1. I watched a great video outlining the same. Although the single family zoning was revised to include duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes.

  2. @Living_cheesecake683 account is one of many spam CU employee accounts.

  3. By Carrie Ghose Staff reporter, Columbus Business First Mar 6, 2023 "OhioHealth Corp. plans to build a $600 million "destination" inpatient and outpatient women's health center at its Riverside Methodist Hospital – making for a total of $1 billion in construction in the works at its Columbus hospitals.

  4. Thanks for responding. Just surprised…I wasn’t sure if they random or not in the office. When was it if you don’t mind? Are you hourly or salary? Sorry, genuinely curious and not hr haha

  5. I was salary and managed some salary and hourly. I no longer work there. But was randomly tested once in 3 yrs.

  6. By Bonnie Meibers Staff reporter , Columbus Business First Mar 1, 2023 "The Columbus Downtown Commission has signed off a new Arena District apartment complex from Nationwide Realty Investors.

  7. It appears based upon the locations described that they would be converting surface lots into the new buildings and parking garage.

  8. Below is further information, including renderings and the evolution of the hospital site:

  9. By Bonnie Meibers Staff reporter , Columbus Business First Feb 23, 2023 Kaufman Development wants to create a new park and revive a commercial building in Franklinton.

  10. I really like this idea and hope to see it pass. I have some similar ideas brought up for downtown on past strategic plans. What are your thoughts on this idea for downtown?

  11. Exciting the bond issue is already being utilized. This is a great step to making downtown a more practical area to live by having necessary services.

  12. By Amanda Tonoli Staff reporter , Columbus Business First Jan 25, 2023 "Columbus State Community College is ready to begin construction of a $3.5 million childcare center, a little more than year after initially teasing the project.

  13. Anything is better than a fucking parking lot.

  14. I understand that aspect and agree with it. But once you arrive at your destination, what do you do? If they have public transit like cbus, then its bus, scooter, bike, or ubers. If your actual destination is further from those services, then you should have driven. The convenience is not maximized, and it should be, or this form of transit will not force people to question their mode of transportation.

  15. So are we getting something cool like West Market in Cleveland? I love the idea of North Market, but the execution is lackluster to me..

  16. Are they planning the north-south line at the same time or is this the initial plan?

  17. Very interesting idea. We all know about downtown being a ghost town from a residential and retail viewpoint. The city has invested heavily and continues to do so for residential as the Peninsula is a prime example. Similar approach here, but for retail. Considering retail is essentially non-existent in downtown, I am not sure providing this support for only some groups will have the most benefit added. Maybe if the retail scene was more established, there could be many benefits.

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