Minnesota Just Legalized Edibles After a Republican Didn’t Read the Bill

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  1. Yeah and you'd be either inside that house or right next to it to be inhaling the scent. I don't assume the person who gets headaches is lighting up in their own home or is deliberately around people smoking. Hence my point of having to be near it and likely inhaling 2nd hand.

  2. Good thing my company gives me a 2% match in my 401k./s

  3. I can't even believe any of you could make sense of this.

  4. Why? Bc he’s an a*hole, apparently. Sorry you were assigned to him. I also had very similar issues with my mother and have done very well in adulthood in spite of her cruelty. Sending you hugs!

  5. Sometimes it feels like a pretty random assignment when you have nothing in common.

  6. I won't. But anyone online about 10 years ago probably doesn't need a link cuz it's etched into their minds

  7. I remember that being one of the first “viral” videos I came across. 15 years ago at least

  8. a friend of mine had twins, then triplets.... got her tubes tied.. 8 years later had twins.. she was the one in whatever where it fails.

  9. I hear too many of these stories about babies bursting through tied tubes. Maybe they need to double knot them

  10. I love the Zoomers, they give me hope for the future. Spitfire generation. It makes me proud in a weird way

  11. Beside AN road!!! Always great English used in the titles.

  12. I always said as a Catholic, I wouldn’t have an abortion but I was uncomfortable dictating to other women what they should do. That is pro choice. I make my choice, everyone else makes theirs. You are pro choice too if you think women should have a say and are not anti abortion.

  13. Anyone saying a breed as a whole is awful doesn’t know a thing about dogs and shouldn’t be spewing their rhetoric imo I do agree about bad people raising them though for sure

  14. They’re natural born killers and should not be bred any longer. It’s just irresponsible at this point.

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