bottle lol

  26. Still doesn’t make sense. The profit would still not be worth it. I highly doubt there are “fakes” of this brand

  27. Totally . I know it’s bad when I pick a blending brush

  28. Idk why some of you guys hate boxycharms CS.. I think they’re 9/10! They always respond fast and easily pass out coupons, redunds etc. I do know their packing & shipping is terrible tho! Awesome on the free bag tho!!

  29. W t f! “ Wet n wild.. that’ll do .. pack it up boys!”

  30. If I KNEW I was getting a box like this…. I would have subbed premium right away. sigh jelly

  31. So lucky! Sell me the juice beauty 😍

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