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  1. Well the conversion works for ultimate not regular, but in ultimate you also have pc gamepass

  2. Are you certain the conversion is only for going up to Ultimate? So far on the Xbox sites it doesn't indicate anything other than going up to ultimate. I did this once before from gold to ultimate for 1 year and it expired now. I only play on PC so i figured ok PC Game Pass not Ultimate but will I need to do Ultimate? It is just a few extra bucks for the one time conversion so it's no biggie.

  3. ‘Go to firing range’ in the bottom corner, finally technology has advanced to the point where it’s possible to test a gun build

  4. Nothing has ever been better than bo3 pick 10. It improved on the already amazing bo2 pick 10. Everything else pales in comparison.

  5. What makes the C7 better than the C8? Ngl I prefer the C7 body way more than the C8 but what else?

  6. Were there comms showing that it actually tilted them? I don’t even watch vanguard so I didn’t see the game but can someone fill me in on the details?

  7. after this round Dashy went from like a 1.5 to a .7 and they just broke down, wasn't any comms or anything like that

  8. Can it be a coincidence? Not an optic fan btw if someone thinks I’m defending this lol

  9. I'm curious, how much of an impact in your average game would you at from better ram timings? When I build a new computer I try to get good timings based on deals available but I've never really done the work to track the difference in performance when I upgrade

  10. Games will run better with faster ram when the performance bottleneck is at the ram speed. It’s hardly ever the bottleneck in current titles if you have any decent kit of ram. Music production benefits from ram size and speed. Gaming as of present won’t see much a difference if any at all from a fast 4000mhz fast timing kit vs an average 3600 c18 for example.

  11. There’s plenty of modern Islamic resources. Online seminars and recorded lectures and books of intimacy. Whoever wants to be better, has the tools at their disposal to be better.

  12. Would this be dumb to pair with a 6700/6750XT? feels like a 5600x could still be sufficient with the GPU the bottleneck even at 1080p high-refresh gaming

  13. The 5600x is the best amd cpu for strictly gaming. Sure the other skus above it can give you a few more frames but they’re not worth the extra money unless you do multitasking like streaming via cpu encoding or do some cpu intensive production work. I got a 5700x to go with my 6800xt because some games like warzone fully consume the cpu while streaming. The two extra cores I have give me some overhead.

  14. Same thing we were always talking about and more lol. If you’ve been able to talk endlessly before, why would that change when barriers have been removed after your nikkah?

  15. I’m not a fan either. It’s not a sensible spending of money anyway. As far as I know though it’s not usually the guy who pays the entire bill. Usually I’ve heard it gets split. Which even that is still not fair but it’s better than the guy paying for an entire event he doesn’t even want.

  16. One of the highest psus on the Linus psu tier list. Got one for my system a month ago to power a 5700x and 6800xt. Plenty of overhead at the moment. Only issue is the 24pin cable is super stiff to bend at the motherboard end. But if you get custom cables that won’t matter.

  17. The animal speaks about theists as though they are animals that need to be controlled.

  18. People in this thread are talking about how he’s a reformer without it supplying a single source other than accusations of being reformer, AND on top of that, the posted video is him saying that there can be no-reinterpretation so he’s Obviously not trying to reform marriage.

  19. Yeah I’ve heard a lot of nothing from dozens and dozens of Yasir Qadhi haters. They’re actual clowns without a head of their own

  20. Yes but u have to wait ur gpu to be expired.or use a new account

  21. Mine expires in 3 days. So I can do it again yeah?

  22. It’s inline with their cdl performances. They did bad in cw but better in MW so those maps are higher 😂

  23. The 5700x cannibalizes the 5800x quite a bit. Bar a few production type of uses.

  24. I can't read that I ever said anything about mods in my comment, hmmm... it might be because I didn't say that.

  25. I never even replied to you once. I’m not even talking about you.

  26. Well, it makes a lot of common sense to think that you'd be talking about my comment given that you're answering in agreement to someone replying to me.

  27. The thread is very long. I didnt even recall your username. I’m replying to the mod, as someone who is a mod as well and understands the sometimes baseless accusations mods receive and the hilarity of being able to be both a traditional extremist and a progressive liberal in the eyes of different people.

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