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  1. You can find academic papers saying all sorts. Doesn't mean its true. As an example, theres plenty of papers stating that saturated fat is correlated with heart disease with little to no evidence to actually support the claim. Plenty of papers stating that theres no correlation so in summary no one really knows.

  2. Ah yes, communicate on a platform that not all players of the game use for something fairly important for the event, rather than just communicate it through the game. Cos logic.

  3. Met him in the city centre back when he was at 4 or 5 figures for subscribers. Was an early fan

  4. Not surprised I feel as though the council are corrupt and choose anything that can benefit them substantially financially but don't care about the residents

  5. So protest. Do something about it. Dedicate the rest of your life to ending corruption in councils. Otherwise stop whining about it and get on with it.

  6. I can't believe there isn't more chatter about the disappearing incense spawns. Infuriating "bug".

  7. I messaged niantic support about it in game and they sent back a generic message about the same spawn appearing twice. No acknowledgement of this glitch you're referring to. This happened last year as well but I'm hearing more complaints about it this year

  8. 38 shinies here (19 per day) out of ~3500 catches. Caught everything in sight and didn't only go for shiny chances.

  9. Axew shiny rate was full odds, just like corsola in johto tour. So 1/500 chance. Basically if you get one, go play lotto lmao

  10. Responsible for product safety, legal compliance and maintaining standards IAW external auditing parties.

  11. I’ve been playing since day 1 and have hatched 2,691 eggs and not one of them has been an Axew. I feel like I just got picked last for kickball.

  12. That numbers irrelevant seeing as axew hasnt been in eggs since day 1. More relevant would be the specific number of 10km eggs since the day axew was released. 2690 of those 2691 could be 2k eggs for all we know.

  13. Because Niantic. I remember my whole community thinking shiny snorlax would be boosted during the kanto event and it wasn't.

  14. She's clever as she's clearly thought about that already. Check her username.

  15. Reminder to all that if there is a share dividend announced, there will likely be a FUTURE DATE. You don’t instantly get anything today

  16. You have to go to opensea and login with your GameStop Wallet. The. You have to go to your profile and search for the "hidden" collection. There it is.

  17. I don't have an open sea account. If I wait until the gamestop marketplace opens will I be able to see it there?

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