the walls

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  1. The joke is that your reposted this ancient ass meme.

  2. You only hear the reports of people who were close to dying of hypothermia, though. No one ever mentions that at the exact moment before death your brain, in a desperate attempt to save itself, hyperextends your temporal perception, forcing you to live frozen in excruciating pain for what seems to you to be thirty years. Thirty years of an unmoving sun.

  3. You're right. It's such a pain wading through all the shit and removing them. They come back like weeds.

  4. Real situations are more terrifying for sure. I post alot of supernatural type memes here just cause I have more fun making those.

  5. Anyone who kept up with creepy pastas back in the day is gonna see this coming from a mile away haha.

  6. Was hoping most would get it. I know alot of people on this sub are young and may not know about smile.jpg

  7. With the amount of Spongebob themed memes here, Patrick is actually quite appropriate

  8. audio is from a limited series called "Midnight Mass" and the scene this specific scream is from is a spoiler so im not gonna put it in here

  9. You are correct. Her scream was so primal and the fire burning was perfect for this.

  10. Fun, mildly unrelated fact: Despite what many think, nobody was burned during the Salem Witch trials, from what records state. Instead, 19 were hung, 5 died during their jail time, and 1 of them was crushed to death. Watch Sam O' Nella Academy's video on this if interested.

  11. You are correct. In Spain and England, hanging was also the preferred method to punish witchcraft and, especially, heresy.

  12. Damn, why is my basilisk meme the one that everyone decided to shit on?

  13. Eventually the tortures of hell will be usual, neglected. But when the pleasures of heaven become usual, the real torture begins.

  14. In heaven, your resurrected body will come equipped with unimaginable capacity for joy (1 Corinthians 15:42–44)

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