My wife is pregnant!!

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I needed this today

  1. That's not naivete, it's basic empathy and common sense. Sorry you don't have any of either.

  2. Not fair. I have a ton of empathy for people who deserve it

  3. How do you define "people who deserve it?"

  4. People who don’t bring their crappy circumstances upon themselves deserve it

  5. Yeah I was thinking about Jay-Z cheating on Beyoncé, and he looks like a fucking toad; cheaters gonna cheat

  6. I think she’s pretty. She might not always look put together but she’s pretty

  7. I don’t think most of the people that come on the show really take marriage very seriously. Most of the contestants just want some clout and a boost of their social media following, just look at Nate.

  8. Yep! This is what it’s all about now. When the show first stated I think there were more genuine cast members but at this point it’s all fake

  9. I have not found any non surgical options that are worth the money at this point. There are a few laser procedures that can tighten skin, but the results are not guaranteed and they are underwhelming to say the least. Ultherapy is one option but it costs $3,000 for one treatment in my area and the before and after photos were not impressive. I’m constantly examining people’s necks and none of my friends are having this issue yet. Even my friends in their early forties seem to be aging better than me

  10. Those are called Platysma bands. Each vertical cord is a muscle. They become visible as we age because the skin around them sags and the muscle itself becomes lax.

  11. You were a child so you couldn’t have possibly understood. It’s great that as an adult you’ve reflected and have given her the grace she deserves. Many people never do this

  12. "where is my Carmel macchiato?" I overheard in the North Market in a heavy Austrian accent from the gentleman in town ahead of an upcoming sports events named in his honor.

  13. Should be more careful in the future. Nothing funny about ridiculing another person. Not cool

  14. Same. The relief I felt after all that pain and exhaustion trumped all other feelings.

  15. I wouldn’t. I think you’re very pretty and you look very youthful.

  16. Idk if it was this sub out someone posted awesome before and after pics this morning. It wasn’t for nuface but a similar microcurrent device

  17. Lily’s kitchen table in downtown grove city. Food is always so good

  18. I love the breakfast, and it's so affordable.

  19. Any Walmart. I still find myself going from time to time for certain things or out of convenience, but mumble to myself "Why??" every time. Dirty, clientele, no service whatsoever, one register open always (and that is an octigenarian who cant hardly move). But the cheapskate in me takes over and i keep going back.

  20. Not in Columbus, but the grainery in plain city. The food is decent for the area, but a recent interaction with the owner’s son was so appalling I’ll never go back. They do not respect the safety or privacy of their customers whatsoever

  21. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a person be so cold and unapologetic. He’s definitely not good for business.

  22. Try some some new places to run, maybe some new music. These things always motivate me. Fall is my favorite time to run bc it reminds me of higher school cross country season. Maybe you’ll develop the same nostalgia

  23. I think your acne may be hormonal. In this case tret won’t help. Bc helped my acne tremendously

  24. My dad. He’s never missed one of my races and I’m 37. He’s always been so encouraging and supportive. He means the world to me and I’m still motivated to make him proud!

  25. Earning money on only fans and social Media is hardly considered bragging rights for a parent. Maybe if she did something respectable and was successful she’d get acknowledged

  26. Hey, if she actually was dedicated and put real effort into making a fabulous OF page and produced amazing SM content, I could get behind that and view those as accomplishments. I wouldn’t go after her for it not being “respectable”. The fact that she barely does either and they’re both so poorly done definitely does NOT count as anything near an accomplishment. She should be embarrassed that she puts the same amount of effort into everything; parenting, business ventures, coffee making, house cleaning, illness faking, only fans. She is, by far, the laziest, most unsuccessful mom across every teen mom franchise.

  27. As a mother I would not be proud or ok with my daughter making money on only fans. It’s gross

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