1. Bruh if you let GROND ruin the entire sub for you, you got more issues to worry about. Cry about it bruh.

  2. Its either the Glad0s reference or the black one in the landfill that tells talks to V before telling him to fuck off. I really like that one purely because it implies that this aspect of Del has become something more and far more terrifying.

  3. Only things I can really think of aside from summoning is maybe achievements, or honestly just aesthetic for your character. Thats about it.

  4. Okay okay but hear me out…you also play Simic Hybrid…duel wield so you can use two weapon fighting, thats another attack as a bonus action, AND…you get CRAB ARMS, so you can use those after an attack with them you can use a bonus action to grapple your opponent.

  5. Only get one bonus action, action surge only gives you an action and not another bonus action.

  6. Me talking to the cops after an attempted mugging: Yeah so the guy was trying to mug me so I told Chumley(infernape) to hit the guy

  7. I remember when I played Abzu there was this section of the game where the water went so deep you just looked down and couldnt see the bottom. And my slight fear of the ocean kicked in. But I knew nothing was gonna hurt me this early in the game, hell even sharks didnt attack me. So I bucked up and swam down, and got suprised by a basking shark, and I got so happy I almost cried, the amount of effort the put in to put as many ocean creatures as possible into that game is astonishing.

  8. I have so many random and completely useless shark facts and I am ready to share them all with anyone that asks.

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