My Corgi's 'double take' when I picked her up from the groomer 🥹

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I needed this today

My valentine makes my heart beat out of my chest.

That's a little funny

He do be dancing though

  1. I’m going to absolutely jinx the shit out of myself now too but…

  2. Our pediatrician actually told me to stop stressing about his daycare illnesses and said “it’s either now or when he starts kindergarten”. So it sounds like this has worked in your favor! knocking on wood for you and for myself

  3. Ladybug is A-Boog, butterfly is boo-fly, milk is mook, her grandma we call her GiGi is DoDo, Mepaw, great grandpa, is Hi-Paw, and honorable mentions she is now walking around saying, “OKAY” to everything and I can’t forget her “I stuck!” In the most pathetic little voice(she’s not stuck). She’s 19 months 🥰

  4. We have been playing “SHTUCK!” For almost 6 months now. This mommy tow truck is tired. So tired.

  5. I came to the comments looking for this comment. We did this already.

  6. This exactly reminds me of picking up my toddler from daycare.

  7. I love this! It’s a classic silhouette but comes off unique and playful.

  8. Rice cakes, pretzel sticks, and apple slices with peanut butter for dipping are go to for something filling, a little healthy, and super low effort.

  9. You look super cute. Ignore them and do your thing.

  10. I have profound hearing loss in one ear and I hear EVERYTHING with my good ear. I also feel low resonance without truly hearing it in my deaf ear. I can sleep on my good ear and hear vibrations through the floor and bed. I am surprised you said he can hear direction of sounds, that should be impossible unless, like I mentioned, he is picking up vibrations and that is informing him of direction. He will be able to live a mostly normal life, good luck to you both.

  11. I had never heard ab this before and my kid has had it 3 x this year. THREE TIMES. First time was absolutely horrible, second time sucked, third…. meh? I only knew he had it bc he had a few bumps on his feet and next to his mouth. No fever, not uncomfortable, bumps gone in a few days. Anyways, I always slathered him with Aveeno lotion and Vaseline (he has eczema so I wanted to stay ahead of it) and his bumps never became sores. I also covered the lotion and Vaseline with socks on his feet (it was winter during his first episode) but his Dr said it was good to get them air and not overheat so I would rotate.

  12. I have never heard a bad word about my doodle. People stop me to ask me what she is and always fawn over her. I can’t even count how many times in the past 8 years a stranger has told me they want a doodle and ask me if they are as wonderful as they hear (the answer to that is yes and more). Not sure where this “hate” is coming from but what you have is a wonderful dog so don’t sweat the haters.

  13. He’s bored and being a goofball! Doodles are fun-loving and energetic, it’s great he’s figured out a way to entertain himself though I really don’t think crate training is necessary for a doodle. Just the opinion of a passionate doodle owner. (We have always done bell training for bathroom breaks and it works like a charm)

  14. If this isn’t him Asking to be let out then I’m guessing it’s a cool spot with a good vantage point of the house.

  15. Positive thoughts to you and your baby! Did they check very closely for bites? That is scary and I’m sure they will figure it out soon. Keep us updated!

  16. “Fuffy” = muffin “bullbo” = bulldozer “fop” = dog(?) “noonells” = noodles “bapty” = blanket I could go on, he’s so cute

  17. My job is exactly what you described and I have been in IT for a software company as a Business Analyst, project lead, and Quality Analyst. These are good suggestions above.

  18. Promises of yummy Snacks and juice in car + warning of “last slide” or “3 more pushes” + proclaiming what the next fun thing we are doing is (even if that’s just going home and giving the dog kisses). I’ve got a little mini control freak on my hands who likes to call the shots but this always works.

  19. Team and project manager here. The only time I am unable to switch my work brain off is when there is an issue at work I haven’t resolved yet or a “to do” I didn’t complete. I ensure I complete my to dos and resolve issues before signing off for the day, but in the instances I don’t, I use a note app with reminders to jot down the possible solutions my brain likes to present to me for problem x at 11 pm at night. That helps me move past it knowing I will revisit it during work hours.

  20. Honestly this is just touching on surrealist art at this point

  21. Very healthy. Ear licking (sign of affection), submission poses (belly flop), good tail action. It can always turn, but usually you can see signs of one or both taking it too far. This looks friendly and healthy.

  22. I had a really bad eye infection. Like a level 4 out of 5, Puffed up gooey lid, no makeup EVER, eye patch some days, 10 step daily routine eye infection…. For FIVE MONTHS. My Dr was stumped ab why nothing was working and talking surgery to drain the dang thing, “does your baby happen to touch your eyes?” cue flashback of the stinker grasping for and poking my tender eyeball every night while breastfeeding that year. It made no sense. But he always went for that eye. It quickly cleared up after this was put together and measures of distracting his wild fingers were put in place.

  23. Yes yes yes. I do wish I had started sooner so I could have another, but I wouldn’t be where I am in my career and able to provide my LO with everything and have the flexibility to spend time with him.

  24. I flew solo 4 times in a year (there and return for a total of 8 flights) with my 2 kids who were around 1.5 and 3.5. Some flights are better than others. If it's a bad one just keep in mind you will never see these people again. If someone offers to help, accept it. I would carry the little one in a baby carrier and still bring a stroller to gate check so I could strap the older one in when walking to the terminal if needed. Bring LOTS of treats. I bought little toys at the dollar store and wrapped them so that unwrapping was an activity also. Water Wow books are good and not messy. A roll of painters tape that they can rip off little pieces and stick to the tray. In my carry on I had things separated in to big ziplock bags-all the snacks in one, toys in another, change of clothes in another, diapers in another, so that they were easier to find and pull out when trying to maneuver in the plane while holding a kid. She can totally do this!

  25. Great tips! I did something similar but you took it to the next level with the ziplocks and wrapping.

  26. I originally thought daycare was a non-starter for me, I would “quit my job before sending LO to daycare”. Fast forward to family moving away, Nannies becoming too competitive in my area, and my husbands schedule becoming scattered. My little is now in and LOVES daycare. The friendships, the activities, the new food, the toddler centered schedule, the toddler friendly playground…. I personally don’t know what being a SAHP is like (I daydream about it and envy it at times) but if you’re miserable being a SAHM, maybe you should explore these options and going back to work. Your LO may enjoy that option too.

  27. I am sold as well, can’t wait to pick it up

  28. This is honestly normal based on our experience and what his Dr, teachers, and my co-workers have said. We were sick for 5 straight months and then it started to taper off, now he is home for being sick for the first time in FOUR WEEKS. Heck yeah! Anyways it’s tough, so tough. And I definitely had those thoughts ab taking him out, if I had options I probably would have. But apparently you do go through the sicknesses whether at daycare or school either way. Good luck momma!

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