1. The last acid I did was back in the late 70s some Mr. Natural green back. Getting a little long in the tooth to do it anymore..I'll tell you what though I sure do miss tripping.

  2. Has it been a year?? I wouldn’t know because that check was gone in a month!! WTF is wrong with these people???

  3. Cool I just got a half of the Apple Fritter and was blown away..something curious about mine the harvest date was 6 months prior to the packaging date. Didn't affect the quality in any way just a little odd from what I usually see.

  4. Yeah, this was my thought process as the delta edibles we take can take a long time and I wanted to experience something more fast acting.

  5. I'd say vaping or smoking would be better as you can control the dosage a little easier. Most of the cannabis you're going to come across is pretty potent for folks like yourself. Go slow and just take it a little easy. Enjoy your visit Colorado is a very beautiful state.

  6. I'm from Barbourville originally. Live in Piqua now. Just went up to Monroe yesterday however the wife and I went to a place called Heads. They were having a grand opening sale 50% off everything in the store. Have to check out the one y'all went to next time..

  7. Just can't do our dispensaries anymore..until the prices start coming down I'll just go north 🏴‍☠️

  8. 175$ plus discount. Not bad considering it’s one of the best strains in the program. Not a galenas fanboy but I’d rather pay 25$ more a half for something super effective than a little less for some cokoh or curaleaf or even more for riviera or ancient roots. AR actually worth it though. To each his own.

  9. Me too. Picked up a 2.83 of some H.O.T.K. yesterday with the EPBC just cause I always have to have even a small amount of AR. It’s my treat myself herb, perfectly grown and manicured, smelling like candy. It’s my top shelf I pull out on occasions.

  10. Cool I do the same. Got lucky in May and found a half of their lemon kush affordably priced. Still have a few grams of it left.

  11. No!!!!!! Send it all immediately to me at Ima Stoner 420 High St. Kushville Ohio 42042

  12. Yeah I see it's definitely "premium" You know any other company selling subpar medication and advertising it's premium would be run out of business smh

  13. I've had my card for almost 3 years and haven't been in an Ohio dispensary for a year at least. I can't give them the money and not feel physically sick for overpaying. I go take a 300 mile round trip ride and come home with triple even quadruple the amount I'd have gotten here for the same amount of money. Just can't do it anymore I'll keep renewing my card but unless I have no other option I won't set foot in a dispensary in our state.

  14. Yes they do that too! 30% off for vets and indigent people. :) they are by far my FAVE disp. I will say the best days to go crowd wise is monday- Thurs. Friday-sunday is always packed but it's also some of the best deals so it all depends on what you need :)

  15. Definitely check them out. You can shop online through their website and then when you go check in they give you your product slip and let you stand in line to check out. If I go on a weekday, I'm in and out within 10 min. Weekends I could be there up to an hour depending on when I get there and how crowded it is. Also the online shop can sometimes bug out and show you owe more than you do but it's always fixed at the register in the system. People there are amazingly nice and customer service is top notch. The ONLY complaint is the parking lot is so small.. if there isn't parking by their building I have parked over by the other end of the lot on the side of the body shop.

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