1. Gonna out myself as an idiot here but how do you do this? I tried to do this for the first time and I can’t get the lil soap to stay on the new bar

  2. Looks like some swelling might be part of it. Have you tried sleeping with your feet on a pillow?

  3. I have started over many times, several when I was much older than 31. Doing much better now. If you're alive you have hope.

  4. The background pops out and the foreground recedes. Is that what you wanted?

  5. Trauma can cause inflammation and reduce serotonin production, which can affect every cell including thyroid cells.

  6. We should have a citizens' dividend that every person, including children, including before birth, get regardless of income. This way, no one is punished for making a little money by losing even more in benefits. Along with that, we need a food, hygiene supplies and clothing reclamation and distribution program to prevent waste. People who own vacation houses should have to rent at least part of the house to struggling families during at least part of the off-season, with legal protections against any damage to the property. Every part of the nation should be a "right to dry" zone, where the use of outdoor clotheslines cannot be banned, which could save a lot of money on laundry for families with small children. Anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws should be strengthened, so that people looking to start a small business won't face overwhelming and unfair competition.

  7. Welp, that's quite a small and fucked up world to live in if every man you cross paths with treats you like this.

  8. Not every man does this but every woman has to deal with those who do.

  9. Would this still be the case if one adopts a foster child.

  10. Most foster children are not available for adoption. You can't legally adopt until the birthparent's parental rights are either surrendered or terminated, which usually doesn't happen.

  11. I'm chaining a ball of yarn so I can weave the chain into thick fabric. I'm going to make a vest out of it.

  12. Take it in until it fits, either reduce the sleeve fullness or shorten the cuffs, and replace the buttons with something bolder.

  13. Anakim means "ornamented neck" and some Canaanite warriors wore ornamented armor on the lower neck, so I think they could have been any of the ancient Levantine peoples. They were 50% descended from groups that migrated to the Levant from Iran and 50% peoples who had come from the northern Arabian peninsula in the Neolithic. Their closest relatives today are the people of Jordan, Lebanon and perhaps Syria.

  14. Thanks for the answer. I believed they were described as red haired, blue eyed, pale skinned and, obviously, extremely tall (even though they were likely 6 feet and a half to 7 feet tall at the most, and not 6 cubits / 9 feet tall ), so I believed they were remnants of Indo European invasions, but if they were from Iran and Arabia, they would not look much different than everyone else there.

  15. I figure a writer measuring in cubits would round to the nearest cubit, so if the tallest was closer to 9 feet than to 7.5 feet (say, 8'4" or 8'5"), and the average was about 6' or 6'6", part of the great height could be attributed to healthy soil and part to sun exposure, only a little to genetics. The pigmentation of Middle Eastern people varies a lot. Some North African tribal peoples have blue-eyed and copper-haired members whose own siblings have brown skin and black hair. Perhaps the red hair and blue eyes were rare among the Anakim but even rarer among those describing them. so it was noticeable.

  16. There is evidence that more than 200 grams can be dangerous, but the exact limit is still unknown. It doesn't make a difference if it's from supplements or not.

  17. I crochet and I don't see anything wrong. In some parts of the world adding a small imperfection to a work is a tradition. I'd leave it alone.

  18. Most of the people in those roles in my parish are women, and we're at least as conservative as most. I think it's good.

  19. Another classic is cottage cheese and grapefruit. But you're the one who knows what helps you cut calories. For me it's vegetables in season and boiled eggs as a base, with whatever is around for variety.

  20. I've thought for a while now that this should be the worldwide standard.

  21. You have to make a good confession before Communion. You might as well bring a rosary, though you may not need it. You go in, make the Sign of the Cross, say, "Bless me Father for I have sinned; it's been __ years since my last confession and in that time (list sins), listen to the advice Father gives you, make an Act of Contrition

  22. Thank you so much, it has been many years and I remember it from school as we had weekly confessions there but it’s my first time actually in a church after losing faith.

  23. You're welcome. I was almost 40 at my first confession and as you may imagine I was afraid I'd be in there all night but it didn't take that long at all.

  24. All diets are based on consuming fewer calories. Different approaches work for different people. What works to help me cut calories is eating slower, regular mealtimes, smaller (what used to be the normal size) dishes, cutting out sugar (almost completely), vegetables more than once a day, and drinking more water. If I ate the same foods I gained on but counted all the calories, or if I tried to live n hyperprocessed "shakes" and "meal replacements" I know from experience I would end up eating more calories because I'd be obsessed with food and have unstable blood sugar. But that's just what works for me.

  25. Dealing with this every four weeks since the 80s -- if the cold water doesn't work, try a drop or two of hydrogen peroxide. Do not wash in hot water or run through a dryer until you're sure the stain is gone.

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