1. I haven't seen Elvis yet but want to say, I always look forward to reading your reviews every weekend.

  2. Damn, I appreciate hearing that a lot. Reddit can feel like screaming into a void sometimes or like everyone just wants to argue so it's cool to hear when people vibe with my thoughts.

  3. Yeah, it's clear that you put a lot of thought into them, I'll open discussion threads of movies I haven't seen and just quickly scroll to your review. I might not always agree with them but they're always well thought out and put together.

  4. Sometimes I go back and read them and I don't always agree with myself either, haha.

  5. When she clocked the bully with the rock, it was so satisfying. She was awesome.

  6. How did that have no consequences tho. Not trying to rag on the movie but I'm pretty sure that kid either bled out or forgot how to do math.

  7. I don't think so cause he decided to check the basement at the end of the movie right?

  8. Not sure if it's clear. The movie was playing a lot of tricks with the two houses before the reveal that there were two. I will say, I don't think there was any furniture in the second house so I think they were living in the same house. I kind of assumed they had it split up by a door like a duplex, but it's not clear. It is easier to believe though because Max is a cokehead.

  9. Best part was when he said "this one goes out to Rodeo from Rock of Love" then proceeded to play the most beautiful love song I've ever heard.

  10. I don't think the tech chicks were cops. I think they represent the business sector and maybe capitalism as a whole. They make and sell the machines that keep people comfortable and slow the tide of change. They were killing because the acceptance of the evolution threatened their business. It's also implied they have a weird affection for their machines. Not sure if that's about how businesses sell themselves as sexy when they're actually cold unfeeling entities or if it's just about how attracted these people are to other objects now that sex is so passè. Probably both since the latter also reinforces the idea that we are becoming more reliant on synthetic things for our needs.

  11. I think while generally that's true this is even more blatant than usual. Marvel does an okay job at balancing impactful deaths with obvious ones. In movies there will always be the idea that it's more fulfilling to audiences when bad people die and good people don't. It's also easier to believe if there's not eight characters expertly avoiding apex predators in a big glob of movement.

  12. The babysitter’s lack of characterization is more a failing of the film though. Trevorrow came out and said that they fully intended for her to be hated, but the final film cut everything besides her briefly being a mild bridezilla

  13. No doubt that movie had many failings. Just, as it was presented to me in the final cut seemed more fun to me than if that had not been a fail.

  14. Whenever I hear Paul Feig I think of that amazing joke in Bojack Horseman. I can't remember the exact quote but I think it's the woman Indie director talking to Princess Carolyn and she just got informed that she doesn't get to direct some superhero movie she had a great pitch for.

  15. As far as I know, the one in theaters is in the original language of Telugu and the entire movie has English subtitles including the English parts. The one on Netflix is dubbed in Hindi and still has English subs.

  16. Remind me which song that was. Was it the one Bheem sang while being whipped? Because that was def a banger.

  17. Genuinely blown away. Extraordinary film. I am at a loss for words.

  18. Oscar attention would be dope, but it goes without saying this isn't the kind of movie the Oscars usually appreciate. Especially in the foreign language category. I even wonder if it would classify as a lot of this movie is in English? And as Minari showed us two years ago, it's less about the country of origin and more about the language spoken.

  19. Crazy movie. At first I wasn't super into it. The body horror wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be and the plot seemed to be very scattered. But the second half brought it all together I thought and left me with a lot to chew on.

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