1. This is something I don’t understand - where’s he finding the 45 minutes? Ok, he doesn’t work so he has time, but where are we supposed to find that time? And yeh, a 45 min meditation when you’ve literally just got out of bed 😳 doesn’t sound like he’s relaxed at all. I don’t think they’re a couple anymore, I think it’s over and he’s being supported by Serena

  2. I think they jumped on the Neil Young story and used it as an out as to why they haven’t produced content. Silent for a year, and then this comes out less than a week after Neil Young? 🤥

  3. When is the scene where Connell and Lorraine are eating and she says she proud of him? He says he hasn’t seen Marianne around, and I’m wondering if that’s before or after they get back together again?

  4. It is before the Trinity party when they see each other for the first time in months. He's gone home for the weekend in the early days of his college life.

  5. AITA my daughter refuses to talk to me because of "stuff" I did in the past, but I told her I can't fix it if I don't know what I did!

  6. 💯! My nMom always describes me as off my rocker, hating my job (from the very few times I worked from her house), grumpy, no sense of humor (esp when they’re bullying me), etc. outside their house Im an entire person. I’m calm and can think clearly. When I have anxiety or depression I create space to relax and process. I never had that at home. I never even had my own room consistently. They still live in the same house and a lot of the time when I go there I just get this really intense urge to shut down and sleep. And I do. My dad hates it. He thinks I’m lazy and assumes I’m doing that all the time. Like no 🤣 my life gets better as soon as I step outside your front door.

  7. Before going NC, I fell asleep at their place every time when I visited (and at mine, when they visited me). For years, I kind of beat myself up for it, thinking I was a bad daughter and being rude for not engaging with them. But now I realize it was my body’s response to the perceived threat of being near them - which is to shut down and shut them out.

  8. Yes, for the longest time I didn’t want to get married because the examples of it in my life were so negative. Didn’t want to have kids either, in case they suffered the way I did. FWIW, I’m 42F now, and I’m happily married to a deeply kind and loving person and have two kids. My time with them have been so healing <3.

  9. Buy her a donation to a charity in her name. Maybe for a cause/group she hates. Blast it all over social media and tag her in it. Then, she can't get pissed about it because then it will make her seem like an asshole/racist to other people.

  10. I got this for Nmom one Christmas (for a good cause), and she couldn’t stop rolling her eyes before spitting out a sarcastic “Thank you”. It wasn’t a fancy gift for her but a gift to a charity in her name, so it was a huge disappointment to her.

  11. I am an attorney but have not been working for over a year now because of my ptsd. The topic of returning to work is really tough and I’m not sure if I will be able to get past some triggers and resulting cognitive issues. How was your transition out of law?

  12. Sorry, I just saw this. I also took a mid career break (before going back and then quitting for good) because I was dealing with depression and (in retrospect) CPTSD. When I first quit, I knew I had to for my mental health, but it was still hard, mostly on my self-esteem (not having the “social standing” of being a lawyer anymore, of not making as much money, feeling like a failure, etc...) It took a couple of years for me to rest (I was so burnt out!) and figure out what I wanted to do. It’s been 10 years and so much happier now. It’s been a long road, but so so so worth it. I wish you all the best! Feel free to DM me xo.

  13. How old are the people Y T A ing this? NTA, mama. You handled this responsibly and discreetly. She’s 11!!!!

  14. Can you microdose when you’re on antidepressants? The weaning process takes so long and I would love to try psychs.

  15. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mom. NTA, I think it’s very sweet of you to think of mom, get it back and not want to see your dad again. It’s unfortunate your sister doesn’t understand, but that’s not your problem.

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