1. I do! I just started making my soaps again but I have been posting on my FB page. You can check that out for more photos as my soaps get posted!

  2. The last time I asked anyone, anything in this sub, I got referred to some dumb websites, and pretty much got ignored after that.

  3. I mean if you wanna taste it so bad, stick to pork. There are so many hidden religious reasons. Which many probably found out first had way bk then....

  4. That gives me an idea. I'm not currently living in one, but I've lived in at least 2 houses with non functioning fire places. This would be a good idea to replace that space

  5. oh dude i still have those skullcandy stickers on the wall in my room at my mom's place. piece of shit headphones would break evey 3 months or so but looked hella cool. good times

  6. Yup, went through 3 myself, I donno why I just kept buying them. They did look cool

  7. Didn't like the 666 on the comments, sure we can push it to 696 at least :grin:

  8. I want a mon where the coloration is identical - you just get that blast of sparkles as your only indicator it’s shiny.

  9. Frustration is a horrendously bad move whose only purpose is to hold back Shadow pokemon from their full potential. It should always be removed when possible.

  10. I can remove it, but it jus said, if I change it, I cnt get it back....

  11. Deffo get an air pump and a few air stones. Balls are good, but pads are better. Need to oxygenate the water.

  12. Perfect how it is, space in the foreground, small hiding space in the back n a bit of green here n there. Ya good dude 👍🏿

  13. I'm in the same predicament, got 2 hundo dugtrios (the beautiful blonds 👱‍♀️ 👱‍♀️👱‍♀️).

  14. Keep posting post on here, doesn't take too long. I said the same ting when I started

  15. I'm jus curious, how old are you ? I know we're not supposed to ask, but croche/marvel is a very specific niche.....

  16. I'm 21, plenty of young people can crochet. I started advanced crochet when I was eighteen but learnt at about ten.

  17. That's kl, good on ya. I can imagine it's a calming activity. Well done, your a pro at it n Love the things you made so far x

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