1. Typical question… grades aif contests… haha .. also where else did u apply and get accepted/deferred/rejected

  2. Hey! My top 6 was a 98.2, Euclid 80, CSMC 47, I was also in a Waterloo-based school (SJAM). My other choices for UTSG CS (accepted), Mac CS (accepted), UBC CS (accepted). Fairly standard hackathon participation (jam hacks, HTN, Hack the 6ix, etc) and mid tier ECs. One mistake I had was not taking physics in grade 12 which would make engineering an option when applying.

  3. idk how the co op is bc i havent applied yet. imo cs is better than any eng bc spare time

  4. Cs ain't better stay in comp eng buddy the cohort outweighs the lack of spare time imo

  5. Why don’t you check UW CS stats. Anyone with a 95 or above has an 80% chance of receiving an offer. 90-92 was like 50% can’t remember off the top of my head. And generally speaking uoft CS is much easier to get into than UW just bcz of huge number of students they can accommodate in uoft.

  6. No offence bro, you're entitled to your opinion. But the "stats" that you just provided are complete garbage. Waterloo CS had a 4.3% acceptance rate this year and you're telling me anyone with a 95 and above had an 80% chance of getting in? I'm a UW CS student btw and my hs average was 98.3%. I know 5 people who got rejected with averages of above 98% in my own school alone.

  7. Haha thanks! I like to have positive outlooks on everything. I plan on going into Education, hopefully a librarian or idk small groups type of stuff. OR work in Education office setting g, Marketing etc. I’ll take whatever I get offered

  8. Hooly Jesus Mary son of God I finally found some non stem major who's spreading positively and exposing the elitist mindset of this subreddit

  9. How does Mechatronics Eng compare to other programs and what are it's pros and cons? It seems interesting cuz it's different from the conventional (mechanical, computer, civi) eng programs

  10. First of all, congratulations, you are in the exact same boat as every other grade 12 and that is okay.

  11. Bro you have no idea what a CS degree is and how many opportunities it opens up please stop spreading bs, although your point about going into a degree only for money is very good

  12. hey thanks for your kind message. Yes every since that incident I've been prioritizing health in ways probably better than the average cs student. I learned it the hard way and won't go there again. I hope through this post that some high school kids won't make my mistake.

  13. It was not always manageable for me as I did partial IB (chem, adv func, math) but I did do alot of uni supp apps which is what I'd say took most of my time. I also had 2 spares which was nice to get work done. Ngl I acc miss grade 12 now though cuz I struggled with my friends at least lmao

  14. Lmao, I know IB is tough but is it worth it?

  15. Because maybe these applicants have excelled despite having to overcome years of barriers to their success due to systemic racism and economic disadvantage? Challenges you didn't have to face?

  16. That’s not rlly that easy to tell. I know a boatload of people that want to go to geomatics at Waterloo

  17. Choosing between staying on the med route or accepting Waterloo Mechatronics Engineering. Leaning towards the latter tbh.

  18. Bro I'm just saying if your passion for med is based on getting into an undergrad program just do mechatronics lmao.

  19. I had BBB4M ( international business) semester 2 but e-learning with the gecdsb. The teacher was chill with deadlines and i enjoyed the course alot. I got a 98% in it. Ngl but i found it way better and fun then a 2nd bird course that i had ( fitness leadership).

  20. I got a 62 in that course in e-learning and I didn't submit a single project nor showed up for any Google meet

  21. I've only taken international business, and it was really easy. I got a 98 and only had to do a few presentations and very little homework. It depends on your teacher, but I've heard from friends that business leadership is equally as easy. Other gr12 courses I've taken are Families in Canada in pdsb nightschool and food and nutrition, passed with a 100 and an 89.

  22. bruh... i just didnt give a f about my other subjects i only studied for my top 6 avg

  23. I’m retaking advance function during the summer because I took the course early and messed up. I’m aiming for Guelph engineering and I know a lot of people re did courses that is in the requirements and they told me they don’t really care! Unless u want to apply for Waterloo and Toronto they care

  24. ONLY Waterloo and UofT engineering, and MAYBE also computer science for those two. Don’t listen to anyone who is saying that Waterloo and UofT look at summer school for any of their other programs

  25. As an incoming uw cs student for next year, I can confidently tell you that top programs were RNG this year. You could increase your chances for admission by being leaders of a club, doing a sport at a competitive level, etc. Only a small percentage of admits had something as extraordinary as a research or startup. I for example had no outstanding ecs or programming experience. For waterloo specifically: participate and try your best on euclid, csmc, ccc, spend lots of time on the wording of the AIF, have high 90s as your average, and whatever ecs you're comfortable with.

  26. its basically RNG i got in with a pretty low avg but okay AIF

  27. "ur gonna regret every single minute" bro some people will kill for your program that's why you got down voted

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