1. My dealership has been offloading 2022’s with less than 10k miles from our loaner fleet for $45k or less.

  2. Will Buxton. The king of over react. I don't like him at all

  3. You know as someone who has met and had a conversation with Will, it really is just who he is. One of the nicest most excitable people I’ve ever met.

  4. Mercedes has like 10 “Magno” colors (matte). White, grey, dark grey, black, blue, green, etc, etc.

  5. In Tulsa, at Tulsa Hills at Ted's Escondido Cafe

  6. Ah. I was gonna say that looks like one of my customers cars.

  7. Uhhhh these are under a stop sale anyways?

  8. When someone (this dealership) over plays their hand in a negotiation, there is a nice deal to be had by you. Essentially, respectfully call them out on overplaying their hand (be willing to walk) and make data driven points then low ball them just like they high balled you. Maybe you’ll get 2k under msrp or something like that

  9. Rolex Cellini so you have something dressy.

  10. Do not replace that tire. Any tire shop will tell you to replace it due to liability.

  11. He’s got that’s YouTube Doctor money fo sho

  12. Doctors in general make enough money for these. There’s a guy in a group I’m in on Facebook who actually has a lot of similar pieces to Dr. Mike. He’s a doctor, just not YouTube famous.

  13. Oh yeah for sure, lol it’s just the cherry on top of the big paycheck

  14. Cool! I wonder what's with Hamilton that I always hear its name hahaha :O

  15. Formerly American now Swiss watch brand with good quality for money and a rich history.

  16. Look at Seiko Alpanist. The PRX is a good watch, but I can't look at it and not think of it as a fake AP Royal Oak.

  17. I mean it’s based on a Seastar model from the 70’s. A lot of makers make integrated bracelet watches. Doesn’t make them all royal oak knockoffs.

  18. You should get rid of the invicta and buy a diver that’s made by someone with their own ideas.

  19. I prefer the Sinn for the money. From everything I’ve ever seen and read the bracelet and case punch way abound their weight

  20. Terminal leave is at the discretion of the SQ/CC. So get his thoughts before you write off your terminal at the word of an old supervisor.

  21. Just a little blurb on the Air Medal (top left) they’re rarely awarded for specific reasons. Most often they are handed out for completing 20 combat sorties. So based on the silver oak leaf he was awarded 6 air medals at 20 combat sorties a pop means he flew a minimum of 120 combat sorties in the B-26, up to 139. Unless he has more air medals not represented here.

  22. Cartier and Bulgari make amazing watches, but they are also “fashion” houses.

  23. Are they still fashion watches if they have in house movements? Especially Bulgari pushing boundaries with the worlds thinnest mechanical watch (briefly)

  24. I love the Baltic. Damn hard to beat it for the money.

  25. These are legal in CA through one vendor. Vinyl license plate

  26. I think people in the know would be more impressed by the Moser. Everyone who can afford a $50,000 watch has an Aquanaut.

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