1. Watch, he’ll pull the plug on his starlink in Ukraine. Would be just like the douche.

  2. I'm a bit surprised that more standard gauge stuff hasn't been laid to join Ukraine with friendly nations.

  3. Ukraine is working on de-Russianizing itself from the RF. Language will be Ukrainian, not Russian, RF corruption influences are being removed with higher intelligence/police work and legal/criminal sanctions, newly discovered gas reserves in the Black Sea area will be explored and optimized for international trade, banking, agriculture, transportation and other areas are becoming aligned with the West. It takes time, it takes resolve and it takes freedom of choice that was not available under Russia’s boot to advance in the free world.

  4. Why are they looking for 1.5 million winter uniforms for a 300K mobilization?

  5. Exactly. So Putin was calling up way more than 300,000 men, even with the annual draft which is about 130,000 men, I think. They don’t have enough individual weapons for all newly mobilized men but ordered uniforms. Rewatch Enemy at the Gate. A clip on Twitter yesterday showed how Russians were ordered/forced to advance, with very few rifles, against the fully weaponized Germans, but plenty of RU blood. Seeing that type of slaughter is not the same as reading about the guy in front of you getting killed, you pick up his gun and run headlong into enemy fire in attack mode. Both RU and Germans were not allowed to retreat per their leaders orders.

  6. They were going to work longer than 50 and 55 regular retirement age to help him get a better start in life. Told him to not sign up because they’ll give him money he needs. Now, they will retire at regular retirement age and receive pension from their work not a pension from son’s death from the government. They won’t need to work any longer bc the son is not around to need help starting out in life.

  7. I've never looked it up. Just remember back before this started that i read somewhere that it would preclude them from being a member. I'll hit the Google and study up.

  8. Let us know. Has to be a work around. Get some lawyers on it. They’ll find multiple loopholes.

  9. Russians are heartless and savage. They treat their own people like trash. Life is so cheap there. People say cannon fodder and I used to think oh haha nice joke but now I realize that there is real cannon fodder! Using people to draw enemy fire as a strategy. Deliberately sending men into an enemies fixed position to get their whereabouts or in overwhelming numbers to attack resulting in lots of casualties. They just don't care and they expect in war for large amount of people to die. It's a foregone conclusion. In Ukraine each soldiers life is so valuable. There are no suicide missions. They protect their men. They go on suicide missions not to sacrifice men to find the enemy or to overwhelm but to sacrifice themselves to get supplies to their encircled brothers and get wounded to safety. It's such a stark difference in humanity that's being displayed. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

  10. Ukrainians are not brothers with Russians. Never have been. Never will be.

  11. Not too long ago, a friend of mine told me his friends who were captured in the Kherson offensive have all been tortured and killed, and videos have been sent to the families.

  12. My first thought, as well. But disease control is critical. So they have to be limed and buried. And if feral pigs are eating them, they’re spreading disease over wider areas than just around the bodies. Contaminating other wildlife.

  13. What a title, had to read it thrice to understand they dont mean ukrainian losses

  14. “Khokhols” seems to be the Russian equivalent of “Gooks” in the Vietnam war. Hard to feel bad for anyone dehumanising their victims this way.

  15. The russian command bears a lot of responsibility for these war crimes. Combat is hell, it brings out the most extreme behaviors in people. It's up to the brass to mitigate and regulate that, both care for the mental health of soldiers and discipline them against such actions. Russia doesn't care, they sent their troops into war without the proper resources or command structure to account for such things. They shunted their young men into hell to die.

  16. They encourage this violence. They’re known to rape their newest soldiers while still training. Hazing.

  17. That’s it! Putin has multiple personalities, making his decisions. That’s why we cannot pin the correct Dx on him. Poster child for brain autopsy. Maybe there are plaque growths in his brain.

  18. Pitiful. Russian POW looks like he’s wiping away tears, trying to convince himself and journalists that this is expected rhetoric upon capture. I have sons. Just a bit older than him. He’s hurt that his mum denies his very existence, no matter if the official responses are cued or not. I’d be crying in the phone, just to hear his voice, not denying his life. Is that Russian Federation and the West differences? Is mother’s love non-existent in the RF? No wonder they start wars every other year with any weak country. She’s hurting him with some of her comments. There’s no need for that, personal attacks. She can generalize her comments.

  19. Finally, most of the world sees the truth. But as long as Russian corruption (money) flows into other countries, their arrogance will never stop. So the answer is to impoverish the leaders. Because the majority of the citizens are poor AND arrogant.

  20. Can’t they find better actors to make a propaganda video ? They could at least have put his helmet on properly

  21. Are they the two hospitalized orcs dressed in fatigues. It’s always the same two in all videos.

  22. This is all pretty impressive for someone who was originally a stand-up comedian, a bit like Dara O'Brian steering us through WW2

  23. The Ukrainian smiling/snickering made me uncomfortable. This is a tragic and painful situation for all sides.

  24. Why do clips of these pundits keep getting posted? I understand the importance of getting into the mind of the enemy but these clowns talk out of their asses in each and every video segment, and those few guests who appear on the show that actually speak plainly and truthfully are either berated or cut short. This would be akin to a room full of Tucker Carlsons speaking on a war they know little to nothing about in a mere attempt to rile people up against a “common evil enemy”. Nothing these people say is of any practical use. Watching grass grow would be a better use of your time than listening to anything these people have to say.

  25. Watching the development of their propaganda in response to the real world. Clues to what actually is happening in the RF.

  26. I hear ya and I agree with you to the extent that it is important to keep tabs on the progression of the Russian Federation’s propaganda. With that said though, I highly doubt one could gather any useful clues of what is currently happening within the greater Russian population by listening to such pundits as they’ve been spewing the same bonkers propaganda since the start of the war. They show what they want Russians to see and say what they want Russians to hear. It’s been an ongoing trend since the start of the “Special Military Operation” and at a certain point it is fear mongering plain and simple.

  27. Not watching for greater Russian population, but just temperature of propaganda.

  28. It’s been recorded. And will be played for the masses. That’s why it was “cancelled”.

  29. Poland will be the new leader of the EU, especially after the pathetic German and French responses.

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