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  1. Serious question, as an Uber driver what can you do to protect yourself from people like this? Can you just pull over and tell them to get out? How much do they weigh negative reviews? I would not be able to handle someone like this.

  2. The dog knew better. He wanted out of there.

  3. Where Warrior Nun goes, I shall follow

  4. Ok I don’t have data to back this up just my interpretation of how businesses and our world works but here I go.

  5. It’s a very good show and I’m loving it. The biggest connection to Warrior Nun is religion in a fantasy setting. In a different way but if that’s one of your favorite things about WN it might be up your alley.

  6. I’m sure they were planning to cut it based on the fact they didn’t spend anything on promoting it which normally means they are done. The decision might of already been made before the second season even aired.

  7. I’m very interested in what he thinks with his glimpse into the inner workings of Netflix.

  8. If the fandom shows other networks that there is big interest there is hope.

  9. This is what happens when networks are afraid to give the show a chance to thrive when it’s clearly could if given the opportunity.

  10. Well I’ll be looking for the actresses and show runners next projects that’s for sure.

  11. Very sad but I’m still happy for what we did get.

  12. I’m trying not to worry too much since Netflix has a bad reputation for cancelling for who knows why. It is what it is.

  13. I've found myself just playing it in the background for every friend or family member I visit 😂. Like if they are not watching anything on their TV, I'll just put is as background noise. After the first episode they are hooked. Have probably gotten like 12 people to start watching and binging both seasons this way

  14. I’m on my checks notes like 15th watch

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