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  1. Ahhh that makes sense, thank you! So what is likely to happen in the coming years given that temperature has been soaring practically everywhere?

  2. Same. Kinda wanted bitchslap every person who commended this. Like good on kid for working, go at it but also note the differences in exploitation and all. This dude sounds like he'd tell his daughter to be exploited 🤷‍♂️

  3. That is exactly what I was thinking when I read the post originally. The message should be the father telling the daughter to value her labor properly. Not to blindly accepting working conditions to "lean in".

  4. Same! It hit me a few years ago that I am not down to slaving away like a cog that is expendable. Unfortunately, my work friends have not been able to see past all the bullshit. Me not wanting to commit my life to work/company is something they don't agree with at all (albeit I also don't want to just work so that could be it) but either ways tough luck 🤷‍♂️. I hope this kid gains experience and is able to learn about all the BS soon and learns how to navigate around them.

  5. Happens more commonly than anyone thinks. It's not even worth talking about it now.

  6. I disagree. Keep talking about it. Don't stop. Stopping is just gonna make it worse, not that it isn't bad.

  7. Reminds me of game of thrones. Was this S7 for us in the field of astronomy? 😐

  8. What year did you see it / what year was it from? (English/US or otherwise?)

  9. I used to think it was such a stupid, unreasonable trope that existed solely to usher a story along. Lol

  10. You and likely everyone else ma man! Kinda sadly hilarious that it's an actual thing lol

  11. I used to survive on RM 800 per month when I was a student from 2020 - 2021. So here’s a breakdown of what I can remember. It may not be the most accurate description. I know people who survive on a lot less. You just need to adapt to a new lifestyle. This will also be a lengthy comment so strap your seatbelts.

  12. Gas Shortage. We have many power plants that run on gas/lng

  13. Why is there a gas shortage and I thought we had a nuclear powerplant or is that still being built? I'm not really up to date on this so would love the clarification

  14. We need to import LNG and our natural gas reserves arent enough. The powerplant is being built dont know when the first reactor will be finished.

  15. Gotcha, thank you! I always assumed we had a ton of gas so we could be self-reliant. Didn't know we had to import.

  16. I agree, but it's probably the wrong tree to bark up.

  17. Would love to know how to go about for the easier option especially in the self-taught route? I haven't seen much besides web development.

  18. IT is *probably* the friendliest for self-taught, no degree.

  19. And I think it's streaming for free a few places! I have an old DVD copy, such a goofy flick

  20. Ayyyee I'm already on the search. Feel free to give me some links 😁 and thank you again

  21. Thanks man, but it's not really what I'm looking for. Thank you tho! :)

  22. So I sailed the seas and got the game (if u know what I mean) but I've played it. Soooo goood! My god, so many ways to go about a quest. There's another game called Expedition Rome. Soo good.

  23. Naw it's cool! Honestly, lighthearted bullying/jokes woulda been okay but the company's grown so much. It's not just a couple of people. It's a couple hundred so and these guys just wouldn't stop. And some (okay one d-bag), has been like "yeah he's been showing an attitude for the past few days. What makes u think u have a say". I just ignored him. Ironically, he hasn't done anything since I've stood my ground lmao. However, I'd be completely down to pushing him hard enough to make him fall on his a** 🌚 if he does something tho I believe he won't.

  24. Yeah I feel ya man. I just have some sorrow over it because I changed a LOT as a person as i got older, and i reached back out to some people that i thouht I was cool with, and found out they thought i was a bully asshole who humiliated them, and I was like .... oh damn... i legit thought they were cool / too cool for my shit to phase them.

  25. Ahh shucks man! Not to be overtly optimistic but now you know. It's great that you're learning tho. Never stop learning my man, no matter how small. Every bit of learning counts. Keep on growing and keep on being better!

  26. Tell her you wanna carpool with her & then you can learn about her intentions

  27. Can't, I haven't added her on social media or anything yet so I don't have any way of contacting her. I do know her FB but not gonna shoot a text outta the blue. That'd be weird. I'm just assuming it's nothing and that she's overtly friendly lol. Plus, I'm taking the bus and so are they. I do wonder what's on her mind 😅

  28. The AI Module has lots of changes to how AI soldiers fight. They stay in formation and block more often to protect themselves, mimicking how a shield wall would function. It just feels like they actually value their own lives more.

  29. I've found that mid-game, heavily armoured and a 2handed axe is good enough to slay a crazy amount of soldiers, no matter what armour their wearing. Although, it's legit fun to mow down recruits as they fly away 😂 Provided your skill level is like around say 200 or like 150 or even 120+.

  30. I just rewatched all of Kill bill also and it was a blast

  31. Did you like all the volumes? I found volume 2 and 3 a bit lacking compared to 1. It was still good but I think 1 was the best!

  32. Ignorance was invented in America, the oldest and greatest country on Earth. You're welcome for the English language you're using.

  33. I’m probably gonna get downvoted because this is an annoying dead meme but I always wanted to use it at least once so uhh…

  34. Sigh.. I had a feeling I was wooshing (is that even a word).. have my sad upvote 😞

  35. Just had this conversation the other day actually. First of all quit putting yourself down. The first step is to be confident in yourself and if not others will see that and prey on that (ie. not take you seriously when told to stop) self love my guy.

  36. I'm not sure we have that many laws in my country and the judicial system here suuuuuucks balls. However, thank you. Its comforting to see someone who understands and I'm sorry if you faced similar things. It's annoying and just frankly insulting. I was chill about it before but it's been raging on for a while and there needs to be a stop.

  37. Oooo yes, this didn't strike me before! I'll definitely try this. I'm guessing that they'll proceed to try and touch me after the first "no" and I just push their hands away and state what you stated. Thank you!

  38. I had a friend who dated a girl who flipped the fuck out on him one time when he wasn’t immediately hard and ready to go when they were making out. Crying and yelling at him like you don’t find me attractive and what your dick doesn’t work anymore? Like dude that shit can traumatize a guy

  39. Yeah, I faced this when I dated this girl who I lost my v(is that a thing for guys, not sure?) to. I would be yelled at and asked what was wrong with me and that her previous exes didn't have this problem and many other things. I was/am already nervous, anxious and insecure about myself on a level that can't be explained and that shit didn't help 😂 Glad she dumped me tho tbh, the sex sucked and I never really learned how to go about it. Unfortunately, that's the last sex I've had since ;-;

  40. its all good! We were both pretty toxic to each other so, I think it was a good life lesson overall. I like to think I'm a better person than I was from it. Hopefully, I can be an even better person (but golly its tough)!

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