1. The so called peaceful fandoms claim themselves as such because they keep to themselves, and avoid going into fanwars against other fandoms (... For the most part).

  2. As a Shinee fan Onew's dice just didn't do anything for me it's by NO MEANS a bad song but it felt very underwhelming also the b-sides didn't give me any super outstanding vocals. Idk my biggest complaint is that the album felt very vocally underwhelming knowing jinki i expected so much more and i feel bad for saying this ooooof

  3. I think that's a deliberate choice, I'm afraid. Onew has worked hard on training his voice for reaching high notes and falsettos, as opposed to belting or long notes (he's spoken on how he has changed his singing style to be able to sing comfortably). So, both of his solo releases this year are loaded with those (this includes Life Goes On, his Japanese album). Beauty from LGO album is the perfect example of the vocal style that Onew is working on.

  4. i'm still shocked over how stray kids was going neck and neck with bts during the period of the actual voting, like seriously.

  5. Not surprised here, I followed closely the results for last year's MAMA vote and I saw the same thing; SKZ and BTS were neck to neck for 1st place, to the surprise of both fandoms (Stays in awe, and ARMY in shock and going extra pushy with hourly goals asking to keep the gap)

  6. Nothing weird about it. I'm 36, I collect photocards, I post about my group on Instagram. Never been shy of having hobbies where I'm theoretically out of the target age group (my mom has spent the last 20 years hoping for me to grow out of my anime phase), but I have to confess that Kpop in particular does make me a bit shy.

  7. SHINee's live performances are fan favorites, and it's not unusual for people to prefer a live version over album or even music stage version. Some beloved concerts are SHINee World IV & V, and any Tokyo Dome concert. Two favorite performances of mine are

  8. They have a rightfully earned fame of being passionate, extremely loyal and supportive fans, but their passionate and unhinged way is truly a double edged sword. And they're not only rude towards idols, but towards other fans as well. On Twitter, they're the absolute worst group I've come across.

  9. When I was still trying my best to be a "good baby army" on Twitter I actually started making a list of all the many ways you could be "not a real ARMY." Because I was feeling trapped by all the deeply unreasonable & contradictory requirements.

  10. Thank you for putting this into words so eloquently, because even if we don't share fandoms you described my own experience in Kpop Twitter perfectly. It baffles me, to see people in there so confidently listing rules on how a "real fan" must behave, or saying things like "the members would hate you!". The idols I stan would hardly hate someone, let alone a supportive fan... Are we even stanning the same group?!

  11. I know I-fandom is already moving back to Tumblr. My only issue with that is that without Twitter, we lose our nexus to K-fandom and J-fandom, which are definitely not moving to Tumblr and will prefer other platforms. And it's precisely this nexus, the more valuable thing about Twitter for me (since the English side is pretty much unusable because of all the toxicity)

  12. The way ateez had a 10hour delay and were stuck at the airport, to arrive at mubank when it was staring (no rehearsal or sound test) only to go wave goodbye at fans in the middle of their usa tour... Such bad luck.

  13. Rain in Central Chile during November (or really, any time between September and April) is extremely rare nowadays and no one would see it coming, even less with electric storm included. Noix is far from being a good organizer, but such kind of weather is beyond what anyone could have anticipated; I do think they were super unlucky. Note that another big event was being held in Santiago during the same weekend and had to be partially canceled as well.

  14. On a similar line, Musk has also planned to turn Twitter verification into a subscription service; any already verified account that doesn't take the subscription will lose its verified status. As you may know, Jonghyun's account is also a verified one.

  15. How can people even be OT4? It goes against stanning the group, especially when till this day the members say they are 5

  16. That's why it's very Shawoltwt specific; it's in there, where you'll find actual OT4s, most of them big Korean fansites, the ones that will actually blow a lot of money in fan activities, fan meetings, fansigns, etc. And true, it doesn't have any logic; their argument is basically that they won't stop supporting their boys because of the "misconduct" of one. And when confronted to the reality of all members being loving and supportive of each other...they decline to comment.

  17. I'm an I-Shawol and an OT5 supporter. But I don't think it's wrong to be OT4. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and everybody has different triggers. I personally believe it was an unfortunate incident, and like it or not, that woman felt what she felt and it's valid. All we can hope is for is that he will always take precaution around alcohol.

  18. In addition to the mental gymnastics that others have mentioned, the foundations of Korean OT4s have little to do with morals or feminism. For them, it's about this member being a bad/irresponsible leader, him having stained the flawless reputation of the group (whatever that means), and overall, having given grief and extra work to the other members. It's just a very weak argument.

