1. bro ur tripping, the guitar is among one of the best of any Weezer song out there and the melody makes it a joy to listen to. Im just sad it isn't longer

  2. Idk I just feel like I’ve heard iso much it’s just become over saturated. The song still slaps but I just don’t like it as much as the rest of blue. Like, the chorus and guitar are on point, like you said, and it’s a really fun listen, but it doesn’t scratch that itch I’m looking for when I think Weezer. When Weezer is good, it’s awkward, emotional, or confident. Buddy Holly doesn’t reflect any of those, despite being a good song. When placed against songs like undone, my name is Jonas, and even in the garage, it just kinda falls short.

  3. u know what, I actually get what you mean and u have changed my mind about the rating but I still think The Good Life is underrated

  4. Don’t Let Go. Ik, out of pocket but the vocal harmony on the chorus is just too good.

  5. My dad has one. He thought us was a circus attraction before searching it up.

  6. Cdw was also written by Scott Shriner, meaning the song would probably be different

  7. no it wasnt? it was written by rivers, scott wrote the instruments

  8. Well the Wikipedia says they both did. Either way it would be a different song due to the instrumental being different and the lyrics and title changing to reflect that.

  9. I agree about pink triangle but i like El Scorcho, i do think pinkerton overall is a tiny bit overrated in general though

  10. Ngl after relietening to Pinkerton I feel like it’s outdated now

  11. That’s not what your parents meant when they called you little shit

  12. “TikTok” TikTok is bad. The majority is just short form content and I’m all for it.

  13. Despite what many might say, this is certainly, without a doubt, a tier list

  14. Ngl this really isn’t that outlandish except for the make believe and ok human placings

  15. But that’s less partying

  16. As painful as Opportunity’s loss is, I also think too many people forget it’s twin; Spirit.

  17. Is it bad that I misread that as Buddy Holly and now Weezer is playing in my head

  18. Stockfish says f2 to activate more pieces

  19. They can't figure out how to give their female characters depth without falling back on some kind of rape/sexual assault.

  20. Brooklyn Nine Nine does this in a pretty good way. It’s revealed that Amy was sexually assaulted in the past. What makes them do it well is that it

  21. Wait, I don't remember this storyline. Was it from season 8?

  22. Don’t remember exactly which season, but I remember that in Amy’s old precinct she was promoted only because she was pretty and the captain said he wanted a “reward” for her promotion. I think it’s from He Said She Said but I’m not sure. Not from S8 tho

  23. People who don’t see a buttplug in every object they encounter are sheltered? More like the new “Buttplug Generation” is a shining example of the average level of education in modern America.

  24. Tbh it feels like an album of Blue b-sides and Beverly Hills

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