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  1. As a non-League player, my immersion was broken by Vi beating that goon so easily, and not even trying to dodge his first strike.

  2. You completely missed the point. My problem is not with someone criticizing the show, I too do that on occasions. No, what I take issue with is the guy thinks he can decide for everyone else and says something like "people like Arcane because of girl power and big power fantasy moments" as if it was some dumb Michael Bay action movie and that "the show was created to appeal to LOL ip fans" when 70% of Arcane's audience went in completely blind and still loved it.

  3. It’s just his take. It’s a given that whenever someone makes an absolute claim (ex: “people like Vi bc girl power”), it’s just their opinion. Not to mention this guy states a LOT in the second half of the video that he doesn’t think he’s the audience for it, and this is all just his opinion.

  4. True! Armin was a bit of a scary cat, yet he leaps into danger to help Eren. And Eren—who constantly yells at everyone—was enchanted by the sea, just by looking at Armin’s eyes. (rewatch the scene—you can tell Eren doesn’t really care about the book, till he sees the wonder it gives Armin)

  5. This is so cool! I wonder how it’ll factor into human/elf peace if there are so many friendly encounters.

  6. Some very experimental, alien-like c!Sam designs. Trying to experiment outside my comfort zone, and make these extra dynamic!

  7. It's always heartwarming to see people beat cancer. It's really wholesome, congratulations to OP :)

  8. Slather on some butter, stick em in the oven, and congrats! You’ve got yourself some bagel chips!

  9. Techno cared about his fans over his own fame, and honestly, that speaks volume to his character. We as the living owe it to those like him that dedicated their lives to making the world a better place, to pick up the torch, and to either continue their work, or to further science and medicine, so that a day may come that no one else needs to die a slow and painful death like Alex did. I for one recognize that I have approximately negative 2 charisma, and as such, have taken up the pursuit of science.

  10. Holy shit! Hope that was a Go-Pro on his head…not sure how else he could still steer.

  11. She didn't see him as a role model when she moved into his place. She saw him as a pathetic has-been that she eclipsed fame-wise forever ago.

  12. She also says he “provided [her] with a strong masculine presence during her formative years.”

  13. Had. She got older and recognized the situation for what it was.

  14. The lighting is very organic and highlights those details so well; it’s very impressive on that scale.

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