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  1. Your face is oval shaped so googling oval shaped hairstyles for women will help there. Your complexion is fair and your hair is dark so you’re a winter. Wear darker clothing to appeal to your complexion. Avoid earth tone colors. Practice good hygiene. Being the best we can be is all we can do. ❤️

  2. Sadly, from my previous understanding, the majority of the sales of the Girl Scout cookies go back to the corporation. It’s like a quarter on every box goes to the actual Girl Scouts troupe that are selling them. So it’s the corporation that’s making a lot of money off child labor. 🤷‍♂️

  3. Incorrect- it is average percentages per girl sold determines the amount of money you get back. Furthermore, the breakdown gives a percentage to the bakeries and to your council which subsidizes other troops and programs for all troops

  4. So in other words, the majority of the profit goes to bureaucracy. 👌

  5. Child free people are a capitalist system’s enemy. Yes, we buy goods and contribute as cogs to the workforce, but we do not pass on another human to be put into the same system. For that, we are punished.

  6. I used to loathe being introverted and a loner. I felt like I had to have friends to enjoy life. Then one day I just said “eff it, I’m going to do whatever activity or traveling I felt like solo”. My world has opened up so much since I started pursuing my own happiness.

  7. Couldn’t we also agree that her yard is rutted up due to cars constantly parking on it?

  8. Yes, scolding people who choose to love living things that are already here is worth scolding over. 🙄

  9. Must have been a breeder or soon to be breeder that banned you. Breeders have this mindset that what they’re doing is right and anyone that questions it is calling for genocide or eugenics. We cannot sustain our resources by increasing our population or by “distributing” them. What needs to happen is to stop incentivizing this breeder entitlement.

  10. Capitalism uses religion as a tool to continue the population. lesbians and gays go against that. They cannot reproduce without a third party involved. Millennials and generation Z are not continuing our population to keep up. Billionaires are worried about the labor pool and future consumers to continue to line their pockets.

  11. I find chubby, hairy guys attractive. I’ve found them several times and have been hurt several times by them.

  12. No, I go through bouts of depression where I’m barely able to take care of myself.

  13. No, the nearest abortion clinic was over 2.5 hours away from where I was born.

  14. Of course, less money coming into the church. We can all agree that churches are businesses nowadays. They are not advocates and Allie’s for the hungry and homeless anymore.

  15. I’ve apologized to people countless times when I’m going through a depressive episode. I recognize what I’ve done was wrong.

  16. It’s all about bringing more and more people into this world to consume so that the top elitist of the world can continue to get richer. They want to force women to have babies. Take away gay marriage from gay people because they cannot reproduce. Ban contraceptives so that more and more babies can be born. This is all about capitalism. The churches use religion so that they can continue to grow their flocks and so that the ones running the churches can continue to pocket more money.

  17. In the beginning it was “make them have more and more babies to build civilization”. Now that civilization is built and no need for more people it’s “let’s make them have more and more babies to continue to make billionaires even richer”. 🙄

  18. Carnivores have no moral compass when it comes to animals. They don’t want to be confronted with animal suffering. They know it’s wrong, but don’t want to change anything.

  19. So….you created a family and now you can’t stand them? 🙄

  20. Seems to be on par with the pro life movement. Care about the shiny new baby and not the millions of homeless children already here. 🤷‍♂️

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