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  1. Honestly, your list is kind of generic, and very "mainstream grunge". You missed the best Nirvana record, several key artists (TAD, Green River, Screaming Trees), and listed several "non-grunge" artists (STP, Smashing Pumpkins, Melvins {I adore the Melvins, but they are sludge metal, not grunge]).

  2. Legislating from the bench. Nothing is absolute in the Constitution. Remember this was an Amendment to the Constitution it can be amended again

  3. This not legislation from the bench. This is saying states can pick "no issue" or "shall issue" based on objective criteria. Imagine if your right to vote was based on how chummy you are with the sheriff.

  4. They are striking down State legislation of common sense gun laws. Where are lines drawn. Is it OK for a state to pass these types of laws controlling gun use? I guess it should be OK to own flame throwers and rocket launchers after all these are arms. Lines have to be drawn.

  5. I tried looking up the crimes she was charged with on case.net - from what I could see it looks like she was charged with small amount possession of controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

  6. Just like anything you have to work at it. I average anywhere from 10-20 a week. I find all genres and have a collection of 2k+. Making frequent stops at multiple shops is the key. Remember the shops get new stock everyday not necessarily CDs.

  7. Pretty psyched with Patti Smith as a choice. I just bought a 10 CD set of Live in the USA today at Half Priced Books. A nice coincidence

  8. Picked these orange tabs up in the perfect off white/cream color that I was looking for. Looks like “2 86” is the date?

  9. The flood if 93. The Mississippi flooded for like a month. It did an unbelievable amount of damage. Shut down lots of bridges and disrupted almost everyone's life that lived on either side of the river

  10. We are a really fun team, this article fails to mention maybe our most exciting player this year in Harrison Bader. For as much shit as that guy has pulled in the past he’s having a fun year. He and Edman having 14 steals a piece this early on is unheard of in modern baseball and he’s scored 30 runs for us already with an OBP north on .300 with only 9 walks. He will never be an ELITE hitter but he’s getting on base, scoring, stealing, and playing amazing centerfield.

  11. Rumor has it there is a cardboard cutout of DeWitt in the locker room and they peel a section of his clothes after each win.

  12. That's a great accomplishment for a sophomore. Keep working hard, put in the summer miles and get a scholarship

  13. What a garbage take. I am for truth in all forms and watched the trial fully. It was obvious who was credible. Oh yea I am a flaming bleeding heart liberal boomer

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