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  1. Steve Winwood springs to mind. He was in Blind Faith, the Spencer Davis Group, and Traffic before going solo.

  2. Yes, a gem covered in a gooey, unidentifiable slime that clings to me when I so much as go near it. I feel like I need a shower after watching that movie.

  3. The Pink Pistols aren’t a leftist group. They seek to arm arm LGBTQ individuals to protect them from harm and hate. If by leftist you mean minority groups protecting themselves from hate crimes, then I think you have a skewed view of what leftism is.

  4. That’s because the 2nd Amendment was in response to Shays Rebellion where private militias were fighting against the state militia.

  5. Include Church groups in that worst list. There's a church group that used to come to my restaurant 10 minutes to close, sit until usually at least an hour past close and never tip. The management got tired of servers who were scheduled to work the shift they always turned up on calling out sick and put a standard 18% auto grat on groups over 6 at the discretion of management (aka: always applied to these assholes).

  6. A friend in high school worked at Ihop. They couldn't get servers to work Sunday morning/early afternoon shifts because of the church groups.

  7. OP should be tossed in jail and have his license revoked for such dangerous driving. "Going 90" my ass, the guy was just a hair shy of 100...

  8. Depending on the state, he could face super-speeder penalties and/or reckless driving depending on conditions. He really needs to hope the authorities don't get a copy of that footage or he's going to be on the hook for criminal and civil liabilities.

  9. That’s a fair point. If we’re going strictly with stiff academic terminology, 1-19 is an adolescent, which is the phase in between childhood and adulthood. The way I view it as someone in my 40s, if you’re still in high school, you’re a kid. Remember how immature everyone was as a high school senior compared to even just a few years later in our early 20s?

  10. I find it odd that cranky old white HOA lady is telling people of color what to do.

  11. So, his plan is to rid the world of security guards by changing them into werewolves one by one and then having them crash their cars.

  12. Can we stop and be amazed we are looking at Pluto? Just incredible what is humans have achieved

  13. Branch 1: you must enjoy all of Star Wars, even if it's absolute garbage.

  14. What I love is, every time someone asks for a recommendation, it seems the answer is Blindsight.

  15. I mean, the plot of the novel is “Siri Keeton and his friends go on a really big adventure and make some very strange new friends along the way,” so what’s not to like about that? It’s a good fun space opera romp!

  16. The real treasure was the memetic virus they met along the way.

  17. You're right. I must have misread it. It's practically Becky Chambers.

  18. Really nice buildup. It might be me, but the bass drum gets just a little overwhelming around the 3-minute mark.

  19. Thank you. That’s good feedback, I may have gone a bit overboard with the pattern change up and the distortion on the bass drum.

  20. Actually, I'd suggest rolling the low end off in EQ just a bit.

  21. Let's not go overboard. They're reporting on this stuff because there's no avoiding it at this point. If there was a way to qualify it or bury it, they would.

  22. Total coincidence they are taking action against Trump at the same exact time the news about Biden is coming out. Yup this never happened before.

  23. Whenever there's a big LOOK OVER HERE AT THIS DRAMATIC THING moment in the press, always take a moment to ask what they're trying to distract you from.

  24. Ah, that's Sgt. Jackson, a Covert Retail Asset Protection operator at the [REDACTED] Oaks Promenade. The Vitamin Barn in Sector 4 received a shipment of Super Alpha Male 4000®. We suspected it to be tied to the local drug cartels, so we sent him in to interdict it.

  25. Ah, L. Ron Hubbard. He brought us such gripping and totally not homoerotic westerns as Buckskin Brigades, Johnny the Town Tamer, Man for Breakfast, and Branded Outlaw.

  26. If this is over Stormy Daniels, that means Michael Avenatti is going to be back in the news at some point again.

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