Security and Privacy Tips for People Seeking An Abortion

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The Supreme Court has overturned Roe V. Wade. How do you feel?

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  1. Yes. Remember, Plan B is cheap and doesn't murder an innocent life.

  2. Read Thomas' opinion. The American taliban is going after contraceptives next. You guys have really lost the plot.

  3. Something tells me your overwhelming partisanship is clouding your judgement.

  4. I guess it would be harder to gloat if you had to acknowledge the insanity coming from your buddies.

  5. i feel like you may be overreacting a bit there buddy

  6. States like Texas are literally passing laws to make it a criminal offense to leave the state to get an abortion. You're either ignorant of the law or underreacting.

  7. lol you sound miserable. Keep being sad every day of your life, I'll keep living it up

  8. Weird way to justify being ignorant of the law but whatever, you do you. I'm sure life seems easier when you aren't paying attention.

  9. I don't spend much time criticizing Manchin. He's as liberal as West Virginia can hope for, and any other Democrat would lose WV in a landslide. The biggest priority is keeping the gavel out of McConnell's hands, and Manchin is by far the best option to accomplish that.

  10. Because Manchin and Sinema are in extremely red/purple states. They can't afford to go full Democrat. You need to win more seats so they don't become the deciding factor

  11. Sinema could, Kelly hasn't been the roadblock she has been. Agree on Manchin though.

  12. Shoutout Democrats! Can't even band together to codify Roe v Wade into law. Obergefell is next and ultimately America will take a dark turn left due to little more than the incompetence of the "left wing" party we've been so cursed to be stuck with.

  13. Because democrats failed to ever win the majority which would would enable that.

  14. I think you have a serious misunderstanding of American politics if you think the was ever support for 60 pro choice senators, especially the further back in history you go.

  15. Honestly this could be good in the long run. Roe was always a ticking time bomb - maybe this could be a way to gather enough political will to actually do it the proper way, i.e. through legislation.

  16. "we have high crime, high taxes, high cost of living and high unemployment, but we have unrestricted abortion."

  17. If that's the totality of how someone sees NY I doubt there's anything anyone could say to stop them from moving to conservative land.

  18. Job market / cheaper housing mostly. Before you could ignore the whacky conservative laws because a lot of the important stuff was federally protected, but with this activist conservative court I think more people are going to start seriously considering politics before they move.

  19. If police do their job…..many aren’t. They are just there for a paycheck and I don’t blame them. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

  20. I guess that's true if you don't think cops are able to do their job without breaking department policy / the law.

  21. If fumbling the bag was a person. Dude could've had a really successful political career if he kept his dick in his pants.

  22. She could have been vacationing in one of the various South/Central American countries that hand out hefty prison sentences to women that go through a miscarriage in the country...

  23. What gangbanger was not carrying guns because of the conceal carry laws?

  24. The longer this goes on, the less of a country Ukraine has left, the more people die both in the war, and outside of it due to mass uprisings and starvation in the developing world.

  25. Do the millions of Ukrainians who don't want to live under an imperialist Russian government not matter?

  26. Imagine your faith being so fragile you freak out when sci space magic movies don't reaffirm it.

  27. Weird how these kids are acting trashy but no one in the comments is blaming it on their culture, or saying they act like animals...

  28. Careful, point out the disparity and the racists get their feelings hurt.

  29. I was gonna try and argue, but if u using studies from CA really no point in arguing🤣

  30. Look at CAs track record with gun rights. Do you realy think ill buy this bullshit? Keep your shit secure, know how to use your shit, have a security system so u know when someone is in your crib, and you will ALWAYS have the advantage when armed. Bullshit ass study

  31. I'd actually read the study if that's your take. It has more to do with people who have access to guns having higher rates of suicide / accidental deaths / murders than households that don't have guns.

  32. He’s got a 100% rose colored boomer tint on life. I used to find him funnier but now it almost always devolved from political commentary to blaming millennials for all the country’s problems.

  33. Sometime mid Trump admin the show just became "drunk boomer uncle" hour and I couldn't really be bothered to tune in.

  34. If you're catcalling strangers you won't even have the chance to get to the friend zone my man.

  35. False, that's my friend Jimmy. He really did do it right after the video ended.

  36. It's trashy to show up to a funeral with weapons (not to mention an armored vehicle). That's street gang level shit.

  37. Ngl state test was mad easy, idk how niggas can’t pass those 😂.regents I understand but state test? 😭

  38. What's the state test? I thought the only state-wide test you had to take in HS was the regents.

  39. State test is basically like the regents but for elementary-middle schoolers. Instead of different subjects test like the regents , it’s only Ela and math .

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