1. Not sure if this helps, but my Harrier camera doesn't work if the door is not latched on that side.

  2. Where do you live ? Which state and area ? Just to know that service is good there.

  3. I live in Satara, Maharashtra and got my car from Jay Automotive.

  4. I own the new harrier Red Dark XZA+option (check my post history).

  5. Harrier is one of the best looking cars in today's market. I hope tata fixes their quality issues and ASS.

  6. Watched a ton of videos before getting harrier, mostly the fit and finish ones, and yes, tata has fixed that.

  7. Kya issue hai harrier me? I am out of touch. Kuch problems discover hue kya?

  8. My dad is a photographer and loves to Photoshop stuff. This picture is from Hampi in India.

  9. My dad is a photographer and loves to Photoshop stuff. This is a picture from Hampi. Here's his Instagram profile -

  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CeQ6qK3lP3V/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  11. Doesn't seem any gcam has macro for the 8t. But Havoc comes with OOS camera, so it has macro too. Did not know about the face unlock problem, but i disable it anyway.

  12. Replacement cups are really hard to come by. One listing on Amazon is for 1700/- - exactly the price of the entire headphones! I ordered another for 389/-. Will update if they fit properly.

  13. My Lenovo y700 did the same thing 3 years after purchase - the hinge started making squeaky noises and one one day straight up started spitting screws. The hinge completely broke. Weirdly enough the display was completely fine.

  14. I'm from the 2020 batch, and God I miss the place so much. Anybody else misses DeeTee? Best 4 years of my life till date.

  15. I can't listen to Chop suey, Carnival of Rust, Zombie and Bang Bang without missing DeeTee!

  16. Yup went back a bunch of times to party with my juniors and meet my gf (she junior too)

  17. Speaking on Bluetooth earphones - especially on the ones that are barely visible.

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