1. Have you tried using a fine brush to clean beneath the keys? My Neo2 also came with some sticky keys and I just used a keyboard brush to clean beneath the keys and it actually did the trick, so the stickiness was probably just due to some dirt that got stick in there.

  2. I used compressed air! It’s not sticky. Just squeaky but good tip!

  3. It is possible to remove and replace keys however, I find on these because they're pretty old, the plastic switches can be quite brittle. I've had a couple come to bits... if it doesn't bother you toooo much, I would ignore it. If it bothers you a lot, I wouldn't mess with it unless you have a spare switch available to replace it in case you break it :)

  4. That’s what I was afraid of! A blank spot from a major screw up would be way more annoying than a small squeak.

  5. SO close. That's how the screen was but the shape like a flat screen TV with a center pedestal

  6. No :( the screen was framed with plastic. I need to draw it.

  7. That sounds really good! The short story collection "beyond the rift" looks good but do I need to read the other's first?

  8. It's on my TBR shelf but "Little Eyes" by Samantha Sweblin might work!

  9. Can confirm Macs can play Bluray. Run into a few issues with menus from time to time, but overall, not a major issue. Use VLC or Leavo (Leawo?) Bluray Player (free software).

  10. Well when I bought my MacBook I was able to do all the customization on it. My disc drive is only dvd compatible. I didn’t opt for Blu ray.

  11. I can't stomach regular pepto. The combo of texture and taste make me throw up. I really don't like the chewable either. These ones work great. I can't really compare them with the liquid or chewable since I only take this style. But these work for me.

  12. So I actually won't be attending the next game. Unless my mom sits in my seat (which is very unlikely just given the configuration of our seats and who is attending), the person in my seat will be male. Either my father, my parents' neighbor, or the neighbor's dad. So we do have a bit of an impromptu opportunity to see what happens when it isn't a female sitting there.

  13. Okay I’m even MORE pissed now. I’d say accidentally spill your drink on him but who knows what he’d do.

  14. NTB you shouldn't have to spread your legs to accommodate a man (wow out of context that's really NSFW).

  15. I didn't know FYE was still in business. I loved FYE in high school. I bought Paprika and Perfect Blue there back in the day and probably most of my Green Day CDs.

  16. You don't owe him anything. Especially with how he's treated you. You don't owe him your time and certainly not your pain. Be strong and don't give him. You're not obligated to keep toxic people in your life.

  17. Its hard to feel that way but I know exactly what you mean.

  18. I didn’t like it at 7 and refuse to watch or read it ever again after facing night terrors for endless months. I definitely don’t encourage this for children but maybe 14+

  19. I read it in my 20s but I'd had been quite scared if I were little.

  20. It definitely left a lasting mark being that young and still affected by it today.

  21. That's interesting, I don't think we had one by a mod.

  22. that was my breaking point yea. horror fans as a whole have always had that “this doesn’t phase me lol😎” mindset and it’s cringe but nothing new & is especially not smth that women should be targeted * bullied for

  23. It’s just a little disgusting like they’re forgetting the victims were actually people. Marginalized people actually. Like don’t bully people about it but don’t condone it either?

  24. this exactly ! the slew of tweets where people are just talking about enjoying horror (and happen to be female) that get put on here are ridiculous. corny/cringe human ≠ NLTOG

  25. Wait, are we talking about the Dahmer Netflix series "I wasn't phased" Tiktoks?

  26. PEG 3350 is a large molecule. Hence the 3350. It will be filtered out or possibly clog the filter.

  27. I figured there would be a scientific reason to not try it! Just a 3am random thought. If it worked people would be cheering in the streets!

  28. All of my best ideas come at this time too lol

  29. I galaxy brained so hard…I thought I was going to change a life!

  30. I experience those symptoms the afternoon of my donation but it doesn't persist.

  31. A beautiful collection. I wish you a safe and easy delivery with a healthy baby <3

  32. I've seen something similar in the HBO documentary Class Action Park. The park it's about had a water slide with a loop in it, and people were getting hurt at the top of the loop, so they put padding on the inside of the loop, and then after a little while people started coming through with huge scratches. Nobody knew what was going on, and then they realized that people were losing their teeth and the teeth were getting stuck in the padding, and then other people were getting scratched by the teeth stuck in the padding.

  33. Did you have Firefox installed previously?

  34. No, I haven't used Firefox since like...2013? On a different computer and email.

  35. THAT WORKS OMG YAY!!!!! :D (it also fixed an issue I was having with another website being in dark mode despite what I was doing in the settings so bonus points!)

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