1. They never stated he was an associate,could be a customer. until his parents decide to release that info we can only speculate. As of right now I believe 2 were killed in the break room.Some hurt ,3 died at the hospital I believe.

  2. I think he killed my friend! I've lost contact with my former coworkers, so I don't know for sure. I'm so sad.

  3. When did you switch? And when they sent this e-mail?

  4. Yeah I have WAYYY too much makeup, especially since I only wear minimal makeup a couple times a week.

  5. So I added this on my May regular GB for $3.50 but it is now on sale for $18 in the shop! I don’t know if it is a typo like usual but I hope no one is fooled thinking this is a full size item. Definitely not worth $18 even if you love Yensa like I do. It’s a great product but the pricing is off.

  6. There was just another price hike. From a purely monetary perspective, it's not that good of a deal, but the fun of choosing and receiving new products kinda justifies the cost for me.

  7. You'll get the June box. Also your subscription renews on the first of the month regardless of when you sign up.

  8. If you subscribe before July 1st, you'll still get the June box. Wait until July 1st if you only want July's box.

  9. Im most likely going to skip this month. Maybe if enough people vote with their money, they will do better? That seemed to work for the GBX 🤷‍♀️

  10. I might keep the subscription bc my choice item (ALPHA-HLiquid Gold Exfoliating Tonic) is very pretty pricy, and Id like to try it out.

  11. Not sure if it differs across states, but as far as I know having a fake service animal is a pretty big crime.

  12. All the more reason I thought I would find help. Sorry for assuming employees would want to help customers 🤷‍♂️

  13. You see, we aren't paid all that much to help customers during our shift. So, most of us aren't especially thrilled to help customers for free during our time off.

  14. My makeup spending was out of control last year, so my husband and I agreed annual GBP for the year would be my makeup (I only had standard GB last year.) So far, I have used ipsy to replace my empties as well as get new skincare items and hair care. For me annual has drastically reduced my monthly spending and I'm still able to replace items as needed as well as get a few goodies I maybe don't need but still want (like that Denona palette.) Getting my three choices feels sorta like shopping and it's scratching the itches for me so I think it's more than worth it. I'm 4 months into my annual sub and also 4 months, no buy! I dropped the standard glam bag when I upgraded and went annual though.

  15. That's a good budgeting idea! I also spend way too much on beauty products every month.

  16. You dated a 30yo still living with his mom, who can't date you because his mom says no, and you think there is something wrong with you?

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