1. Bruh….give us a harder choice next time pls. I don’t even have to answer this one.

  2. Thanks. It thought it seemed a little on the pricey side to me.

  3. Paid $1,999+tax for mine. Had an Mpx-K prior but definitely enjoy the copperhead-K more

  4. The copperhead-K has a picatinny stock mount on the rear exactly like the MPX-K does so the only picatinny stock you actually can’t mount on it would be the sig sauer MCX/Mpx-k psb pdw stock/brace other than that you can mount any stock or brace to it basically. The monolithic upper increases accuracy & fits my hand better. I personally like the look of copperhead-k more & since the holes that the pdw brace slide through are milled into the receiver it allows the entire length of the gun to be shorter than the MPX-k is with the pdw brace due to the sig Mpx-k/MCX pdw brace having to be mounted to the picatinny stock mount on the rear. The copperheads pdw brace doesn’t attach via picatinny stock mount but there’s still one on the copperhead but the holes definitely do not limit what stock/brace you can mount on it. I have a sig mcx/Mpx folding brace on mine right now. & it works exactly like it does on my MCX Virtus

  5. This is the newest sig Mpx copperhead model it has a monolithic upper with single slot mlok rail & 4.5 inch threaded barrel. Same length barrel as the MPX-k but this one also has a built in pdw brace unlike the MPX-k in which the pdw brace simply attaches to the picatinny stock mount on the rear. He also has a reptilla cqg pistol grip.

  6. I’m just happy CZ Custom website finally is making new 30 round window mags for the new scorpion 3+ ordered 4 of them yay 😃

  7. They FUCT UP BIG TIME All they had to do was change the hand guard a little. Put the CMMG radially delayed system in and call it good. But no. They went and fuct the dog good on this one.

  8. I sold my Cmmg banshee also, kept my scorpion. And bought the new 3+ to boot. New 3+ mags can be bought from Cz custom .com

  9. It’s 5.56! I want to get other barrels, 11.5” 5.56 and at least 1 300 blackout but I can’t decide if it would just be easier to get complete uppers. Otherwise I’d have to hunt down the barrels and the appropriate hand guard length

  10. People want ridiculous prices for the entire upper it will be way cheaper just to find the barrel and handguard. Probably would be easier to find also. But midwest industries does make handguards that fit it also.

  11. It's still very difficult. I managed to get mine through

  12. I heard they don’t run reliably with cut down barrels due to different lengths of the pistons being shorter on the actual 11.5 in and longer on the 16 in barrels

  13. Mine looks worse than this and it has around 200 rounds through it but it has never jammed or stove piped one time and it’s super accurate I love it.

  14. I have the 10.5 LWRC M6 DI I install a SB tactical honey badger pdw brace and I installed a geissele Sd-c trigger and radian charging handle thinking about changing the safety too. The oem safety hangs down a bit farther than what I would like, I installed a magpul K+ rubberized grip since it’s a shorter AR I went with a more vertical grip angle & I changed the bird cage flash hider to a dead air three prong keymo muzzle brake and some BCM mlok rail covers with a Maxim handstop. It looks really nice with the LWRC skirmish iron sights as well

  15. The new CR920 is what I’m conceal carrying and I kept my DR920 elite. Love them both.

  16. Nice rifle man. I have the DI 10.5 LWRC pistol. Added the Sb tactical Honey Badger pistol brace, SD-C trigger and a magpul moe-K+ grip and aimpoint. Its my favorite AR hands down. LWRC makes great stuff

  17. It’s an AR15 you can not engage the safety if the hammer is not cocked back. and if the hammer is not cocked back, then there probably isn’t a round chambered.

  18. I cant upgrade capacity cuz I need 450 foreign supplies to upgrade that and it wont let me carry more than 200 foreign supplies so I literally cant upgrade

  19. Ayee I just got the DR920 elite and I have a SRO on mine too lol 😆 welcome to the club

  20. How was the fitment with the safety harbor KES stock? Did you have to modify it at all? Mine should be here tomorrow. I also have the AP5-P

  21. My KES brace went on my AP5 very nicely, pins are snug but easy to install and remove

  22. Yours probably will after a couple thousand rounds.

  23. I love the SRO. I have one on my MR920 also. The bigger window makes it really easy to pick up the dot when drawing or doing quick drills.

  24. I just bought a DR920 Elite and a SRO today it’s my first Shadow Systems gun & my first SRO which looks very nice on this full size pistol. Cant wait to try it at the range tomorrow

  25. Idk if you have a low end graphics cards it have really low studded frames can give you a really bad headache on vr I would at least do 3080 and 32 ram I have’s currently a r13 3090 12900k 64gb of ddr5 plays around 70 fps and up some times dipped below give me a bad headache playing lower than 60 fps on vr

  26. So I’m looking for a good pre built PC for PCVR with the quest 2. What would you recommend that’s below $2,500?

  27. Of you want to have 60 fps and lower I would not I don’t think anybody can stand playing vr at low frames more than a hour with getting a headache I would go a little higher on gpu cause a 3060ti is worse than a 2080ti and that could barely run vr at all

  28. I found this for around $3,000 I may get it instead. Sounds more like what you’re talking about. ALIENWARE AURORA RYZEN™ EDITION R14 GAMING DESKTOP Free Shipping AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900X Windows 11 Home NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 10GB GDDR6X LHR 32GB, 2x16GB, DDR4, 3200MHz, XMP 1TB NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD

  29. I ordered one a month back with the specific M92 attachment. It's PERFECT, absolutely zero need for the 1913.

  30. For this brace, Will the M92 specific model work for the new zpap m85 alpha? Since the alpha comes with the picatinny already mounted? Or would I need to order the brace with the 1913 option?

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