Work for McDonalds it is great income

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  1. I sympathize with the challenges faced by victims of workplace sexual harassment. But our laws very much prioritize the rights of the accused and proving wrongdoing can be extremely difficult. Unfortunately this means that reporting sexual harassment often yields unsatisfactory results and even retaliation from the accused against the accuser. If you’re going to report sexual harassment you should play it smart and make sure you get solid evidence to back the accusations.

  2. That’s the problem. It was never even addressed or talked about.

  3. The accused has a right to privacy. Accusations should not be talked about. If there isn’t clear evidence of wrongdoing then how can anything be addressed?

  4. So let me rephrase this differently, the signs that are at my workplace about being protected from sexual harassment are not true? That my franchisee can legally do nothing?

  5. I will get tired of every single new pretty face they put on that show, never the originals.

  6. Cologne that smells really good but they might’ve bathed in it.

  7. After coaxing me into letting him take my virginity at 18, a 25 year old man said to me whilst inside that he wanted to put 13 babies in me. I was mortified. I’m into girls now.

  8. Call me crazy, my job is to deliver the pizzas and nothing else. Just like they don’t have to tip, I don’t have to go the extra mile.

  9. I mean realistically, they should be paying more but there isn’t anything I can do about it. A customer can easily give me two dollars for my troubles and I can in exchange, bring their food inside and separate it for them.

  10. YTA- you gonna ask her to become Dr. yourlastname too? What do you offer her other than sperm?

  11. The last season I recently enjoyed had to be freakshow. It honestly feels as though, Tate and Violet would be rolling over in murder house graves at how bad this show has gone to shit.

  12. I've had on and off chronic migraines since I was in single digits. I've had good success with using daily cannabis as a preventative. Turned daily migraines into a rare occurrence, i might get 5 a year now. Also works for me as a migraine abortive.

  13. Marijuana is actually the only thing that has truly helped her but it just nearly puts it at bay for her.

  14. I didn't start seeing drastic results until I started dosing out 2-3x a day. Amped up my tolerance, but now it's like the medication has built up and as long as I don't miss a dose, I'm (typically) fine.

  15. I mean she’s a daily smoker and discovered at fourteen that it helps her migraines more than anything else does.

  16. my girlfriend makes wonderful tiny statues out of shatter, you cannot do that with anything else.

  17. A dollar tree ghosted me for a month and then was upset when I no showed for their second interview. A second interview for dollar tree lmao

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