  19. Taemin's story is really cute. As a young and shy trainee, he would feel at times overwhelmed with the amount of people in SM's building, so, one day, he found himself escaping to the roof. There, he found an older trainee, practicing singing. They befriended and continued to meet each other at the roof, where the older boy would give Taemin singing lessons.

  20. Apparently only ELFs know who Donghae (Super Junior) is. Makes sense because he’s only done variety and MC-ing like last year consistently, but it was a surprise to me because of how gorgeous he is.

  21. He's handsome but also such a nice and considerate person; he deserves more recognition. I'll never forget the kind words he gave to my bias.

  22. Key and I think Minho are the most popular among the general public

  23. They are; the irony is that they also happen to be the least biased ones within fandom, so they do meet the criteria.

  24. I was in a community dedicated to a group a couple of years ago, and there was a post on it saying how disappointed because their most recent mv had like 30M views when it should be at 50M or something along those lines, and went on to rant about how lazy the fandom is and how much time she put into streaming and blah blah blah.

  25. "least toxic fandom" my ass, never trust those words no matters what fandom they come from 😂 (my worst internet experiences come from a self claimed least toxic one)

  26. I'm trying to figure out why Onew's still blonde (also they really are serious about never seeing them together lol)

  27. He's been avoiding to dye his hair too often unless required, since it damages his scalp. It seems to me that he has no short term plans, so he's letting it go back to black naturally.

  28. The opposite to "parent ticket". In many lotteries, you're allowed to take up to two tickets and many people will actually take them, even if they intend to use only one. One of the tickets is nominative and has the buyer's name on it, that's the parent ticket. The other ticket does not have an associated name.

  29. My bias is Mina. She's more elegant and graceful than what I will ever be 😭

  30. There’s no such thing as a casual Stan. Either you’re a Stan (hardcore fan) or a casual fan.

  31. No middle point, really? Older fandoms often don't give a shit about streaming and voting, and they simply have no time to watch all content. They're no less of a stan though, especially when it comes to spending money.

  32. Jonghyun - Poet Artist. His final and posthumously released album. Shinin’, the lead single, was likely how he wanted to be remembered, since it was later confirmed that the MV was filmed just a few days before he passed.

  33. Poet | Artist was also awarded the Bonsang in GDA 2019, which may be unheard of (a Bonsang being posthumously granted). Jonghyun's fellow SHINee member Minho received the award on behalf of the family.

  34. I think that the Story of Light albums by Shinee are historical seeing as it was their first comeback without Jonghyun (Although his voice does appear in one of the songs) It’s a three part album that tells a story of living through tragedy but being able to overcome, accept and having closure for both the members as well as Shawols. It also shows unity since they decided to continue as 4 but as a lyric of the song Our page says “ 5 holding hands looking back at past memories filled with tears and happiness”, which means Shinee will always and forever be 5 <3

  35. There's more to TSOL. It was their 10th anniversary project, which explains the ambitious approach of releasing it as a trilogy and then an epilogue bringing all 3 parts together. It's said that work may have started as early as 2017, so it's possible that Jonghyun did record more songs for this series, but got shelved in the end.

  36. I was secretly hoping for Key to get a nomination, but I'm kinda relieved that he didn't? Even with the fiasco of last year, where neither Advice nor Bad Love were nominated, just DCM getting a measly nomination turned the whole award season into a very stressful period. And considering the criteria of these shows, where streaming and physical sales are big factors, getting a nomination only gives false hope to everyone.

  37. Very pretty! 😊 I've seen shatting stars with bows on it, but never such a big one. I can see the magical girl resemblance :D

  38. Debating on unistalling Twitter for awards season. I'm too afraid I'll miss official company updates, though. Just gotta remember that Twitter is just the toxic comments of the internet in one place.

  39. I would advise creating a separate account following only official accounts and a handful of selected news or translation accounts. It's a good idea to have a permanent place to go to whenever you need to detox, while still getting your dose of news!

  40. This is my first award season as a Key Stan and SHINee Stan and Key and Onew getting robbed is about to be my kpop villain origin story

  41. To be completely honest...I'm half relieved that Key didn't get a nom? It's my second award season and the first one was rather stressful for me, so I'm kinda glad that I can skip out on this one and peacefully observe from the sidelines. Gasoline is still my SOTY, and DICE my AOTY in my Spotify account :D

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